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2RuleFilterV1.91 Version 1.91
2RuleSonogramIns 1 Version 1.0
2RulePictoGramIns1.4 Version 1.2
tugImgSpect Version 2.0

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Update: ver2.0
Ctrl + Left Mouse for image translation
Shift + Left Mouse for image zooming

Thank you so much. I'll will go through into your suggestions (about the mouse) . I was already thinking of looking into the max/msp properties regarding mouse movements. I'm not sure I can find a solution. I will try and see :-)

I will also try to find the case related to the bug.
Many thanks for your suggestions.


Thank you very much.

Many thanks for the guidance and warning.
I will try to fixe the problems you pointed out. I had already set the "wav" variables in buffer~ object with ---. but I missed all the named matrix changes. Thanks again.
Since my max4live version does not have "gen" object development feature, I am trying to develop it in very long ways. Things are geting very complicated in patches and important points can be missed as a result.
It might be better if I upgrade to the gen feature.
I appreciate your detailed response. thanks again

once again a ingenious and futuristic device fom Dillon

Thanks a lot.