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MIDI Octaver 1.0 by Yogen
0 Comments synth, effect, utility
This is as close as I could get to designing a MIDI Octaver that resembles the "Coarse" knob of an Analog Mono synth. Really fun to play with while mapped to a midi controller, an LFO, or S&H. "Mon... (more info)

CCxx2CC0 1.0 by Rnd
26 downloads, 0 Comments utility
As Ableton is missing CC 0, here is a tool to change any CC to CC 0 aka Bank change (more info)

MGD - Kontakt Kontrol 1.3 by michaelgarydean
0 Comments effect, utility, hardware
The essentials for maximizing musicality from VSTs and Kontakt Instruments. [MGD] Kontakt Kontrol is meant for composers that need to breathe life into virtual instruments, even when you're waiting i... (more info)

Stepper 2.00 by DenSum
0 Comments sequencer, effect
Stepper is a simple midi effect, allows you to play sequence by triggering a single note. For instance, you want to play some melody or harmony, or whatever else, over your main set of sounds and you... (more info)

Harmonizer 1.0 by PatriceElise
0 Comments effect
Harmonizer is a polyphonic MIDI effect that outputs up to 4 MIDI notes played simultaneously or arpeggiated. Using the 12-tone Chromatic pitch set, chords are built of varying qualities and quantities... (more info)

DropSEQ 1.1 by Gross9978
265 downloads, 5 Comments sequencer, push
DropSEQ is an 8 Lane sequencer where each lane has an independent Rate, Note, Velocity and Duration. It's meant to be played from a Push2 but can also be used standalone, it just loses some of the pla... (more info)

MultiSEQ4 1.0 by Gross9978
257 downloads, 2 Comments sequencer, push
MultiSEQ4 is an up to 32 step sequencer with 4 playheads. Each playhead has independent direction, rate, note length, velocity, duration, transposition and gate. The playheads can be routed to the sam... (more info)

MALAX - Modulation Blender 1.0 by MrPreskovik
300 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, utility
Ableton Live provides a very rich modulation framework. But one of its limits is that it’s not possible to modulate a specific target parameter with several modulation sources at the same time. You ... (more info)

Synth Matrix 1.1 by erasednotes
0 Comments sequencer, other
"Synth Matrix" is a 6-voice polyphonic arpeggiator, inspired by the Ólafur Arnalds' Stratus Pianos. It creates a texture-like arpeggio and adds rhythmic movement based on the input notes. (please see... (more info)

SliceSEQ 1.1 by Gross9978
194 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, glitch
-Live 11.1 Only- SliceSEQ when "Synced" to a Simpler Device in slice mode will, depending on the selected Mode and settings, play through the loaded sample in a few different ways. When "Sync" is pre... (more info)

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