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I bought this although it would be real nice if Ableton Live 11 added an updated browser in a future version soon.

Rings is going to be interesting to try.

So many good devices out there. Thanks for this one.

Good stuff

Thanks for the 3 sequencers

Calm like a new years resolution. 640x480

The most precious gem, Amen.

Two great devices. Stepper and this! Getting it.

I can use this it seems like it could be fun to morph it.

I will eventually buy most of your devices. Got this one today.

More Mutable for free. Yes!

This should be good. I haven't rated all the devices yet as I haven't had a chance to try my choices much so far on Live 11.

I'll want to check this out. Mutable is nice.

This seems vital to try.

Had to get this one. Interesting device it is!

I can use this.

Thank you for the tremelo.

More exciting stuff as usual. Thanks.

Stacked this with my other effects. Plan to check it out later this year. Thanks!


I'm on this.


Thanks for this.

I bought this only to discover it requires Rosetta emulation. I'm using Ableton 11.1 please update this instrument!

I purchased this through I think I'll be happy with it.

Looking forward to trying this.

This is good. Downloaded it now.

Looking useful. Thanks!

I like this device. Added to my favorites collection.

Oh whoops $39 for this I'll buy it another time probably when I buy more things from my commercial device list.

So nice to have the freebies people make on here. Thanks!

I prefer a little more features in an app like this but it's kind of neat.

Oh it does have a manual

I just wish this came with a PDF manual but I still might be able to make use of it in the future if I can remember how it's used when I open the device.

Very unique. Thanks.

Going to use this


Had to have this

Noting another one I downloaded

This one is good. Looking forward to future stuff from you.

Getting all of your new devices.

Another nice device. Thanks.

Might or might not need this.

Excellent thanks.

Thanks. Pretty useful basic stuff.



Thanks for the useful tools.

This is a great device thanks for the module.

This should be real useful to go with the Sensel if/when I buy it.

I want to get this before long.

Not sure if this is any better than the Live automation quantizer but I'll try it.

MIDI scales through Swarmalator! Yes!

Good stuff

Going to check all your devices and make stuff sooner or later

Might work

Going to test this

I'll test it

So many devices from you more good ones now pitch.

More glitch

Glitch effect

Potentially useful

Audio effect of potential use

More panning


Interesting and of use

Very basic filter

Simple grains

More perc

Percussion device!

Good pluck

Basic AM

Basic fm

And more

And more

More synth



Good good


More synth stuff for mixing and matching in Live

Want it got it

I'm so lucky to have Maxforlive and your devices and all the others



Old stuff new downloads.


So good

Your presets all combined are way better than the GRM Tools Effects Suite I bought and yet free.

Downloading device

So nice


All your devices can be wonderfully mixed and matched. Thanks. Hoping for a Live 11 update for presets if it needs it.

On this


Very good.

Getting this

So many good devices. Hope to see updates to all of them if. they can't work with Live 11 that just came out yesterday.


I hope this works