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CF Swing Slides 1.0 by chapelierfou
53 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, beta
This is an MPE MIDI device that slides between two sets of 3 notes. Crossfade between two chords, with every pitch combination in between. You must set the Note Pitch Bend of the instrument to 48 ot... (more info)

Gen Note 1.0 by connorpogue
70 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other
An extremely simple device. You click it and it generates a note. Good for testing purposes, Touch OSC, and modular stuff. (more info)

PitchBender 1.0 by JimmyBollox
0 Comments utility
Simple device that can be used to control pitch bend of MIDI notes. Pitch bend can already be automated in Ableton using clip envelopes but this device allows for automation on tracks in arrangement ... (more info)

MidiToArbOSC 1.0 by pupdad
32 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware, beta
A very amateur, quick and dirty method of triggering an arbitrary OSC message when MIDI input is detected. (more info)

Track Flow - Create and Change Audio-Midi Tracks 1.0 by recalldacruz
10 Comments utility
Hi! This is "Track Flow" a Max4live device for Ableton to create and change tracks as you like, and mapping!! Name,Audio, Midi,Inputs, Outputs, Monitor, Colors, effects(*) external and internal instr... (more info)

Fell Step 1.0.0 by leisurewear
303 downloads, 0 Comments lfo, glitch, other
A Max for Live (M4L) MIDI device that generates continually changing note repetitions. Based on a simple random MIDI duration/velocity Max patch by Mark Fell, this device takes his original idea a bit... (more info)

MaxDotNet 1.0 by xanadu
32 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other, hardware, beta, push
Bridging MaxForLive to .Net assemblies has been on the wishlist of a lot of Max users for a long time. Here it is: a working demo to show how it can be done in Windows 10; sorry, Apple is not suppor... (more info)

TR-8S CC Controller 1.0 by ssmooker
47 downloads, 5 Comments utility, hardware
Full credit goes to Elbo https://maxforlive.com/profile/user/Elbo Expanded their TR-6S device for TR-8S https://maxforlive.com/library/device/7443/tr-6s-cc-controller "Features: Send and receive al... (more info)

Euclidean sequencer Pro 1.1 by alkman
5 Comments drum, sequencer, effect, utility, other, push
Compose with polyrhythms and polymeters fast and intuitively. Create evolving melodic or percussive mathematical rhythms. It is a 4 voice sequencer which allows for a lot of customisation. It comes bu... (more info)

Scan Clip - Midi CLip Scrub device 0.6 by schlam
139 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, utility
This device "scrubs" any midi clip of your live set with a slider. - select a clip (even in another track) - move the slider - that's all Not tested in Live 10 but should work. Cheers ! Julien _... (more info)

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