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The BootySampler 1.0 by BootyCrew
141 downloads, 3 Comments synth, sampler, other
The BootySampler allows its user to record and loop a short audio sample in a very musical way. The audio sample is stored into a 2048ms buffer and processed in two different ways: a vocoder and... (more info)

F.M.B.P.S 1.0 by Naviek
273 downloads, 0 Comments synth, drum
F.M.B.P.S. (FM Beap Percussive Synthesizer) it's a Beap based simple but effective virtual emulation of a monophonic FM synthesizer. It includes a carrier oscillator with tune and pulsewidth controls ... (more info)

Randrums 1.0 by MichaelEstaban
347 downloads, 0 Comments synth, drum
This is a collaborative project created by Michael and Estaban at dBs Music Berlin for a school project. Randrums is a drum synthesiser instrument based on randomness. It has 3 separate drum synth se... (more info)

Noisy Drone Maker 1.0 by henrifalk
342 downloads, 0 Comments synth, other
This is a modular synth patch consisting of Beap modules available in Max. This instrument is primarily designed to make drones and noise. It uses in total 8 different sound generators that are connec... (more info)

Tschak - Snare Drum Synthesizer 1.11 by AllTheMachines
0 Comments synth, drum, push
TSCHAK is a new Snare Drum Synthesizer... [Part of the DRUMTOYS - Collection:] ... with the focus on quick results by its unique randomizing feature. TSCHAK's design i... (more info)

SANDRO 1.0 by epb123
118 downloads, 2 Comments synth, other
Experimental simple synth with 2 oscillators plus LFO on duty cycle for Tri and Rect (more info)

MicroDUDE 1.0 by IonInstruments
312 downloads, 2 Comments synth
Here is my little remake of an Arturia MicroBrute. Deutsche Hilfe integriert ! In the Archive you will find some presets too. Have fun ! You will find a Help file too, but only in German language. I c... (more info)

DRUMTOYS-Collection 4 Drum Synths 1.1 by AllTheMachines
0 Comments synth, drum, sequencer
The DRUMTOYS-COLLECTION includes 4 different Drum-Synths Basedrum (OOOMPH), Snaredrum (TSCHAK), Hihat (CHCK), Percussion (CLOINK) that can also be purchased individually. you can check out all thei... (more info)

OOOMPH - Bass Drum Synthesizer 1.1 by AllTheMachines
2 Comments synth, drum, push
OOOMPH is the 1st release of a couple of new Drum Synths (next are: TSCHAK, CHCK and CLOINK) with the focus on quick results by its unique randomizing feature. Ooomph is a Bass Drum Synth and its des... (more info)

EHMPITCHSEE 1.0 by randomknobs
0 Comments sampler, other
EHMPITCHSEE is an M4L sampler instrument inspired by classic MPC sampler with new functionality and enhanced workflow. The main innovative feature of this device is realtime VELOCITY to PITCH convers... (more info)

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