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Name | Version: TreeSEQ 1.4
Author: Gross9978
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: 1.4
Scale is reflected on the display
--Changed the Scale system to work better with Live 12, instead of Chromatic it can now just be turned off by clicking Scale.

TreeSEQ is an 8 step sequencer with a randomization range and Euclidean gates.
Step 1 has 1 fixed note choice Step 2 has 2 random note choices Step 3 has 3 and so on through step 8.

It has Scale Quantizing with all available scales from Ableton.

-Ableton 11 only-

The scale will stay in sync bidirectionally with the current scale chosen in Live via a Push2 or a midi clip.

I haven't tested it on earlier versions of Live so I'm not positive if it will work as expected, for sure the scale syncing only works on Live 11 but I believe everything else should work on older versions.

1.1 Update fixing Live Themes Problem

If anyone has any suggestions or tips I'd love to hear them.


Live Version Used: 11.1.6
Max Version Used: 8.3.1
Date Added: Jul 19 2022 22:50:43
Date Last Updated: Jun 09 2024 23:33:33
Downloads: 2119
License: None
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Device File: TreeSeq.amxd


A deceptively simple device that hides some complex melodic and rhythmic possibilities within. Very nice!
Hey, thanks! Glad you dig it:)
This little baby is lovely and asa previous commenter said - deceptively simple. I dig it!
Awesome man, thanks
its cool but it keeps sounding like autechre to me
Thanks for the 3 sequencers

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