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Touch Me 2 by Elisabeth Homeland1.0
With Touch Me 2 you can assign a MIDI fader/knob to always follow and control the last touched/selec...
OktoPush THREE1.0
This work in progress is to support the series of videos created as a result of healthy discussions ...
Karplus strong1.0
A Free to download "resonator-like" audio effect plugin.
Ableton LFMW:
Low Frequency Multi Waveform ge...
Polyverse Wider Wrapper1.0
My favorite thing about Max For Live is devices that speed up workflow. Wrappers save you valuable t...
Weirderizer One Mangler Effect1.0
this is a mangler. a multi type effect. an unfinished wip (tht will probably never be finished). but...
106 downloads, 1 Comments
Step Sequence Parameter Mapper1.0
this is a remix of some other device i found here years ago, i wanted several sequencer lanes. hit t...
80 downloads, 2 Comments
Randomizer x81.0
this is a randomizer with 8 mappers. you can randomize with a time sig based off the transport, or y...
61 downloads, 0 Comments
Parameter Random Sequence Generator1.0
this esoteric device generates a random pattern, that is then translated to parameters via mapping. ...
66 downloads, 0 Comments
Grossifier Distortion1.0
a nasty ring mod distortion style effect

i recommend 2-3 of these in a row with various param...
58 downloads, 0 Comments

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