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Devices by iftah

Big Time by Iftah Version 1.0
STING by IFTAH. a really nice acid line generator Version 1.6
REW EQ by Iftah Version 1.0
Feel by Iftah Version 1.01
Pyr by Iftah. a microtonal string model Version 1.1
Dont stop me now by Iftah Version 1.01

Total Downloads: 40,821

Comments by iftah


@soundsis it should work with live 11 standard + max for live

@hatyn good find, fixed in 1.51

@Untilthenofficial , this feature requires live 11 and works only in session mode, no need to click the "midi" button tho.

@nikothekid10, good find, fixed in 1.04, redownload to update

@admorningstar sting generates midi, it has no sound on board, you need to load it before a synth and press play

@tbf maybe sometimes in the future

@justix66 STING is only generating midi, with which you can sequence any synth you want. the waveforms in the video are actually a screen capture of ableton´s wavetable which i used in the video

@rdavila76 , STING is not using any presets and is as random as randomness in max can be

(here is a nice article about randomness in max if you are interested )

i guess you just got lucky :)

@hatyn i was about to write a very long response about why the lack of saving is a conscious design choice i took for STING many years ago and that in studio scenario i actually recommend using sting to quickly generate ideas , record them to a midi track and move on in life in order to not get stuck on generating the whole day and ruin your creative process with the curse of potential etc etc etc

but in the end it was simpler to just update the device than to eloquently phrase this so the latest version (1.03) saves with the set / device preset, just redownload to update

@Tamhardtek I've been reading similar reports, it works here so its probably some server issue at, just try again and im sure it'll work