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Complex 3.0 by AkihikoMatsumoto
0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, utility, other, dj, beta
LR stereo independent complex monophonic synthesizer, inspired by the modular synthesizers Verbos, Buchla, and Make noise. ver.1.3 ... octave pitch bug fixed. ver.1.5 ... midi note on bug fixed, FM r... (more info)

Live Scratcher 1.0.1 by AndrewNorris
3 Comments sampler, dj
Emulates a DJ scratching sound by moving a playhead over a sample. You can control the playhead using Ableton’s automation or the built-in LFO. Use a MIDI note to ‘cut’ the sound in and out. (more info)

Big Ghost Prototype - Standalone App 1.1 by weightausend
6 Comments synth, sampler, sequencer, effect, glitch, other
This device is a MacOSX software developed in MAXMSP/Gen~ that aims to explore the concept of buffer data manipulation, inspired by the error correction/anti-skip units of old CD players. It creates a... (more info)

Model D 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
3 Comments synth
Model D MiniMoog mono synthesizer. I wrote a custom C++ external and research paper for the Transistor Ladder Filter model. Much more details about that and the features on the URL (KoFi). Free/Dona... (more info)

Morphiner G 1.3.4 by GarrettNorvell
216 downloads, 28 Comments sampler, other
This is a mod on Opticon93's clever "Morphiner 1.3" ( ) The external will now work with MacOS and the UI now fits within Live's chain without needi... (more info)

Random Sampler 1.0 by andrhodes
0 Comments synth, drum, sampler, effect, glitch, other, dj
Watch the demonstration video: With this device you can play your samples classically or randomly and get crazy results! the parameters are: - pitch amount - amount o... (more info)

MAGIX 1.0 by a200xeaf
400 downloads, 15 Comments sampler, lfo, utility, glitch, other
MAGIX。・*・゚★ (AXRCHIVE-#001) Requirements: - Ableton 12.x / 11.x Suite with M4L Includes: - ORIGINAL M4L / LITE MODE M4L (FOR AUTOMATION/BETTER PERFORMANCE) - README WITH BASIC INSTRUC... (more info)

Granulator x4 1.0 by andrhodes
330 downloads, 1 Comments effect, utility, other, hardware
Granulator x4 is an Ableton instrument rack controlled by an M4L I created! You can control up to 4 granulators and create live crossfades with just one click! The crossfades can be adjusted in millis... (more info)

Particle Synth Lepton 1.0 by qolsonic
0 Comments synth
Particle Synth Lepton is an arpeggio synthesizer that generates random particle sounds based on the input MIDI note, producing up to 5 voices of 16th-note particles. This synthesizer creates a differe... (more info)

Monotale Vector Wavetable Synth 1.0 by Monotale
0 Comments synth
This vector synth uses 4 wavetables take from the famous Monomachine's Elektron. It uses the vector technique, not only with the waveforms but also with four different effects. The fun process is to p... (more info)

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