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Chordial MIDI 1.0 by unicity
76 downloads, 1 Comments effect, other, push
A chord generating device based on the Chord module (V1) from Qu-Bit Electronix. Chordial MIDI is a MIDI effect that outputs four different MIDI notes quantized to a variety of chord shapes. Feature... (more info)

Dial to MIDI CC 1.0 by NickHydeViolin
0 Comments synth, other
This simple device allows a user to specify a MIDI CC channel, and turn a dial, inserting that data into the MIDI CC channel There are 2 dials. One dial specifies the MIDI CC Channel, the other dial ... (more info)

Ben Soma CC Note Player 1.0 by BenjaminSoma
0 Comments utility, hardware
Play MIDI notes triggered by any MIDI CC with this simple and intuitive Max for Live utility! Try using it with a sustain pedal to play a kick drum with your foot! (more info)

Modular Sequencer 1.0 by lqud
0 Comments sequencer
fully patchable Modular Sequencer check the Video here: https://youtu.be/oO_vJXj8w-U (more info)

Note Trigger Parameter Step Sequencer 2.0 by dfodel
170 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, other
Based on user 'prebentious' device. (https://maxforlive.com/library/device/129/note-trigger-step-sequencer) This device takes an incoming note (any note) as a trigger for a looping configurable (1-8)... (more info)

Ben Soma Mouse XY MIDI CC 1.1 by BenjaminSoma
0 Comments utility
Send MIDI CC messages with your mouse using this simple and intuitive Max for Live utility! Easy to calibrate and works non-stop in the background. Try using it to turn your laptop touchpad into a M... (more info)

fgc.DJTransport 1.0 by furiousgreencloud
71 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj
A number of useful, DJ Midi Mappable Utils, - jump back/forward 4/6 beats - play/pause toggle - Show Playing Clip of current Track, in Detail View - Toggle Looping of Clip in current track (more info)

fgc.globalQuantToggle.amxd 1.0 by furiousgreencloud
21 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Toggle Gobal Quant from 1bar to None, useful to midi map quantization of a knob onto a button. (more info)

MIDI-Trigger-Record 1.0 by isfopo
54 downloads, 0 Comments utility
A Midi device that triggers Ableton's global record at a particular threshhold. Designed to emulate the trigger sampling feature of the Roland SP series that is helpful when recording your own drum ... (more info)

Slice Notes 1.0 by dennisdesantis
449 downloads, 3 Comments utility, glitch, other
Evenly splits each selected MIDI note into a user-selectable number of additional notes. version 1 (more info)

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