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About DiffDevices: DIFF Devices is a software company that makes Maxforlive devices to use in Ableton Live.
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Devices by DiffDevices

DIFF Devices - Discover V1 Version 1.0
DIFF Devices - ASPECT II Version 2.0
DIFF Devices - Sculpt200 Version 1.0
DIFF Devices - KEYMATCH Version 1.0
DIFF Devices - DASH Version 1.0
DIFF Devices - BLEND Version 1.0
DIFF Devices - SPECTR Version 3.2
DIFF Devices - ASPECT 3 Version 1.0
DIFF Devices - ALL BUNDLE Version 1.0

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- (NEW) Bypass Master Devices
Note: Devices needs to be active before adding SPECTR 3 to your project.
- Fixed Track Name color
- Fixed color track chooser
- Fixed fader volume jumps to "-inf".
- Dark themes compatible

It accepts Flac, MP3 Wav....etc. Thanks for asking! ;)



- Mapping Mode Enabled again
- Reset Peak values fixed
- Lock button no longer jumps
- Fix a bug that could make ableton crash
- Other bug fixes

Please check your emails,
Thank you

thank you! I'm trying to get a lot more fixes and new features soon. stay tuned.

hello, thank you for your feedback.

In this version I remove the ability to map the parameters because it messes with the undo history of ableton. The only button you can map it is the open/close button.

With the lock button try to do this (if you want to stay open all the time/ or you don't like the title bar ) :
1. Map the open button (midi or key)
2. Click the lock.
3. click the key that you mapped.
(note : opens according to mouse position)

Hope it helps :)

Check your email for the updates. Thank you for your support!

working on it...there be a bug fix release this week. stay alert in your email. thank you for the help.

what version of Ableton are you using? I tested with Ableton Live 10.1 and 11 also, and I could not replicate what you are saying. everything is working fine here! Also tested in M1 and Intel in Mac and Windows. Thank you for your feedback

thank's to you now I'm aware of that. It's gonna be fixed soon... and you will get it for free. thank you for your support!