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rSynth Roland sh101 inspired synthesizer 1.0 by Jaromir
2 Comments synth
Get the device here: Check out my other plugins: rSynth is a virtual analog synthesizer based on the Roland SH101. Including a warm analog filter, ni... (more info)

Time Lord 1.0 by Rasmussen27
195 downloads, 1 Comments sampler, utility, glitch, other
Time Lord 1.0 Max4Live device I created for Ableton Live. It lets you play through audio files of any length at random. It also has a midi mode so any incoming midi notes will cause it to randoml... (more info)

a phase vocoder 1.1 by opticon93
222 downloads, 0 Comments sampler
Hi, this is a Livified and weaponised version of the mechanism found here: Update: I slimmed down and enhanced some of the design goals. In... (more info)

fmperc2 - FM glitch percussion instrument 1.0 by tomme
1 Comments synth, drum, glitch, other
Percussion instrument based on FM Synthesis. Designed to make glitchy, harsh, extreme percussion sounds. Features: - 3-operator FM Synthesis - Onboard randomness to make "natural" sounds - velocity ... (more info)

Mini-B Organ 1.0 by tune4media
0 Comments synth
Mini-B is a lightweight and CPU friendly tonewheel style organ. A clever algorithm that lets you enjoy a fully functional organ with an easy interface and fast response. The “Random” button genera... (more info)

RETROSIX 1.0 by tune4media
0 Comments synth
After a lot of research and help from some great Max/MSP minds, it’s here! A 6 voices polyphonic synthesizer that’s carefully modelled after some extremely iconic synthesizers from the early ’80... (more info)

TW Tone Generator 1.1 by tonwelle
264 downloads, 0 Comments synth, utility, other
A keep-it-simple tone generator producing two flavours of noise (pink and white) and three kinds of waves (sine, saw and rectangle). There is a scope as background to provide some visual touch. Versi... (more info)

Partials 1.0 by Metrosync
0 Comments synth, other
Partials is a variable spectrum additive synthesiser with MC at its heart. Available as both a Max/MSP collective and Max for Live Instrument, the fundamental concept underpinning the design of Partia... (more info)

Mini FM SYNTHESIZER 1.0 by FernandoG
200 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
Here is a very fun little fm instrument, with multiple waves, distortion circuit and envelope control over the modulator wave. Great when sequenced and when used for looping music genres although it ... (more info)

Risset Synth 0.0.1 by composingcap
275 downloads, 0 Comments other, beta
Cretes textures through Jean Claude Risset's harmonic arpeggio created via chorusing saws. (more info)

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