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Hello, I basically like this device either.
But what bothers me:
the sequencer, if on, obviously takes over all MIDI, steeling away what comes from a clip on that track.
Means: Any program changes, which are programed on a Dummy Clip in the same track, will not work as long as Euclid Sequencer is on. That's bad and should be changed.

Hello zsteinkamp,

this sounds like a really helpful device!
It would have saved me a lot of time setting up my Ableton Controller on TouchOSC. Unfortunatly I am done with it so far already, having done it all manually...
But I have another question, since I presume you are into LUA scripting for TouchOSC as well: there is a little thing that I would realize in my setup which probably demands some scripting what I am not capable of.

Hence my question if you could consider doing a little custom scrpit for me. Of course I would be reades to pay something for th effort.