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Apr 13

Foldback Distortion Foldback (Demo) is kind of self-explanatory. It is an m4l foldback-distortion audio device. Increasi... (read more)

Apr 13

FUNCTION FUNCTION is a mapping device to create complex automations with just one knob. - Max for Live devic... (read more)

Apr 13

NODES NODES is a 2D mapping device to create complex automations. - Max for Live device for Ableton Live... (read more)

Apr 13

Waldorf Kyra Controller This Max4Live device translates between Kyra's SysEx parameter change messages and Ableton Live, so ... (read more)

Apr 12

WaveshapeLFO This is an LFO with wave-shaping and preset morphing capabilities. It's simple, but I use it a lot. ... (read more)

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