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Useful indeed.

Thank you.


Thanks for this.

Awesome device and price.

Very nice device.

This one is neat. Could be useful.

A very unique usable sequencer for my collection. Thanks.

A classic M4L device.

Own this one

Fun effect for coloring sounds.

Handy little thing.

yeah I'd like to know also if you can automate the parameters. I might get a few strymon's to use with DL's devices.

Looks like a worthy FX unit. Think I might want this device. On my list. And like Bimo said; favorite jumping, presets over 127. (128-300). New version with that?

Good device.

Fascinating interesting unique arp. Maybe one day there will be even more features. I'll consider this one.

Grabbed this freebie.

Seems useful.

Possibly useful.

Worth trying out.

looks like you have several good devices for cheap available. I'll scan through them at a latter date.

Good util

Microtonic is the ultimate creative drum machine possible. Good to get this for it.

Yep, good stuff.

More PHY

Getting the whole series of PHY devices.

Interesting find. I would like the series more if it supported each "dot" as a midi pitch with velocity for each "collision" so I could try to use it like Cracklefield in ways.

Someone needs to make a cool "Ants" style generative grid that is advanced for MaxForLive. Cracklefield is great and all but it's nice to have Live native devices.

Grabbing this to try to figure out uses for.

Considering this but I already have lot's of devices I want and there are some really nice free delays.

Extends the palette some.

Cool to use to tune filters

From footswitch or via modulation

Useful and free.

Nice freebie.

Interesting device. Checking it out.

I'll give this a try.

Great and free!

This is in ways a better alternative to Mesh Garden's similar device.

Another useful device from Mesh Garden

Going to use this.

I'm on this one.

Good feature to add.

There should be a device favoriting and update email feature added to so I don't have to comment on each M4L I want to add the comments to my profile. Update emails and favorites are very useful features for this site.

On my buy list.

Good stuff.

Useful device...

Good idea!

More great stuff

Could be useful

Nice unit

Although I doubt I can do all the genre's at all I want to check this out. it's a great idea of a device for the elites and curious.

This is a good one.

Nice unit

Fun unit

I have a DeepMind 12D module so this is a must.

Nice device

Creative features. Nice synth.

Looks like a fun unit. Downloaded it.

I am noting a comment here so I can go to this comment and get the device for the Nubass if i get one.

This is a fun little M4L thing

Any chance of making the Microtonic .wav converter Mac compatible?

Pretty nice Korg Volca FM editor. There is more than one Volca FM editor on Max For Live now. This one is pretty full featured.

Useful original S&H utility

Pretty useful neat device

Kind of useful

Looks like a fun effect.

This is a slick device. If I get a Blofeld I'll get this.

This is similar to those euclidean sequencers. Not bad.

Good to have this handy if I want to control a Volca FM in Ableton Live.

The interface isn't perfect but it's close and it's full featured so I may want it for a Volca FM if I get one in 2021/22.

Considering picking up a Digitone in 2021/22 so I might want this device. A request: An Analog Four MKII M4L device because I also am considering getting an Analog Four MKII.

Nice interface/features

Fun device

This seems useful for the Elektron gear

Another useful probability device.

When I get my Volca Drum in 2021 i'll get this

Going to get this in November

useful for creative patching.

Another must have simple tool.

Simple and useful.

A simple useful MIDI device. Thanks.

One of the Live 10 best ofs. Going to get this awesome drum sequencer ASAP.

Only request how about a full featured note sequencer with very similar features that can compete with things like Five12 Numerology and Geist 2 Logic Pro X 10.5 sequencing for things like both random and also vary for every parameter with 1-32 steps on each note and any division.

Nice useful device.

A smart useful M4L device.

I'm noting this one as a must have also as I page through paid/free M4L devices that I either have or don't have.

This one is my favorite of the LFO's offered from Kentaro. For how slick the stuff Kentaro offers is I'm surprised there aren't tons of comments.

Another must have. Normally the LFO's are great for stuff like dub/dubstep etc. but I make left field experimental electronica and EBM type stuff and want to try these.

Another really slick but overpriced LFO perfect to get in a bundle with all the other LFO's offered by Kentaro.

This is a good plugin like all the other LFO's you offer and although I want it I find the price a little big. About $12-$15 is better.

The demo of this sounds pretty nice. It has kind of a "glassy" resonant effect that is good for electronica or ambient in some of the presets.

Another nice plugin from akihiko to go with the Ping-Pong delay. For cheap.

Useful and affordable. Like the X multiplier for creative delays.

Getting this if I get a Strymon TimeLine

Looks worth buying. Going to highly consider it.

Looks worth purchasing. Going to get it soon.