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Name | Version: TreeTool -MidiTool 1.3
Author: Gross9978
Device Type: MIDI Generator
Description: 1.3-
Display reflects current scale
Bugfix that could cause Live to crash, I think I fixed it but let me know if you get one.

TreeTool is a Midi Generator based on a sequencer I made a while ago. The idea is that there are 8 rows of notes each row with as many choices of notes (step one has one, step two has two etc). It creates a Euclidean pattern and once all 8 rows have been used it starts again from row 1 over and over.

You can select the notes by hand or select a range in the top left and click the dice for a random selection of notes for each row. If scale is enabled in the top right the output of the tool will be quantized to Lives current scale in the clip but the randomized display won't reflect that.

If RT(real time) is enabled randomizing the pattern or any manual adjustment of the notes will output to the clip if RT is off you need to click on NP(new pattern) to generate a new pattern from the available notes. Doing it this way you can keep the available notes in each row the same but generate a new slightly different pattern from the same set of notes over and over.

In the bottom right there are the Steps, Notes and Rotate controls that control the gate patterns for the sequence.

All of the available notes are used in order 1-8 regardless of the gate pattern so depending on how many notes you have in the pattern it may not seem as if there's as much variation. If you have a 32 step sequence with only 8 notes you're only running through the pattern 1 time if you have 32 steps and 16 notes you've run through the pattern 2 times etc.

In the bottom right are min/max controls for velocity that is randomly generated with each new pattern.

Thanks to Philip Meyer for an example on how to turn gate patterns into steps in a clip. If you're not following him on YouTube or other spots I recommend it.

Any suggestions are welcome, especially if you can tell me how to implement them. Thanks:)


Live Version Used: 12
Max Version Used: 8.6.2
Date Added: Jun 09 2024 01:17:13
Date Last Updated: Jun 12 2024 14:53:12
Downloads: 100
License: None
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Device File: TreeTool.amxd

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