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MultiScratcher 1.0 by invisijp
2 Comments effect, utility, dj
"MultiScratcher" is an audio effect type m4l device that simulates various DJ’s turntable techniques. In addition to scratch processing, various functions are included such as slicing processing us... (more info)

Unperfect 1.0 by LAEX
101 downloads, 1 Comments drum, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, hardware
Unperfect is simple device to add little Timing and Velocity randomisation to hardly quantized MIDI data. Works with mono and poly input. (more info)

Push 2 Pedal Remap 1.0 by Unit27
24 downloads, 0 Comments push
This device allows you to remap Push 2's Pedal inputs freely by changing their transmitted CC message and sending it through the User Port. It also allows an alternate direct mapping of Pedal 2 to the... (more info)

micro-tuner 1.0 by Sanders
0 Comments utility, other, hardware
A simple, versatile and comprehensible micro-tuning device for Ableton using Max For Live, both mono- and polyphonic, which works for both soft-synths and (mono) external hardware!! Other than .tun or... (more info)

LFO MIDI Live 10 1.0 by SoundSuite
88 downloads, 1 Comments lfo, utility
MIDI variant of the Live 10 Max for Live LFO. (more info)

Chants 1.0 by s8jfou
556 downloads, 3 Comments effect, glitch, other
Chants is a 2 voices granular pitch-shifter & plate reverb audio effect. Two independant voices can scale, pitch-shift and reverb any audio input. A third reverb and scaler can be added to the initial... (more info)

ESX8GT PolyGateSeq 1.0 by bhenry1790
81 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, utility
Expert Sleepers Gate Expanders Required (ES-5 or ESX-8GT) After I finished my 8 channel Euclidian Gate Sequencer I thought "math is dumb I wanna click my seq". This is an 8 channel gate sequencer. Y... (more info)

MIDIdifferentTWO16 0.08 by synthesizerwriter
90 downloads, 0 Comments sequencer, utility, other, beta
Kind of an 'Old-school' step sequencer for 'map' control of parameters, but with 16 rather than 8-steps (gasp!). The rotary controls are intended to be controlled via Ableton's 'remote control' mappin... (more info)

y-Chord Sequencer 1.1 by redhexagonal
0 Comments sequencer
The y-Chord Sequencer is similar to the SH-101 sequencer, except it sequences chords of any number of notes. Press "Record", play a chord you like into the device and hold it, then press "Add" to wr... (more info)

Clip-Renamer 3.0 by KentaroSuzuki
0 Comments utility, other, dj, m4lhackevent
Perfect Rename M4L Device for many clips in the Session-View. Ver.3.0 (Live10 or Later) ・Optimized internal processing. (When the window is closed, the ... (more info)

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