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MM4L - Clock and Note Divider 1.0 by mightym4l
0 Comments effect, utility, other
Create interesting melodies and rhythms by making notes disappear. What the hell is a clock divider? [MM4L] Clock + Note Divider takes your incoming MIDI and discards a few of the notes. Create IDM b... (more info)

Ratchet Gate 1.0 by AkihikoMatsumoto
0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, dj, beta, push
Random midi trigger generator for Ableton Live. https://gum.co/TfNDp Demo Movie https://youtu.be/Dhri6hiK4yU Other Plugins. https://akihikomatsumoto.com/download/ Sample Pack https://akihikomats... (more info)

3P-SEQ 1.0 by aliced25
69 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer
Polyphonic Step Sequencer (Max for Live MIDI Device) inspired by Roland JX-3P * first create a MIDI Clip (the Clip must be highlighted) * press the Device Panel to open the UI window * choose your Qu... (more info)

Heap MIDI Receiver 1.0 by stev
1 Comments effect, utility, hardware, push
The "Heap MIDI Receiver" is a device that allows you to receive MIDI notes from my other devices “Heap MIDI Sender” ( https://gum.co/dWKoS ) and “4 Voice Splitter” ( https://gum.co/uHCWb ). Ju... (more info)

msl.2PolyFlexLengthStepSq 1.0.0 by masalaaudio
0 Comments sequencer, utility, glitch
---About--- 2 step sequencers with four lines for flexible beat creation. By combining the number of steps (Divisions) and the length of the loop (Bar Offsets) you can easily create two different poly... (more info)

5 Comments drum, sequencer, other
MOLECULAR is a mutative arpeggiator – an ingenious hybrid between a molecular music box, a MIDI looper and an arpeggiator. It creates unique and vibrant patterns for harmonic instruments as well as ... (more info)

CF Probability Gates 1.0 by chapelierfou
128 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other
This device sets probabilities for midi notes to be played. It has two modes : "New_note" makes a choice for each incoming note. "Probability_change" makes a choice when the probability changes, an... (more info)

Quantum Music Playground 0.95 by JavaFXpert
149 downloads, 0 Comments other
The Quantum Music Playground is a tool for composing music, as well as an enjoyable way of gaining intuition about quantum circuits and states. This version adds some functionality, including quantizi... (more info)

ANALOG RYTM COMPOZER 1.0 by randomknobs
0 Comments drum, other, hardware
This Max for Live device is a real time pattern generator for Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine. Each one of 12 dedicated trigger sequencers has its own speed, own duration (2 , 4, 8, 16, 32 steps)... (more info)

Madstep 2.2 by melanie
0 Comments sequencer, other
Madstep is a unpredictable step sequencer made to keep your notes in the selected scale while proposing a lot of randomization options. You can lock the pitch or the gates of each step to have more co... (more info)

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