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About Supertramp162: Hello there, I'm Stephen Black, a creator from the music scene of Melbourne, Australia. I'm a producer, musician, multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer, and programmer and creator of random things. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of possibility, I attempt to craft an array of innovative devices using both Max for Live and Max/MSP to seamlessly integrate with Ableton Live.

My journey in music technology spans a diverse spectrum from traditional instrumentation, building both software and analog synthesizers, experimenting with audio-reactive visuals and particle systems. I delve deep into the realms of digital signal processing, creating tools for MIDI and audio manipulation that extend upon conventional boundaries. I'm fascinated by the contrast of visual and auditory mediums.

Additionally, I specialise in developing devices for data transmission using OSC and IP addresses, bridging the gap between the digital and analog worlds with seamless connectivity.

I'm open to collaboration and driven by a desire to innovate, I'm open to commissions for custom devices. If you're interested in contacting me feel free to reach out to me via Instagram @supertramp162.

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