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Simple Latch 3.0 3.0 by ctrlz
17 downloads, 0 Comments utility, push
update of the Simple Latch from vargaradu Just added the MPE support, and the colour of the background device follow the current track colour. All credits goes to vargaradu https://maxforlive.com/lib... (more info)

Pluto 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
4 Comments synth
Ambitious Roland Juno/Jupiter inspired 8 voice polysynth. Key features: -custom modelled OTA ZdF filters -Analog drift/spread -BBD Chorus (two algos) -Poly unison voice mode (in addition to the usual... (more info)

Note To Frequency Calculator 1.0 by jikay
0 Comments utility
A Max For Live device that calculates the frequency of a note. This includes two devices, a MIDI device and an audio device. The midi version accepts incoming notes, allowing the note to be set with... (more info)

MIDI Keyboard 1.0 by fdor
33 downloads, 0 Comments effect
MIDI Keyboard is a MIDI plug-in that allows you to extend the standard one octave when playing on a laptop or computer keyboard. This is an extended plug-in. Added pitch and velocity controls using t... (more info)

Pop-out mono sequencer 1.0 by tsugumasa320
1 Comments drum, sequencer, glitch
You can download it for free from the link! The mono sequencer is a multifunctional sequencer created by Matthew Davidson that comes preloaded with Ableton Live. I was working with this device and w... (more info)

Auto Sustain 1.0 by em4live
0 Comments effect, utility
This MIDI effect automatically sustain all notes and releases them when you realease all notes and then play some new notes again. This makes the chords sound like you press the sustain pedal on norma... (more info)

INFINIT8 Drum Loops 1.1 1.1 by nandoscheffer
0 Comments drum, sampler, sequencer, utility
MAIN FEATURES AND FUNCTIONS - New! Now you can individually record each instrument. Version 1.1 is available! - 16 or 32 step sequencer. - On/Off Channel - Amplitude envelope customized - Clear Sampl... (more info)

M4L HIPHOP Drummer 1.3 by egnouf
0 Comments sequencer, hardware, dj
M4L HIPHOP Drummer Instinctive & creative HIPHOP Midi Step Sequencer NEW VIDEO !!!! https://youtu.be/2-czt7QrIuA (9 differents examples... ) ---- What is in V1.3 : - IA HIPHOP Pattern generator -... (more info)

voroNOIZE - MIDI Visualizer 1.0 by krprls
0 Comments video, effect, other
voroNOIZE $9.99 Revolutionize your music and captivate your audience with a visual experience like never before. voroNOIZE is the ultimate Max for Live device designed to transform your MIDI informa... (more info)

Datashader - SeqTool1 1.0 by Datashader
4 Comments sequencer
From Datashader or we want to give you access to our own sequencing tool, built by us and used to create our music both in the studio and live. Pro Version: 1 to 64 step drum/synth sequencer with fle... (more info)

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