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Drumrack Pad Midi Muter Version 0.99

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this is really good!

sweet tool. IMO would be nice to have hz conversion and multipliers as well and then some trick to link to to chorus or other devices

Analog Noise.wav missing?

if a parameter is mapped to an ableton instrument, transport is running, LFO is on a random waveform, you can hardcrash ableton consistently by deleting the m4l device.


very well done and works without issues (pc/a10beta/max8.0.2)

also a good idea is to delete the Ableton midicontrol script so it doesn't interfere with the absolute values being assigned to controls (seems to switch to relative no matter what settings are setup in midi control center for beatstep)

hi - i realized that some devices work and the ones that crash on Windows are:
2dtext_orangebox Kopie.amxd and 2dtext_orangebox.amxd (mac fonts I assume). I guess Kopie is in the root folder by mistake.

will play with this! seems very cool and a nice alternative to modular video tools

hiya - mac only i assume? crashes on adding to live on windows.

only thing i don't like is that this is now the third device i needed that i find on the front page within days of needing the device. Thank you!

really good effect.

Sometimes it seems like the strum doesn't zero out correctly and you still get a strum effect instead of a fixed chord hit.

Also really wanting a synced speed mode for a specific use case. Haven't experimented with putting in a quantizer inside.

Oh actually you can find which max value is good for your speed factor and change it in the MIDI center. So like speed factor 8.35 would require your knob range to be 0-15 or so.

Nice save for a flawed product! Limiting the allowed knob input would be beneficial, as right now you can go past the maximum values and then have to dial back the encoder without affecting a value for however far you twisted it past the max.

FYI Push2 needs the max4live device to have live.banks added and Parameter Banks configured - otherwise no parameters are mapped to the push knobs.

here are the instructions for the beta forum -

"6. Reopen the device in the Max editor.
7. Create a new [live.banks] Max object.
8. Toggle out of Edit mode (Command+E on Mac)
9. Double click with the mouse on the [live.banks] object to open the Parameter Banks editor window
10. For each control to be mapped, find a slot in the bank and dial number of your choice
11. Close the Parameter Banks window
12. Save the device and go back to Live
Now at this point, you are not quite done yet. It appears that the bank parameter controls are only loaded/mapped to the controller (the APC for me, presumably a Push, too) when the device is newly inserted on a track or the track is loaded when a Live Set loads. That is, saving and closing the device in the Max editor does not load the control mappings to the APC. So to finish confirming that the live.banks object works:
13. Delete the device from the track
14. Add the device back to the track
15. Turn the dials on the controller to see that they are mapped"

this is a modern classic already imho.
used it all night yesterday and still very impressed and definetly is in my favorites toolbox now (which is quite minimal).

not sure if you want requests and suggestions but im looking forward to more devices from you this year (including jitter video stuff..your pixel sorter is amazing)

btw - the sync mode works for me - did you push PLAY?

Really great design

really interested in further development of this project btw. I would like to experiement with training itself to see what can be achieved so then i can generate albums and make lots of money.

I put the deeploops folder on another drive, other than root of C and everything seems to be ok now. Was having super weird issues after putting the folder into my User/.../Music too (log errors about finding some Maxglu commands)

Hi - i get an error on the device that says it can't load the pickle file. Is this related to my java paths or something? Max settings seem correct, since I get different errors if I don't correctly fill out the directory paths specified in the readme.txt