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perc 1.1 by TilmanEhrhorn
0 Comments synth
*perc is a percussion synthesizer which generates its sounds by sending short impulses of noise to a resonator. This resonator has been built from a delay line in combination with several allpass filt... (more info)

fm 1.1 by TilmanEhrhorn
0 Comments synth
*fm is a polyphonic synthesizer built in Max for Live. The generation of sound is based on frequency modulation, containing additional amplitude modulation to shape the sound. The operators serving a... (more info)

string 1.1 by TilmanEhrhorn
0 Comments synth
*string is a polyphonic physical modelling synthesizer built in Max for Live. It is based on a Karplus-Strong algorithm and contains pitch and damping (i.e. filtering) effects. The sound source cons... (more info)

Bubbles Generator 1.0 by tomerbaruch
1 Comments synth, sequencer, other
Play single bubbles using MIDI or generate a randomised bubbly environment with control over duration, timbre, density and range. (more info)

Mareas 0.9 by xxxx74
0 Comments synth
Max device wrapping MI Tides module for Windows x64 / OSX (more info)

Cosas 0.9 by xxxx74
0 Comments synth
Elements based on MI eurorack OS X / Windows (more info)

2RuleSonogramIns 1 1.0 by 2RuleAk100
293 downloads, 1 Comments synth, sampler, effect, utility, glitch, other
Spectral Drawn filter: you can drop a sample and draw lines frequencies and in the time dimension according to the degree of Brush Supress intensity. With the brush size you can adjust the wid... (more info)

Spectral Attractors 1.0.1 by ndivuyo
12 Comments synth, sampler, other
FREE Device!! Spectral Attractors uses a physics simulation and a phase vocoder. Promo: Walkthrough: The phase vocoder soun... (more info)

Rumor 1.0 by xxxx74
0 Comments synth, drum
Drum synthesizer based on popular VCV module, now ported to M4L. OSX / Windows (more info)

Samplicity 1.0 by djfriendzone
422 downloads, 0 Comments drum, sampler, beta
AKA "Mostest Simplestest" BIG shoutout to CaligulaCuddles who's "Most Simplest" device was the basis for this one This is a simple, no BS sam... (more info)

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