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AZ Grainflow Stochastic Multichannel 1.0 by affezwei
0 Comments effect, utility
Like the 2-channel version, this device granulates incoming audio at a set grain size, but offers many possibilities for pitch change (including glissando), density and rate of emission. Made with Chr... (more info)

AZ Grainflow Stochastic 1.0 by affezwei
0 Comments effect, other
Granulates incoming audio at a set grain size, but offers many possibilities for pitch change, density and rate of emission. Ableton 10+ for normal version, Ableton 11+ for multichanel version. Made w... (more info)

AZ Grainflow Harmonizer 1.0 by affezwei
0 Comments effect, other
Takes incoming audio and granulates 5 streams, transposed in real-time. The harmonizer transposes at ca. third-tone intervals (about a third of a half-step - 33 cents) for unreal atmospheric harmonies... (more info)

8faders 1.1 by bubbleandsquawk
0 Comments utility, push
8faders is a bank of 8 faders for controlling parameters in Ableton Live. Map faders to any parameter in your live set and control them from push, or any device with a web browser. Use as many instan... (more info)

Analog Obsession - Color Bundle Wrapper 1.0 by plusma
0 Comments utility
You need the Original Analog Obsession Color Bundle Plugins to use these Wrappers. Distox and PreBOX. Download: Additional Feature: - Link Input ... (more info)

Anthesis Spectral Gate 1.0 by Anthesis
0 Comments effect
A gate that can filter out individual frequencies. Can be used to denoise audio, invert to filter out annoying frequencies, or just use it as a cool sound design tool. (more info)

Anthesis Spectral Compressor 1.0 by Anthesis
1 Comments effect
A compressor that divides the frequency spectrum into multiple frequency bands and compresses them individually. This way you can just compress problematic frequencies without sacrificing the rest of ... (more info)

Iris Ipsum Time Accumulator 1.0 by IrisS02
0 Comments sampler, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, dj
Time Accumulator is a new free real-time audio stretch and granulator max for live effect plugin. The grain size parameter determines the length of frozen segments of audio, and the stretch parameter ... (more info)

Grid Delay 1.0 by Hayes
1 Comments effect
Grid Delay is a dynamic Max for Live device that offers a versatile four-tap delay system, with each tap capable of being subdivided into up to 16 distinct partials. Additionally, each delay tap can b... (more info)

Simplest Scope by Cartessian 1.0 by Cartessian
204 downloads, 0 Comments video, utility
Introducing Simplest Scope by Cartessian: a clean and efficient Max for Live tool for visualizing audio. Simplify your visualization of kicks, basses, synths, or anything else you want. Monitor wav... (more info)

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