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Name | Version: Euclidean sequencer Pro 2.1
Author: alkman
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Compose with polyrhythms and polymeters fast and intuitively. Create evolving melodic or percussive mathematical rhythms. It is a 4 voice sequencer which allows for a lot of customisation. It comes bundled with a second MIDI device "euclidean out" which enables routing any of the 4 voices to any MIDI track in Live.  "Euclidean sequencer pro" is the successor of the euclidean sequencer including many new features(see key differences below).

Push 2 & Push 3 ready.

Demo video:

On euclidean rhythms

Walkthrough video by Catalyze Music academy

***Update 2.1***

*Added version info in the settings panel.
*Fixed an issue where the parameters steps and events were registering twice in Live's undo buffer

***Update 2.0***

*Various optimisations in the backend engine. The device runs more efficiently and uses less CPU and ram.
*Fixed an issue for voice D arpeggiator where MIDI input from clips wouldn’t operate as expected.
*Fixed an issue where click and drag on the main UI could result the device to temporarily freeze under very heavy load.

***Update 1.2***

Euclidean sequencer Pro:
*Fixed an issue where an automated preset number box was disabling automation.
*Fixed an issue with step duration under free polyrhythm mode, occurred when Live's tempo was automated.
*Edited info view text for sequencer mode window.

Euclidean out:
*Fixed an issue where notes were not received correctly or the connection was getting dropped under certain systems.
*Fixed an issue where the refresh button was resetting the name of the instance selected.

***Update 1.1***

*In sequencer mode you can MIDI monitor all notes edited in the sequencer. Toggle monitoring on/off by clicking on the new headphones button.
*Added semitone up/down transposition buttons for the sequencer mode.
*GUI elements are not rendered blurry on non-retina monitors.

Key features/differences from euclidean sequencer:

* Switch easily between polymeters and polyrhythms by toggling the corresponding button.
* Click and drag on the main UI panel to dial velocity value for each individual note. Shift click-drag to adjust the velocity of all the notes in that voice.
* Comes with “Euclidean Out” which allows you to route the MIDI output from each voice in any MIDI track inside Live(please note that due to live's architecture when you use this method there is a small latency to the notes. This is relative to the audio buffer of Live. E.g. 12ms @512 samples and 4ms @128 samples.).
* Clock divider/multiplier for each voice. It can be either a common multiple or a non-divisible value.
* Control any accesible parameter in live by mapping it to any of the four sequencers.
* Individual note duration for each voice. Duration is measured in step multiples or divisors.
* Scale folding functionality with root note and scale selection for the sequencer mode.
* Individual swing for each voice.
* Juno like arpeggiator for each voice.
* Use midi clips or midi keyboards as note input for the arpeggiator.
* Randomisation window for randomising all or certain parameters .
* Control the master speed in Note values triplets or Hz.
* Allow each instance to act as a master or slave device and receive/send “RE-Sync events” “preset value changes” or Clock parameters.
* Control when the Re-sync, preset change and voice activation events occurs. Trigger them according to live’s quantisation, every new bar or immediately.
* Confirmation window for the delete preset button.
* Link preset value changes to scene value.
* All the functionality of the main window now available in the floating window too.
* Redesigned and optimised engine.
* GUI elements optimised also for non-retina screens.
* Change the colour of each voice.
* MIDI through toggle.
* Push 2 integration.
* You can drag and drop a json preset file upon the device to load presets
* When saving preset file the filename automatically appends the date and time.
* Added more preset slots.

All UI objects contain descriptions for Live’s info view.

More info on euclidean sequencers :

Highly recommended book on euclidean rhythms and more:

Requires max for live & Ableton Live 10.1.2 or later

All updates will be for free.


Live Version Used: 10.1.2
Max Version Used: 8.1
Date Added: Sep 27 2021 11:29:51
Date Last Updated: Jun 18 2024 10:07:39
Downloads: 0

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License: Commercial
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Superb! By far my favourite sequencer. I'm currently working on a project entirely based on this one. Thanks so much!
I purchased your older sequencer and the upgrade. It's very good, but the way you merge the layout so it's impossible to work with or edit is just a terrible policy. Bad for the community. I guess you're just paranoid. I can't recommend to anyone for this reason.
@rsavell First of all I am glad that you like the device. I really am beacause it is a passion project. It took me 14 months on-off to patch all the features -and that without even considering the first version-. This is a commercial piece of software and for better or worse not being able to edit the source is a common practice -even in the M4L world-. This is there in order to protect the author from fraudulency and thus secure the viability of the project. The majority of my devices are available for free and you can edit the patch as you please. Recently, a team of people rebranded part of one of my free devices as a commercial software without even crediting. I would say that this was a terrible policy. If you think that this is paranoid so be it.
The way that you can blend polyrhythms and polymeters is unprecedented! This should come as standard with ableton 12 :) . Well done
This device is a must to have and should be a part of Ableton Suite.
I wish a VST version to use it with another DAW

@tigranHam, @lodube19. Thanks to both
Do you offer an upgrade for those who already bought Euclidean Sequencer?
@mhj Yes, you should have received an email about that. If you can't find it please email me here:
@aikman Well. I appreciate the amount of work that went into the patch. And I'm sorry that someone appropriated it for commercial gain. So I apologize for the paranoid comment. I do regret the commercial shift from Max hacker wonderlad to M4L for profit, but understand that it's good if some can make a bit of money on their passion. Best.
Actually, one last comment. Another reason with my disgruntlement with the disabled patch is that it is impossible now to get it to work in Max8. With most M4L patches it's possible to mod the i/o and use them in the Max standalone. As I've left the Ableton community for reasons described above and do all my work in Reaktor VCV and Bitwig now, with side projects in Max8, the patch is completely useless to me. So total waste of money. But you did clearly state requires Ableton 10.2 so ridiculous assumptions on my part. Cheers. Good luck.
@rsavell. I understand. Send me an email and we will figure something out.
Awesome sequencer! A must have!!!!
Hey Alkman ! I saw this amazing plugin in action and tried to instal it on ableton live 11 without success. It gives me a popup saying "This devices is not available in this version of live."
Is there a workaround to get it to work in 11 or is it just not released yet ?
@Poppip Hi there! It seems that you don't have max for Live(M4L) installed in your system. This is a M4L device and it requires either ableton live suite or to purchase and install M4L separately. You can find more info on this here
@alkman. Thanks for the quick reply ! I'll look into it :)
You are wonderful ! thanks for making this
I'm a new user/owner of euclidean sequencer pro. I'm unable to delete presets. What's the trick? Is there a manual for this device?
Just figured it out thanks. I had my Live window maxed and the confirmation window for deleting presets was hidden. Apologies for the unnecessary question.
I can't seem to download the sequencer? The "Buy this" link does not work for me.
@Smconnor I am. not what is exactly the issue there, but I believe that you first have to fill the price field and then hit the "Buy this" button.
@alkman Wow that's embarrassing, lol. Thank you!
hi- been absolutely loving this, but am still getting errors with the preset numbers turning off automation when trying to automate running through them so end up using an LFO which isn't ideal. Pretty sure i have 1.2 but I don't see a way to check for any version numbers in the device.
What a great device! I keep playing with it.

But for some reason i can't figure out how the preset section works. Could you please explain?
Okay just figured it out. It makes the device even greater!
Hi there,

I have just realized that the speed dividers/multipliers cannot be set to :7 and x7, respectively. Is this intended?

(Not that I would probably need that to make things even MORE unpredictable, just curious.)

Keep up the great work!

Hi there. I'm trying to buy but payment gets stuck at the very end of the process. unable to complete my purchase, no matterr if I try via creditcard or paypal.
Can you please help me Alkman?
@looshamik Hi there! Are you using any VPN? If so, try to disable it and maybe retry with a different browser.
Let me know if that works, else send me an email and we will figure something out.
Thanks a lot alkman. I finally got it. I had to deactivate vpn and all the security and privacy settings in my computer but I finally got it!. Time for fun now!.
Thank you as well as for your quick answer.
This is a wonderful device. Thanks very much alkman.

I can see that presets can be automated via the currentpreset paramater, but is there a way to change presets via midi note?
I am glad you like the sequencer.
I tried to keep the device as less bloated as possible so I decided not to add features that you can add with other M4L devices.
In your case, you can achieve this with a free device that maps MIDI notes to MIDI CC.
Hi Alkman,
I really love your Euclidean Seq Pro. I'm a customer. I downloaded 1.2. I am using Live 11.1. There is a bug on my system. The Arpeggiator doesn't take the MIDI in on channel D. It only pulls the MIDI from the sequencer. I have selected "active on" for D in the Arpeggiator popup, and "from MIDI clip or keys". It still pulls from the sequencer. If I select "from sequencer" it also pulls from the sequencer. The other three channels A-C work fine with pulling MIDI from a clip in the Arpeggiator. I'm sure this is a quick fix. Would appreciate if you are able to turn it around quickly. I'm using it for a current composition. Much thanks.
Also, I'm on Windows 11.
@Akiva. None has reported this yet, so thank you. I'll have a closer look at this tonight and try to reproduce it in my system. If I can verify it I will release a fix for this before the end of the week.
@Akiva, a new version that fixes this issue is out. Please re-download both devices from Gumroad by following the link in your gumroad receipt or your gumroad library (if you have signed up). In case you need more details here is more info
Thank you for actively updating this awesome tool!
Thank you for this sequencer which i have bought.

I am using it to send a sequence into hardware. I have 2 problems:
- the lengths of the notes are not long enough even though i put it up to max, and the synth always plays a base note in between each note of the sequence
- I which it was easy to program the start of A B C or D on the second or third beat instead of always starting on the 1rst beat.

I am fairly new to all of this, and i won't be able to program it by myself.

thanks for this sequencer, it's very inspiring.
thanks in advance for any help
@Paulcham, I am glad you like the sequencer.
Regarding the issues, you are facing.

1) I can't tell with certainty what is going on there but please double-check the envelope settings of your synth. The synth might have a fixed envelope for all incoming notes in which case duration and velocity won't have any effect.
2) I am not sure I understand this completely but I believe that you can achieve this by using the rotation parameter and offsetting the start of each sequence.

Let me know if that helped
Thank you for updating! How can I figure out what version I'm on?
@akiva I’m waiting on the same answer. Until it’s official, here’s what I do:
When I see an update announced or posted here, I go back to my purchase email or the announcement for 2.0 and follow the download link from there.
I then drag the latest download into my chosen place in the library, replacing the device with the same name/number

I don’t have Euclid in too many prominent projects, so I cannot confirm if this will cause broken links to older projects. Being hopeful, keeping the name the same and the variable names the same ought to be a seem less substitute. Just don’t expect presets to reference the new patch and don’t expect manual midi maps to be retained if you have them set in a template. There’s so much here, that I have yet to skim the surface, and if I do create something complex and worth keeping, it’s immediately recorded into a clip.

So my approach is to officially get the update notice here on maxforlive and go with that news, then go to my gumroad on my own volition and download the device again
Would love if there was a ratchet/repetition tab so you can select how much ratchet per steps you want
I've lucked upon a Torso T-1 and it has that feature. I wonder if you could emulate this with a Note Echo device or grouped arpeggiators and a note-length device? I've done this in order to have one note length spill arpeggiation into the next...
I bought it without knowing that it does not work with live lite. As I will not get live standrad, the device is useless for me.
I still asked for a refund.
Ashley from cycling 74 wrote me, that she wrote a message to you therefor.
But I personaly want to please you too for a refund, because I cannot use the device with live lite.

Thank you very much

@Thorsten, Please check your inbox

THX a lot. Sorry for the extra stress.

answering so late but yes it helped me a lot!! thank you so much

I have another question, because i come from a musical backround and i have no clue about programming:
could it be possible to assign each dot to some other value than a note?
for example: instead of determining a note value could each dot be assigned to a value of midi cc to program external hardware??
i can give you my personal email if its easier

thank you again for this creative tool
what i mean is could, the eucledian sequencer controle an enveloppe?? thank you so much
@PaulCham Yes, you can do this in sequencer mode.
In the extended window, you can use the last tab called "parameter". You can map these values to any parameter in Live that is midi mappable. You can also interpolate between these values if you wish.
Semitone "down" transposition button for the sequencer mode does not work. Using Windows 10 + Ableton 11 lastest version.
preset functionality seems broken.
Presets don't get stored in my instances.
I'm on a Mac M1, with Live 11.
Brutal sequencer is in my top 5 together with isitonik they are the best on the market.
i have one question.
i'm too stupid :)
how can I save a preset on euclidean sequencer 2.1?
thank you for your help
Can someone explain how the preset work I can't store anything?
Thank you for your help
Hi, I keep visiting the URL you posted. I'm trying to buy it, but nothing happens when I press the "Buy This" button.
@moetwist did you put a price before clicking on buying?
Just a thought ;)

Unfortunately I bought this hoping to run it with Live Lite. I now understand it doesn't work. I have contacted you for a refund, but hoping this my prompt a response.

Thank you
For all the people that can't figure out how to save presets, and there appears to be many, it is SHIFT + left click on the preset slot to save the preset. SO unintuitive, but once you know you know. Great plugin otherwise.
I found a bug in the plugin. I noticed that the "semi" button in the Pitch tab allows notes to go up, but not down. Unless I am missing something. I couldn't get it to work.
Loving this device so far, but am running into an issue, that may be a user error.

I purchased the latest version yesterday. Running in Live Suite on an M1 MBP running Monterey.

Everything works as expected, but occasionally, and seemingly at random, the sequencer will pause. The little white dot that spins around the viewing window stops and no notes are played. It generally seems to resume on the next bar.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
Hello, does this work in Logic Pro also, or only on Ableton? And what do you mean by requires max live? thanks
I cannot get the device to automatically resync when i start live quantization, or when i change preset. just keeps playing from the last note. On the first version resync works well. Am I doing something wrong or does resync not work on the new version?
great device but i dont understand why all the devices stop every so often, on a beat, and then start up all together. how do i turn off this setting?
Great device but I cannot get the device to automatically resync when i press start . Please any idea ?.Regards
Hello, I basically like this device either.
But what bothers me:
the sequencer, if on, obviously takes over all MIDI, steeling away what comes from a clip on that track.
Means: Any program changes, which are programed on a Dummy Clip in the same track, will not work as long as Euclid Sequencer is on. That's bad and should be changed.
@Diegaso You have to go to settings and on the re-sync tab click on Re-sync on next new bar.

@Gert. There is an option for this. Go to settings and on Incoming midi tab active "MIDI through"
Thanks for replying Alkman.

When I press start at the beginning of the arrengmente view ( bar 1.1.1 ) , Euclidean re-sync with no proble , but if I set a loop in any other position ( for instance :2.1.1 ) y lost re-sync function.

Hi, I love this. I’m probably being a bit dim and missed something obvious, but is there a way to download the separate midi files generated by the sequencer? Thank you.
Hi, it works great with beats. I have an issue on baselines though. Here's what I'm trying to do.

I want to use midi input to transpose the output of the sequencer. I thought the arp feature would allow me to do that but no matter what midi I send the device, I don't seem to get any kind of transpose happening. Would you be able to explain if it's possible to use midi to transpose the overall sequence and hoot do that? Thanks a lot.
Hi there.

I am missing something like an "init-function" in the pitch-tab of the sequencer... maybe on the base root-note of the scale or so.

And... also in the pitch-tab of the sequencer... am I right that I can set chords (shift+click)?... an how can I delete them?

correction... alt+click
Can you please send me the updates! :)
hey :) i absolutely love your sequencer! I bought v1.1 but recently got a push 2 and am wondering if there is an option to upgrade to the pro version. Thank you so much
@hooman. Please contact me on the email found on your receipt.
hi, I buy the first, how can I update?
@josetoroconcha You should have received an email sent from gumroad. Inside you will find a discount code
Hi, I also bought the first pro version a while back (25th June 2021). How do I get an update to 2.1
Hi there, I really like this device :)

But I have a hard time using it with the arpeggiator function.
I have the arpeggiator on and "Start sequencer on MIDI In".
Every time I press a chord, it starts playing the last played chord first and then switches to the new one.
Also when pressing the chord again, it plays the whole chord once before switching to arp mode.
Sometimes it just stops working or is playing notes, that are currently not played.

Am I doing something wrong?
I mosty bought it to use as a special arpeggiator.

I am using Ableton 11.3 beta.
Hello Alkman
Just wanted to say thanks for this great sequencer, i wish it will be growing along with it`s users in all ways

Little report from me, about few bugs i found there:
1. Whenever i save Live project, and load it again - Euc Seq 2.1 - sometimes forgets number of active beats in each individual track (A,B,C or D)
2. Automatization problem, for example if i want to turn on individual sequencer track (A,B,C or D) at some point in song mode - automatization can be grayed out surprisingly after user push play in Live. So in order for it to work user need to push restore automatization button (on top of Live app) once again, while track already playing (because it resets only when you hit play)
3. Also automatization problem whenever user hit record - it just postpones automatization of sequencer track activation for example.

And yet again thank you for this app and all the effort you put in there, good luck!
I bought the "Euclidean sequencer PRO 2.1" and I don't understand how the PRESETS work.
I suppose it is possible to make a capture, like a snapshot of a configuration.
I don't know how to save it.
When I drag the number over number 2, I can't go back to number 1 by clicking on it.
I don't quite understand how to use the presets.

My use is rather oriented towards generative music in a precise scale.
I use an LFO device to randomize the mouse "click" on RANDOM ... however, I would like to confine the draw to a certain amplitude of notes ... see to freeze certain notes which would not be picked up in the Random draw ... I don't know if I'm being explicit enough?

Finally, beautiful device and thank you in advance for your answers.
Hi @alkman

I'm having a similar problem as @Diegaso

When I press play at bar 1.1.1 it re-syncs perfectly, but if I press play at any other bar it doesn't re-sync. (even at the next bar when the 'next bar' sync setting is set)

Thanks! P.


Same re-sync problem as above for me too.
Any explanation?
It's sadly totally unusable at the moment;

I have the same issue as the two comments above (questantione and prizzle9).

None of the sync settings in the menu seem to work. Presets and channels on/off always just happen as soon as a click them.

I tried reloading the project, messed around with different settings but alas.
Would love to know how to fix this since it is now unuseable in a livesetup.

@prizzle9 @guestantoine @Raas

By design, "re-sync" aligns all voices at the beginning of each bar(default) or alternatively in the next beat or simply whenever there is a manual click from the user.

This is a design decision to make sure that the sequencer is not getting out of sync with the rest of the composition when the user restarts the transposition.

That said, I do understand that this is not always the desired behavior, and for this reason, a disable option will be added in the next update that comes soon.
@drj The graphical elements that the user can interact with have a small description that is visible in the info view(bottom left window). In case this window is closed you can open it by clicking on the arrow at the bottom-left part of your screen.

To save a preset press shift + left click in any of the slot.
To delete it press option+shift + left click.
To recall this preset simply press left click.
Another best must have for Ableton Live! Thanks for the solid product!
Hello there.... I'm really enjoying your Euclidean sequencer PRO!... I lo it, but I'm struggling on how to save presets within the same plug/in. Any help is highly appreciated.
Hi there,

I'm enjoying the Euclidean Sequencer Pro paid version! Thanks for creating such an awesome sequencer.

I was wondering if you'd consider adding a feature to the sequencer where you could (temporarily) "rotate" the assignment of sequences to positions?

For example, with four programmed sequences A, B, C, D, and four positions 1, 2, 3, 4 from innermost to outermost, there are four possible assignments:

Assignment A B C D
1 1 2 3 4 (default)
2 2 3 4 1
3 3 4 1 2
4 4 1 2 3

You can see an example of how this works in the "Rotating Rhythm Generator" device that's included in the "CV Tools" Ableton pack.


Looks like it doesn't work anymore. I bought it, it is on my Max for Life devices list, but it doesn't receive sound from any instruments. Tried vst plugins such Serum, some Ableton devices such Operator, Wavetable, Meld. Tried use Euclidean Out. Nothing works. Don't know if it is some wrong update, or it doesn't work in Ableton Live 12. Waste of my money unfortunately
@tbadoo Both euclidean sequencer pro and euclidean out have been tested under Ableton live suite 12. No issues at all with Ableton 12. Please keep in mind that both devices are M4L MIDI devices and as such they do NOT handle any audio signals but only MIDI information. Please send me an email and will figure it out.

@itaco, you can save presets by pressing shift and clicking on a preset slot. FYI if you have any questions: for every GUI object there is an annotation shown in the "Info view" window.

@alzadude. You can achieve the same result by saving and triggering presets.
@alkman Sorted, I was using wrong instrument rack, dunno why in default is C3. My bad anyways
Hi, I just bought this because I need an Arp or Seq. that will automatically output patterns based on a chord I hit on my keyboard just like Live's built-in Arp. Unfortunately, this looks like it does not take into account a) the pitch of the notes being played on the keyboard, 2) the velocity of the notes being played on the keyboard, and in addition to that, there is no "Hold / Latch" function to loop the pattern. Each one of these 3 functions is critical for the usage I need to make of it, so unfortunately I'll ask for an immediate refund, unless you can help me through with this quickly enough. Thanks for your help please.
In addition to my previous post, I want to add: I am offering you a 200,00$ donation if we can fix this today, or 100,00$ if fixed by tomorrow 17:00, after that i'll maintain 50,00$ if fixed. But if you say right away, no it aint ever happening, then pls issue a refund immediately because i wont use it. T.Y.
Jack1972, am I right to believe that you are in your 50's now?
a) you just offered the developer a base compensation of
Five Thousand Dollars
if he adds a feature that you want, which may or may not even be mathematically conceivable

b) you want
Nineteen dollars back
if he fails to deliver on an implementation that he never promised you or anyone would be a feature in the first place for the device in question

Now that your comment is up, we can all witness it

So are you going after BIG GUMROAD now? Finally solved all the problems at City Hall?

Here's what I think, Jack1972
a) there's a settings window in the Top-Left hemisphere of the euclidean sequencer display. Click that and choose under INCOMMING MIDI (6 frames down) "START sequencer on MIDI IN"
This causes the sequencer to behave like an arpeggiator.
Or turn it off, and the sequencer will continue to run as if you latched the last chord.
YOU CAN'T DO BOTH. Those are mutually exclusive ideas. You're either changing notes as a sequencer continues, or you are HOLDING notes as an arpeggiator continues.

b) there's an arpeggio input and behavior window that you expand by clicking "arpeggio" in the Bottom-Left hemisphere of the euclidean sequencer display. In this window you can toggle two options under Midi Notes From drop down (the second column): "from clips or keys" or "from sequencer". You want "from clips or keys". "ACTIVE" is only going to apply if the sequencer, A-D is active.

It can't know what you are asking of these chords, so it gives you some options. Up, Down, Up/Down. If you consider the rhythms of the varying lanes, you can get other chords intervals or patterns as a consequence of their being superimposed. But again, it's up to you to do the math.

c) Velocity is dependent upon the step, not the note, unless you program in some key tracking to your synth patch or do your own work, like putting a velocity device after it. It's contingent on the Sequence length and which step of that sequence the rhythm is on. And this is contingent on the division of the tempo the sequencer is using.

See if you can gather from your own logic the feasibility of sending Step sequenced data on velocity to a specific step which is already moving on a transport, without some precognition of the length of the sequencer itself. It's not possible.

What you can do is either drag up and down on the step itself on the circular sequencer and change the velocity.
go into the "random" panel in the Bottom-Right (South-East) hemisphere of the sequencer view, and press the "R" button specifically for any or all of the sequencer lanes under the "Accent" column.

In a performance setting, I might consider the syncopation or accenting that I am going for and then create a preset or save this as my performance session. A more improvisational option is to key or midi assign the random button and optionally the rotation, in order to emphasize different up-beats on the bar.

You are perfectly welcome to not use the device or any of my answer. I will never find out. But you are pretty much stuck with a movie ticket that you bought with the correct foreknowledge that it's a movie. Do you get your money back just because you don't like the movie? And I really don't like seeing people come after small developers who are in every way doing a lot of people a whole lot of good, as well as adhering to the rules and demeanor of this platform.

On the other hand, offering money in the comments area could be seen as soliciting.

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