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ClipSEQ Version 1.1
TreeSEQ Version 1.2
SliceSEQ Version 1.3
MultiSEQ4 Version 1.2
DropSEQ Version 1.2
ProbSEQ Version 1.1
2StepSEQ Version 1.1
NAModSEQ Version 1.0
ProbTool Version 1.1
BinaryTool Version 1.0
PushSliders Version 1.0

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I updated things and as far as I can tell everything's working on Live 12 and Push 3 as of now.

Cheers:) glad you guys like it

@verdurin that's odd, do you have any other devices that work with the button matrix?

Oh nice, I didn’t think it’d work in 10!

Ahh ok I see what you’re saying. Yeah I’ll have to dig around when I get time and see if that’s something I can do.

Hey Thanks, glad you dig it. It'll work with Midi Clips the same way as audio clips, the Pitch Dials won't have any effect but the sequencer part will work fine. If you set the Launch Quantization to "none" you shouldn't miss any notes.

That’s a good idea, I’ll have to do that:)

Awesome man, thanks

very cool!

That's odd, it was working on my end, I updated it and removed a Gate that was left over from a previous build, I think that may have been causing the issue?

Hey thanks man, I appreciate it:)

Hey, thanks! Glad you dig it:)

Good on you man, that made me cringe a bit when I saw someone selling these.

Very cool