Terms of Service

Use of this site is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Use any content downloaded from this site at your own risk. With great power comes great responsibility. Max has great power. There is no guarantee that devices you use from this site won't break your computer, corrupt your Ableton Live set, or worse. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  2. You may only share a device if you own the rights to all source code (i.e. Max patches) and related images and abstractions. Do not post other peoples work as your own.
  3. Respect the license chosen for each device. User accounts found violating an authors applied license will have their accounts disabled without notice.
  4. Comments are for discussing particular devices. Any comment posted that is not related to the device on the same page may be deleted without notice. For general discussions, visit the Ableton forums at forum.ableton.com.
  5. Links in comments should be about the device being discussed only. Links advertising products or services in comments that are not related to the device itself or at least a Max for Live related topic will be deleted and likely your account disabled as well.
  6. Device comments and User Profile Pages cannot include HTML. User accounts found attempting to repeatidly post HTML in comments or profile pages will be deleted. 99.9999999% of these are SPAM. This is logged now and I WILL delete any account and ban that user's email address from registering again if repeated violations of this policy are attempted.
  7. User Profile Pages, Device entries, and their comments must not contain inflammatory launguage that descriminate based on race, gender, religion, age, or sexual orientation. Profile Pages (and associated links) or Device comments cannot contain sexually explicit, violent, or otherwise obscene material. Personal insults and trolling will not be tolerated.
  8. Screenshots must be of the posted device and must not contain copyrighted material. Anyone posting images not related to the referenced device will have their account disabled without notice.
  9. You can post a mod of an existing device in the library so long as A) the device was free to start with B) you credit the original author in the description C) the creative commons license applied to the original devices does not prohibit derivatives. Details on creative commons license options can be found at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/.
  10. Devices posted here must have some musical or video purpose that is clearly outlined in the device description. On User Profile pages, do not enter any URL or link to any external content that is not directly related to your music or art. Do not post devices or link to content that attempt to harm our users machines, or annoy them (like by poping up tons of windows). Violators of this term will have their devices deleted and their accounts disabled without notice. Don't be a dick.
  11. At this time, only .amxd files are allowed for all users. Any other text or binary data posted but renamed to end in .axmd will be deleted and your account disabled without notice. Same for screenshot images. Any attempt to rename other binary data to an image extension to bypass the filter is now logged. You've been warned.
  12. At this time, a "device" can only be a single .amxd file. This file must actually be a working Max for Live device. Any files ending in .amxd files that are not actually Max for Live devices, or are valid device files that are not functional and/or point to yet another destination are not appropriate for maxforlive.com.
  13. For users with an access level that allows them to post .zip files, the following requirements must be met:
    1. zip files must be under 10 megs in size
    2. zip files may only contain .amxd files, .adv files (the Ableton preset file), .txt files (like a readme.txt), and .pdf
    3. At a minimum, a zip must contain at least one .amxd file
    4. zip files posted to maxforlive.com must not be encrypted or password protected
    5. There is no need to include images, javascript files, subpatchers or externals that are included if you just use the "freeze device" function in Max for Live. Maxforlive.com has a goal of making it easy for new users to use the devices you find on this site. Freeze your work so they don't have to understand how to deal with externals that can be included in a single .amxd
    6. If you have a need to include something in a zip that violates any of the above terms, simply host the zip file elsewhere and use the "reference" feature of maxforlive.com to include it in the library.
    7. See Zip Request for more details.
  14. Users who post "references" in the library (device entries without the .amxd file itself) must include a link where users can buy, or download the referenced device. Links must go directly to pages where a user can download, or purchase your device within 2 clicks.
  15. Users who post "references" in the library are responsible for updating the device links whenever they change. In an effort to keep the library free from a bunch of broken devices, when users report a broken link I will notify you. If within 1 week of the notification you do not update your link I will delete your device entry from the library. Please make every effort to update your reference whenever you change the URL on your own site.
  16. Only free devices should be hosted on maxforlive.com. Do not post any device files that cannot be edited or that require payment to use or edit fully. You CAN still post about your device if you charge for it by using the "reference" feature to post a link to where your device can be purchased. In summary, if not free, post reference, if free, post device or reference.
  17. User accounts exist to allow users to rate devices, post comments, upload devices and learn about each other on profile pages. Accounts that have never uploaded devices, posted comments, or filled out their profile pages will be considered abandonded after 1 year and may be deleted without notification.
  18. Any advertising content posted not related to Max for Live devices is not allowed. User accounts whos profile pages, devices, or comments contain advertisements unrelated products and services will be banned.