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Strokes 1.0 by Howes
1 Comments drum, sequencer
STROKES 8 channel M4L euclidean drum/midi sequencer create patterns, variations and fills on the fly, without breaking the groove store, recall and crossfade between 4 patterns. STROKES automatical... (more info)

Deepmind controller 1.3 by tibi
43 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware
Put this little device on any midi track, to transform your deepmind into powerfull midi controller. Remember, to set your deepmind USB or MIDI settings into NRPN mode, instead of default CC. There i... (more info)

Transport Widget MCV 2.3 by Pip
29 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware
Transport Widget - Midi Control Version After the success of Transport Widget V1 I was approached by a forum member to build this variation of the transport widget. Although very specific in functi... (more info)

Microtone Toolkit 1.0 by codenote
1 Comments utility, other
Microtone Toolkit is a set of M4L workaround kit that will enable ANY synthesizer to be played polyphonically in Microtonal tuning. It comes with 5 different user interfaces for approaching microtonal... (more info)

Session Idea Generator 1.0 by nozric
166 downloads, 1 Comments other
Session Idea Generator A device for randomly generating session ideas. Clicking the ‘Generate’ button will suggest a random musical sub-genre and song title, as well as a suggested time signatu... (more info)

Endorphin sketchpad 1.0 by echapus
107 downloads, 0 Comments utility
This device includes 7 floating windows related to keys, chords and scales. It also includes 3 sticky notes that will save with your project. (more info)

KORG ER-1 M4L CONTROL 1.0 by kraftf
32 downloads, 0 Comments drum, utility, hardware
This is a M4l device for controlling Korg ER-1. Only the synth and sample parts are available. I have omitted the audio parts. There are presets available for all parts as well as a global preset that... (more info)

MatrixGate 1.0 by grahamf
224 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sequencer, other
This device lets you combine probabilistic gates to form unusual rhythms. There are 5 synced gates and 4 non synced gates so you can mix and match to form on-grid and off-grid patterns. (more info)

Voca FM MIDI 1.0.2 by mindlesstrx
60 downloads, 0 Comments utility, hardware, push
Control and automate your Volca FM from Ableton. PLUS, modulate Volca velocity with keyboard velocity for the ultimate in FM expressiveness. (more info)

Random Pads 1.0 by DimitriAatos
132 downloads, 1 Comments utility
A MIDI effect for setting probabilities to samples loaded on a Drum Rack, the notes associated with samples are detected automatically via Live's API (more info)

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