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Markov Variations 1.0 by ndivuyo
0 Comments lfo, sequencer, effect, utility
FREE FREE FREE device! Use this device to transition between Variations with a Markov Chain (Variations are the new presets/snapshots feature in Ableton Live's Racks). The device detects the stored va... (more info)

AS Console 1.0 by SABROI
0 Comments effect
Creatively questions ideas and workflows from different console boards and adds modernized controls for the modern day producer. Developed using Max for Live Check out the website for a deeper dive a... (more info)

Rack Macro Knob Randomizer - For Audio Racks 1.0 by offthesky
50 downloads, 0 Comments utility, other
This allows you, very simply, to automate or modulate the new rack macro knob randomize button (since automation is not built into that button on the rack itself, yet) - or you could map an lfo device... (more info)

Raw Doom Compressor 1.0 by geoffreyday
137 downloads, 2 Comments effect, utility, other
A single-band extreme upwards compressor based on Mick Gordon's implementation in NI Reaktor. This design is fairly simple and provides only the core ("raw") doom compression effect, which means it ... (more info)

Magical Hands 1.0 by TaitoOtani1995
0 Comments lfo, other
# MagicalHands Magical Hands is the max for live device. The device can control parameter in ableton live by using hand pose estimation machine learning model. The device can control ableton's paramet... (more info)

CYL-TOOL-1-LIVE11 1.0 by Cylvester
28 downloads, 1 Comments utility
[Live 11 only. For Live 10 check out: CYL-TOOL-1-LIVE10] CYL-TOOL-1-LIVE11 uses clip names to change the current output routing of the track it is places on, and routes audio through the selected cha... (more info)

CYL-TOOL-1-LIVE10 1.0 by Cylvester
14 downloads, 0 Comments utility
[Live 10 only. For Live 11 check out: CYL-TOOL-1-LIVE11] CYL-TOOL-1-LIVE10 uses clip names to change the current output routing of the track it is places on, and routes audio through the selected cha... (more info)

Variation Stepper 1.0 by kinesotronic
5 Comments sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other
Variation Stepper is a device for MIDI mapping and sequencing up to 16 rack variations in Ableton Live 11. Inspired by how we use Malekko Heavy Industries' - Voltage Block in our modular rigs and by K... (more info)

Ferrous Modulation CH 0.02 by synthesizerwriter
177 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility, glitch, other, beta
Ferrous Modulation adds mains, wow and flutter frequency modulation to audio. It is intended to provide similar changes to an audio signal as might be heard in an analogue tape system. This is a com... (more info)

D.M.Live - Select Device 2.0.1 by malov
2 Comments effect, utility, hardware, dj
This device is a virtual controller for controlling Ableton Live. Select Device - adds functionality for simple midi controllers and makes them more manageable. The program consists of 5 sections: ... (more info)

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