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CHOP 1.1 by weightausend
0 Comments synth, sampler, lfo, effect, utility, other, hardware, m4lhackevent, push
CHOP is a granular chopper (for Ableton 10). It uses special 4096 sample-sized wavetables (Glottal Pulses, Gaussian Functions and more) to cut the amplitude of an incoming signal at full audio resolut... (more info)

Zhorus 2.0 by Zotef
0 Comments lfo, effect, utility, glitch
This is a version 2 of a Zhorus. In this new version, there are new functions like: fingercontrol and filter. Fingercontrol: 1° finger, you can manage the parameter of the amplitude and offset. ... (more info)

UNI ID 8 1.0 by thebite
2 Comments lfo, other
UNI ID 8 is a max4 live device. I make this device because almost all the lfos i see in the user library takes total control of the parameters and they don,t let you automate or modulate the parameter... (more info)

Chain Per Scene 1.0 by MessinkiMusic
73 downloads, 1 Comments utility
Automatically selects one chain depending on which scene has been selected (or triggered). Please download through the Github link. I have included the device file here so it can appear on the 'Newes... (more info)

Phase reverse 1.0 by Zotef
47 downloads, 2 Comments utility
This is a Phase reverse (more info)

Zhorus 1.0 by Zotef
138 downloads, 3 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, beta
This is a Chorus, with the ability to manage the type of oscillator you want to have. With the possibility of taking advantage of several oscillators to obtain the best possible effect. It is also p... (more info)

Group AB Tester 1.0 by domiko
42 downloads, 4 Comments utility
This plugin gives you the ability to AB (turn on/off) test multiple devices (effects & synths/instruments) across all tracks in a song. You do this by selecting a list of plugins that you want to test... (more info)

Auto Bypass Chain 2.0 by WeirdNoise
1 Comments utility
Auto bypass any devices in a RACK that are not in the selected chain ! Simply put this device on the left side of your effet RACK and use the selector to choose your active chain. Don’t forget to c... (more info)

Select Active Device 2.0 by WeirdNoise
0 Comments utility
Select only one active device and bypass the others Put this device on the left side of the devices you want to control. Automate or MIDI control the device selector to use it ! V2.0 (major update) ... (more info)

SM Nash Drive 1.0 by sampleme
1 Comments effect
SM Nash Drive is a saturator audio effect that uses a particular math polynomial to drive the signal. More info, demo video and free download at the link below. (more info)

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