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Dec 05

REW EQ by Iftah REW EQ lets you import filter settings from REW (.txt). the device creates an EQ image which you can... (read more)

Dec 04

Routing MIDI to Max Audio Effect The accompanying MIDI patch allowing you to send MIDI note messages to the Instant Sampler and Res ... (read more)

Dec 04

Artefact Artefact is an audio delay effect where each stereo channel has it's own independent settings. It ca... (read more)

Dec 01

Degradation Degradation is a simple amplitude modulator that uses LFO waveforms that can sync to Live's transpor... (read more)

Dec 01

PatchWorld OSC Bridge PatchXR is proud to introduce OSC Bridge and a bundle of devices to empower new musical abilities by... (read more)

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