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No stupid bs is sage advice indeed. My wife lives by that mantra. She left me. :)

This innocent looking little device is a winner! Up to 255 steps of Euclidean magic? Sign me up! Thanks for sharing it, having fun already!

I'm a sucker for anything granular. Thanks for sharing - stoked to try it

Sounds pretty sweet - excited to check it out. Thanks for sharing it w/ us!

Simply epic.

Damn, this is an excellent phaser! Not sure how this one slipped past me but it's amazing. Well done - thanks for sharing it w/ us. It's going to get a lot of use!

edit: should say "used as a send" (ignore "last") in the message above

Noob question - I just started messing around with this again and want to confirm - this is meant to be used last a send effect - correct? Far as I can tell, it's essentially all wet signal ("which wet" depending on the 3 levels but all are wet) - correct? Having fun dialing it in but started questioning my ears - probably time for a break!

Sweet, I will check back! Thx

Thanks, I was just about to throw up a post! :)

Looks sweet! Anyone try it on an intel Mac yet? Curious about checking it out but not if it doesn't work on intel

Still one of the best!

Right on, glad to hear it. I'd recommend putting the midi scale device between this device and your intstrument - I've had some good results that weren't sounding very good until I added the scale - which makes sense

Yeah Irishmos - seems to be working for me. No idea if this matters but I created a 4 bar midi clip in Ableton and then exported it out to my downloads folder. Then I dragged that midi clip from my d/l folder to the device

It seems to also be looking to the triggers for velocity data - does all this sound correct?

I think it may be working as intended now. Not positive though. My understanding was that we were to hit one midi note to start the sequence and then it would play on its own from there on out. It seems like on my end it's working but it requires midi notes to be entered (i.e. I trigger C3, C3, C3, C3, etc but the track plays midi notes from the anaylzer - it's just looking for triggers as far as I can tell)

followed directions - It output midi and I heard sound as it was analyzing but after it had analyzed - no new notes. I did press a midi key to start the prompt but nothing. Also, when it played the midi while analyzing - it did so incredibly fast (much faster than the BPM).

Looks cool - think it just requires a few further tweaks

solid idea!

great job w/ this!

I did manage to get OTT to work after messing around w/ the lock/freeze and resaving - haven't been able to get this one to work though. I did notice w/ OTT, after I selected the plugin, there was a spot in the patch where I could see the name "OTT" (or partial name) - in other words I think I could see it was added. With D.E., after I select the plugin, I didn't see any difference to the max patch at all to show that the plugin location was added.... I'm sure it's user error somewhere on my end.

doesn't seem to be working for me - I'm sure it's an error on my part. following the directions above - I have a question:

before clicking the "plug" box to find the vst, the lock should be locked (not unlocked) - correct?

Then once we select the vst, just freeze or should we also be unlocking again before saving?

rad-ee-kal! Thanks so much!

Reading through the description(s), not sure I understand what this device intends to do... Could someone give me a 2 sentence dummy description of what it does? It's a VST randomizer or no?

just re-discovered this gem in my user library. Top notch good times - love it!

No big deal at all - just providing feedback of how things respond on my end as I know you're still developing it. Overall it's been a pretty smooth experience (other than I believe there was a short period when you took it down after the 1st rollout but that was easy enough to determine).

I dig it - I do appreciate the free credits as well - confirmed receipt! Thanks again!!

At first after loading this new version when my web browser opened to link up, it quickly flashed an error "cannot have more than 3 codes per user", this screen only lasted a split second, then landed on a page that didn't have any clear direction of what to do or how to fix. After refreshing and using the back button a few times, I landed at a screen that asked me if I wanted to disconnect all codes from user. I did that but it looks like I lost the 100 free credits you awarded me previously in the process.

Sounds great!

looks really cool but not sure it's working as intended.. Anytime I hit the lock, midi stops and I get silence. This is in auto and free mode and the play button does'nt seem too change things.

I'm also not clear on what the "note" field is located in the bottom left corner. Does the sequencer only output one midi note? confused on that. I did get the manual as I'm on Mac but not sure windows compatriots will be able to open that pages format..

This looks pretty sweet - excited to check it out.

Heads-up: "Harry Haller" as mentioned in your description is almost definitely just a handle being used by the person you mention in your description. Harry Haller is the name of the protagonist in a novel called Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse who was quite popular in his day and picks up a new following with each generation. Great author - I personally found Steppenwolf a bit slow but a lot of folks love it.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your device!

looks and sounding great. Big fan off your devices - I have most of them, I'll probably get this as well. Question - what is that drum device on your desk that you are playing in the video?

amazing little device. Being able to map multiple mods to same parameter isn't something I realized was possible in Live. Total game changer. Thanks for sharing this - super easy to use, really just a matter of knowing you can map multiple mods to the same parameter and then "switch them on and off" by using the macro/remote button. Brilliant really.

amazing device, i downloaded, messed around with it, forgot about it, re-discovered it and have been using it religiously for the past couple of weeks. Such unique results - really love it - thanks!

Nice! I dig it, seems super user friendly and useful to me so far. Thanks!

This is a super legit tool - love it! thanks for sharing it!

I'm not all that familiar with the original but I can say -- this sounds damned good to me! Thank you for sharing it

Sweet! Thanks! I'm excited to give it a try. Always surprised pulsar synthesis isn't more popular - it's a lot of fun

just out of pure curiously - why is it windows only? I don't see that too often but when I do, I always wonder why...

sweet, thanks! I always really dig your devices

Looks amazing!

works well in 11 on Mac!

Nice! Interesting blog post as well. I can tell you've put a lot of time into the topic

Is this a max4live device?

i dig it - thx!

Sweet! Thank you!

Wow! alll 3 devices seem super legit and useful so far. thank you!!!

this looks great - fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing it

any luck with the fix? Looks cool, I keep checking back!

I'm still getting no wet sound - dry only. I'm trying 2.2 on live 11

I've not been able to get this working either. I loaded the whole folder into presets/instruments/max4live instruments - I can loaad the device but when I click "open" nothing happens. I'm on Live 11 - Mac

Sweet! This device is so good!

still digging this device! One thing I noticed - the state saving is partially functional but not 100%. When saving the device in a project, then re-opening, all of the notes reset to C-1

Excellent work! Love it - thanks for sharing with us, will get plenty of use - great job

think you may have forgotten to freeze? Something seems off. Maybe check noise vs tonal to see if it's doing what you intended? Looks great, just don't think it's doing what you think it's doing...

sweet!! thx for sharing, will use for sure

think you may have forgotten to freeze? I hear no difference versus dry

Very elegant design - super useful. I appreciate you making it available and for free! Thanks!

Solid results - I dig it! thanks for sharing it

I dig it. lots of fun to play with. one question - I think there may be a possible disconnect between what's showing on the controls/dials and what's actually happening with the device. I noticed when flipping through the included presets, the sound changes a lot but the dials don't seem to move at all. thinking that may be a missing link to having the user better undderrstaand whaat's going on. Also, any possibly of clarifying the labels on the dials so we know what's what? Perhaps a pop up or some other clarifier. Anyway, like it a lot as is - thanks for sharing with us!

This looks sweet, I'm excited to try it. Thanks for sharing with us.

Confirming - is this an update for those of us who purchased it previously?

Sweet! Thanks!!!

I dig it! Worth the price of admission!

if it's working for everyone else, maybe it's user error. I just wasn't getting sound and it looks different than the picture you posted...

this look sweet, I'm excited to try it. When I load, it looks a lot different than the photo above. Wondering if it needs to be bounced or frozen in Max? Feel like I'm missing something

Super solid! Not even sure exactly how it works but it's intuitive enough to use that I was able to get solid results. Appreciate it!

this looks excellent! Thank you

bruh. we don't need an ad every day. help keep our community clean

Love this! Thx for sharing w/ us - will get plenty of use!

This is a super useful device! Simple to use with great results. Thanks for the idea of putting several devices on different drum chains. Not sure why but I don't think I would have thought to do that on my own. The results are really good. I've been missing having a simple swing option in Live. The groove function is great but sometimes you want to manually tweak which this allows for. Thanks for sharing this! It get used a lot!

Thanks man! I was actually able to get samples loaded up right after I posted my prior comment. Not sure what the difference was compared to when it crashed but I will keep playing with it and report any variables I might find. Very cool instrument - thanks for sharing it with us!

Seems sweet! I tried the pre-loaded version, works great! Trying the empty version with the bottom right buttons. Is one of those for loading a folder and the other for samples individually? If so, which is which?

When I click either, .wav files I want to load are greyed out. I tried to load a folder and it crashed live. Probably user error1


Yo great device - thanks for sharing it. Question, I tried drag and drop with a sample (cuz I'm lazy like you say you are!) and it appears that that the sample or some portion of it replaced the wavetable. Visually anyway, that seems like what happened. Is that correct? Also, drag and drop for the actual sample a possibility w. the final version? That would be dope. this is going places, I dig it!

well this looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing and also providing the additional technical data and diagrams. I can't say I understand a lot of it but it makes it more fun while playing with the device to have an idea of what's going on.

Sweet! This one is much easier to control the note range on - that's a huge upgrade!

love it, thanks for sharing with us!


I dig it! Great design - thank you!

feel like I've seen this before...

GTFO with this nonsense bro.

Love it! All your devices are gems and I'm pretty sure I have them all! This is loads of fun, super intuitive and easy to use - sounds great!

Only one challenge I'm having: when I try to modulate the morpher with another device (LFO, etc.), my CPU shoots through the ceiling. I might be able to get away with resampling it if no other devices are going on the track but no chance of modulating it in real time - at least not on my machine. Any tricks to rein this in a tad? I'm on a MacBook Pro with 16 GB Ram, she's getting older but can normally keep up

Anyway, this isn't a dealbreaker by any means, still very usable and fun but being able to mod the morpher seems to be what it's crying out for!

Thanks Dennis! Couldn't agree more with Cool. SPAM = not cool. Reposting same device 3x, 4x, 20x times = not cool. Advertising sample packs on a m4l site = not cool. There has to be some way to moderate it before it goes down the toilet.

"Tired of C3 always being so… C3?"
This spoke directly to my heart.

I was able to minimiize live to get the samples dropped into the device but no audio. My live and max are up to date

the dude abides

This is fantastic! Got it up and running and IRs working on Mac -just had to save to save everything to the default folder as outlined in the txt file (my user library is also on an external drive - works fine for me). Thanks for sharing this - super useful!

Agreed - sweet freebie! I appreciate it! I think I own just about everything you guys have put out at this point (all stellar!) - I was happy to see this was free! If you're unfamiliar with this dev, check out their other stuff - all of it is top notch.

Don't download!

Not sure if this is supposed to a joke or if it's a glitch but this thing took control of my mouse/cursor to the point I was unable to turn it off, remove the device or even exit Ableton. Any movement on the mouse or trackpad, this device would immediately kick in and take over control of my cursor. Even outside of Live. Not cool. Took me 5 mins to figure out how to re-gain control. Please remove this from being downloaded by others until it's fixed

dang, I'm bummed it won't work on Mac. I tried anyway - beautiful UI - super clean! Hope maybe it will roll out for us black sheep one day!

Still loving this, all these years later. It really is brilliant. Thank you for making it and sharing it. I'll get a lot of use out of it!

woot! Love it, well worth the price tag as usual!

love the art on the front of the device! Thanks for sharing these with us - excited to check them out

@posters above it's actually super simple, it just needs to be triggered. it's a piano roll/sequencer - it chooses the notes to play but it doesn't trigger those notes until it receives a note. So this device controls your pitch but you can program a midi clip to decide when the pitch will trigger (or play notes on your keyboard). The key is, whatever you play - the pitch doesn't matter, just the "when". The pitch will be coming from this device but it relies on outside input as to when to play. Super powerful. Reminds me of some devices by "Heaps of Bleeps" that have a similar effect. You end up with phrases you wouldn't have come up with otherwise.

Quite the sales pitch!

amazing little device, I love it! Thanks for sharing it - it's going to get plenty of use. I love thee feed forward function especially

Well this is outstanding! Careful with your levels when you first load it up - there's no volume attn engaged by default so when you load it, you get full volume (without pressing a key). Just like how it would work in the real world!

This thing is stellar. I feel like it should be an instrument included with Live - thanks so much for sharing it with us! Off to play some more!

Playing some more - pretty sure it's the rim shot sound that is the culprit. It's not there on all configurations but on most of the randoms I've landed on

Loving this... One thing - I've noticed a pretty substantial background hum with most of the configurations. It's not noticeable until the output of the track is mid/high but once there, it can be very noticeable (even to these pedestrian ears, which is saying something!). I'm thinking maybe the release time needs to be chopped off of one of the sounds or maybe one of them is being pushed too hard? Not sure but if you throw on some headphones and push the levels a tad, you can't miss it.

I'm still playing with it anyway, a little hum never hurt anybody!

Love this concept. Reminds me of a vid that Ned Rush did on trying to re-create the Autechre sound a while back. I can see this being usable for sure

LMAO! Just saw the comment re: the drunken squid boat. I'm actually reading Moby Dick right now - perfect!