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Aug 22

Transport Widget This little widget allows you to map midi notes to some basic transport functions, such as: • Sto... (read more)

Aug 16

MIKADO -SugarBytes LOOPERATOR -AUTOSTOP FX Utility for SugarBytes LOOPERATOR Looperator can receive program Change From Midi Note I h... (read more)

Aug 16

MIKADO-Map8. TURNADO SugarBytes Utility for Sugar Bytes TURNADO used as momentary Break FX with Looper and slice arranger... (read more)

Aug 16

MIKADO-EXT-SideChain-Env-Follower-2019-V2 ATTENTION Last Downloader USER NEW Version 2 - repair Some Bug -------------------------- ableton ... (read more)

Aug 08

voodoo lab Pedal switcher Remote A very simple hardware controller for the Voodoolab pedal switcher 4. Ideal for sequencing pedal cha... (read more)

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