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Jul 13

Unperfect Unperfect is simple device to add little Timing and Velocity randomisation to hardly quantized MIDI ... (read more)

Jul 13

Push 2 Pedal Remap This device allows you to remap Push 2's Pedal inputs freely by changing their transmitted CC messag... (read more)

Jul 12

LFO MIDI Live 10 MIDI variant of the Live 10 Max for Live LFO. (read more)

Jul 11

Chants Chants is a 2 voices granular pitch-shifter & plate reverb audio effect. Two independant voices ... (read more)

Jul 11

ESX8GT PolyGateSeq Expert Sleepers Gate Expanders Required (ES-5 or ESX-8GT) After I finished my 8 channel Euclidian G... (read more)

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