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Coral Baxter Wrapper 1.0 by Waxx
0 Comments effect
Max for Live wrappers for Coral Baxter by Acustica Audio. Get Coral Baxter through Aquarius app: Contains AU and VST3. Enjoy! (more info)

Glitch Delay 1. 1. by Monotale
1 Comments effect, glitch
It is basically a delay, but with the difference that output of the delay line is sent to, in a random mode, to some of the 8 FXs,, and at the same time, the feedback loop is taken from another source... (more info)

Delayer 1.0 by Ziob
0 Comments synth, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, other, dj, push
A dual-channel (R&L) filter delay where spectrum peaks are randomly-generated in one of two modes: 1. Harmonics ('Hrms') - The device chooses randomly, out of a 'Range' that has been set by the user ... (more info)

F-Coder 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
1 Comments effect
F-Coder is a FFT vocoder. The discrete time Fourier transform separates a time-domain signal into a complex frequency spectrum (amplitude and phase). Both the Carrier (side-chain) and Modulator signal... (more info)

Hashtag Lazy 2.0 by SiLi
0 Comments utility
An even lazier version of Tom Cosm's "Hashtag Lazy 1.0": Instead of adding a # before the name of EVERY track, it only adds a # if the actual sequential number (Index) of the track doesn't match the ... (more info)

Mini Calc 1.0 by Hercelot
0 Comments utility
This is a simple calculator that can be used on Ableton Live, tested on Live Suite 11.3. It is Audio Effect but it does not affect the sound at all. In the Beat section, beat, time (millisecconds), f... (more info)

ACOUSTITRON 1.0 by Acoustitron
7 Comments synth, drum, sampler, lfo, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch, other, hardware, dj, m4lhackevent, push
The only plugin in the world to control Ableton Live Suite from any analogue instrument or microphone. No MIDI required. Transform any audio source into a launchpad! DOWNLOAD IT @ ACOUSTITRON.COM (more info)

TEXTURAL 1.0 by axersfall
0 Comments effect
just play around with those knobs!!! Please check out my youtube channel for more Max/MSP sound design videos!!!!!!THANKS!!! my youtube channel link is in my profile page!!!!!! Subscribe : https://y... (more info)

Simpler Buddy 1.0 by marianosibilia1992
4 Comments sampler, effect, utility, glitch, other, dj, m4lhackevent
I've always wanted to be able to automate WARP settings in Ableton's Simpler, so I created this utility M4L device to make it happen. Demo Video: - T... (more info)

LOM-pitchmanip 1.0 by floodcomics
78 downloads, 0 Comments utility
Makes it possible to map Live's audio clip transpose control to MIDI CC. Kinda janky sometimes, but get's the job done. 4 track version with channel selector. Only controls the currently playing clip ... (more info)

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