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Humos 1.0 by xxxx74
6 Comments effect
Max external Audio effect based on popular granulator from MI (more info)

FPB Clean Fuzz 1.0 by fingerspushbuttons
7 Comments effect
Clean Fuzz is a full range 3 band distortion effect by Fingers Push Buttons. It has a High Gain Channel “Fuzz” a Low Gain channel “Clean” and a Bass frequency channel “Bass”. These can be... (more info)

DVD 1.0 by byebyeempire
200 downloads, 4 Comments utility, other, beta
All right. Let's not overthink this: all I did was replicate the bouncing DVD screensaver as a Max for Live device. Why? Because sometimes when I have an idea — and almost always my DUMBEST ideas... (more info)

Step controller 1.0 by JaviHerreroMusic
0 Comments lfo, sequencer, utility
Step controller is a device composed by three independent step sequencers to control any parameter in Ableton. - Up to 64 steps. - Rates for first two sequencers: between 64th notes and 32 tied whol... (more info)

C74 Sender 1.0 by brodiem
152 downloads, 0 Comments effect, utility
This is a redistribution of Cycling74s Sender device.It wasnt recalling routings and is now 🍕SUPREME🍕 *The recieving track can be solo ✨ but not when sent from a group Many thanks to the ... (more info)

Tiny Mesh 1.01 by composingcap
143 downloads, 1 Comments effect
A 2x2 mesh reverb with simple controls and seeded delay deviations that allow for recalling generated presets. 1.01 Added flanger, advanced editor (more info)

Sample Delay 1.4 by altarofwisdom
1 Comments effect
I was looking for an M4L equivalent for Logic's Sample Delay but apart from playing with Live's delay (which is in ms), I couldn't find any so I ended up doing mine. It's intrinsicly a track doubler... (more info)

Auto-Record 1.0 by ryan7585
125 downloads, 3 Comments sampler, utility
Stick this on your master track, and it will automatically record the audio running through it and save a copy in your Max folder, every 30 minutes or whatever time you set. It works like a security... (more info)

Track Loader 1.0 by stancke
91 downloads, 0 Comments utility, dj
Control your music library with this Max For Live device. This device may help you to select tracks in your library, and load into another channel, very usefull for DJing. (more info)

0 Comments effect, utility, other
DRK DEEP AUDIO2MIDI (32 and 64 bits versions) converts from volume and pitch from audio signals to MIDI, taking account of different ranges both in pitch and volume, and working with stereo signal ind... (more info)

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