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Never mind re: CPU, it was another plugin on that track that was eating all the CPU - false alarm - sorry

Just checked it out - so dope! I'll have to do some research on Max to figure out how to hardcode my API (opened Max, pasted it but no idea how to "bounce" or save the patch so I can open it in Live with the new API).

Anyway, works great. it chews a ton of CPU though - is that what you see as well?

PS - I tweeted @RZA to check it out - LOL!

haha! Great idea - name for the plugin is spot on. Thanks (from the slums of Shaolin)

This is so good. It's become one of my new favs over the past month or so

@aylesim It seems to be working now. I strongly suspect user error. lol

Thanks! Great device, well worth the $

sound cloud link isn't working

this is great! interesting results on vocals. thanks!

Super solid. I used the original a lot (less lately). Pretty sure I prefer this to the OG. Thx!!!1

this thing rocks, thanks!!

how to make download function work? I click the dl button, nothing happens and it's not in my dl folder or the folder that came w/ the app.

also, the token has not been a one time thing in my experience. I had to generate 5-6 before it finally took and upon reloading live, it asked again.

**music genre, not drama. lol

super solid, well done! I'd love to see a feature to choose the music drama for what patterns will show up (i.e. hip hop) but it's super solid how it stands now!

looks like the vid is now up - thanks!

any vids of this bad boy?

Not working for me either. Live 11 Mac

I'm seeing the same thing on Live 11/Mac - Cab button kills signal

Super Solid!!! Thank you!

Lots of fun. I'd like to see the possibility for longer loops - I hope you guys keep developing this - nothing llke it!

Very well done & well worth the cost. I'm using it a lot. Thanks!

sweet! Thanks for sharing it

Looks great! I never would have guessed it was your first device. Excited to check it out - thanks for sharing it!

Super solid, thanks for sharing it w/ us!

Amazing device, I love this thing! Thank you!

I'm not getting anything but the dry signal (intel Mac - Live 11). If I turn mix knob to 100% = silence. tried using "mono" tool to see if I might be the dummy tryning to run stereo but no dice no matter what I've tried. Looks dope and time consuming, hope its an easy fix!

still rocks!

no idea what I'm doing but I like it. This thing rocks. Thx!!

The ui looks really clean - nice work!

this is a lot of fun! The UI could use some touch ups but the sounds are great! Plus, it's new and unique and free! Thanks for sharing it!!

your excellency does it again!

excellence! thank you for sharing it. :)

love this - thanks!

Agreed w/ @hangarsliquides - very solid work, now off to check the device. If I don't sound as good, I expect a full refund! :)

Scratch that, found on your site (just had to scroll down a bit). Thx!

Can we hear some of these?

No one is worse than the dude who continually posts to "all". I'll never purchase anything from him - hell, I'm even boycotting the 1-2 devices he's posted for free (1 or 2 out of his 40,000 flashing, overpriced, uncategorized devices, that is). Glad someone else notices!

loving this! tried it w/ your operator/echo combo and it did not disappoint. amazing website/home and lifestyle btw. You are doing what you love and it certainly comes through in your creations. well done young man & thanks for sharing!

this is so much fun to play with. the mod matrix really makes the device extremely deep. a thing of beauty, thanks!

brilliant idea!

esssssss nycce

thanks for sharing this. I am not finding the mid routing patch, should there be more than one file in the device download?

the device does seem to be missing some key controls one my end as well

Super useful, I'm loving this thing. Thx again

this looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing I with us. will put to good use!

this is a definite winner, thanks for sharing it!

this is a definite winner, thanks for sharing it!

it's there now - thanks!!!

^^^^ What they said - no file to download on gum road. sequencer looks promising, can't wait to check it!


thanks for hooking this up - super useful!

only 11 years too late but man, I love this thing. If you're still around, thanks!!!

love it - thank you!

looks fresh/useful - thanks for sharing!!!

This is a lot of fun to play with. Thanks for sharing it!

I love the idea! Stoked to give a try. Thanks for sharing with us at no cost!

Just found this little gem. I haven't opened it yet but am considering giving it 5 stars just because... fire. Looks promising! Thanks as always Zlatko

This thing is bloody brilliant! (and I'm not even British)
Thanks for sharing it w/ us!

I dig it - thanks!

You said it mayne - sick

Sweet! Very stoked to see this surprise! As a happy owner of skinnerebox, can't wait to check this out! Thank you!!!

This device is amazing. I was a tad skeptical, then saw who the dev is and jumped right in (all of their devices are rock solid). This concept though, I just didn’t think it could be done at this level - very cool!

This little baby is lovely and asa previous commenter said - deceptively simple. I dig it!

Very cool stuff. - thank you for sharing the device with us and also for providing the resources to learn how it works as well. I thought the "clever dirt moving device" analogy was spot on - the concept hadn't quite clicked for me until I read that a line.

Thanks again!

You've been busy! Love. your devices, thanks for sharing them with us!

I just got around to buying this and I have to say, it's beyond anything else I've tried within the modulation arena for Ableton. Reminds me a lot of modular. It's epic.

So good, thanks for taking the time to do some demos - sold me quick and I am not disappointed! Very solid/easy to use and get very musical results. New fav!

Seems like a sweet device, just not sure if I'm using correctly. Is the only way to get audio by triggering midi either fast forward or reverse? In other words, there's not way to play the audio "regular" (not ff or rev?).

Thanks for sharing this!


Get ready for a fiesta in your head noggin. You bring the piñata, this device covers the rest.

Get out your pick axe. Cuz we just struck SOLID GOLD!

If I told you how bodacious these clock devices are, you wouldn't believe me. Guess you're going to have to buy the pack and find out for yourself

(hint: you really are that musician you hoped you'd one day be... but never quite lived up to... at all.. until now!)

all these clock devices are simply breathtaking. Bravo sir. Bravo.

Very cool! I hope you'll check back once you have it up and running with some links where we can check out a performance with your leap setup? Just did some research on the leap - seems like a lot of possibilities!


So cool, thanks for sharing this

While you're shoegazing, why not take a gander at the device categories and try posting in the proper spot for once?

I dig it. Can u dig it?

Well worth full price, a steal with the discount in the month of May. A charmed little device, long overdue. Thanks!

Very, very nice! Nice on the eyes, nice on the ears, nice on the wallet and nice on the fat digits.

Love me a good sequencer and this is one, you can bet your bottom dollar on that oh boy. 5 enthused thumbs up!

Thanks for sharing. this one with us friend. Excited to see what else you may have bouncing around the old noggin. A+ craftsmanship.

Stoked to check it out, sounds brilliant. Thank you for sharing with us!

I can't get it to make sound, should there be an instrument on the midi track after the sender or no? Tried both - nada. Probably user error!

Very fresh and creative. - I dig it!

oh hey, it's in the beta section too. With a big flashy colored picture (along with all your other finished devices taking space from other devs).

This is in the drum machine section. Is this a drum machine? Looks like a side chain EG

Is this a sequencer? Looks like an ARP. Can you please post in the correct spots? Some of use try to use these categories to search for the devices they're intended to house.

Was this made at M4L Hack event?

"A rip-roaring good time"

Thank you!!

So good. It's a very unique concept (see what I did there...) and it's worth taking a quick look at the manual, which is incredibly well written and informative while remaining concise and easy to follow (thank you!). One of my favs.

Truly one of the best sounding audio fx available on m4l (and as a true m4l addict, I should know!). This deserves far more attention! Love it! Thank you!

the links for your Vimeo demos for this device and others are down. Please re-upload. - want to see what's up before possibly buying the bundle. Thx!

I dig it, worth the $5!

Hey there, just purchased this - looks sweet! Wondering if the older version is stlll available? The version I received doesn't resemble the version in the video. It seems like it has more features now but part of what drew me to this was the seeming simplicity of the design. A tad overwhelmed with this new version, just wondering if the other one is still available? If not, no biggie!

I dig it, thanks for sharing it with us!

LOL @ "For folks like me who simply want to paw at the keyboard". That sounds right up my alley sir - thanks!

This thing is outstandingly brilliant! Really having a lot of fun and getting some interesting results using the device on 3 separate tracks, sending messages from one to the next. Love it, can't wait to see what else you have going. Thanks!

I dig it! Very worth few bucks it costs. I think it may be my new favorite sequencer actually.

Working great on Mac Big Sur for me. Love it! Amazing attention to detail and it sounds great. I'll be using this one for sure!

Love it! Sometimes it's loading kind of funky but when I log out of Live and log back in, it's back to looking normal again.

This dude is literally making a living off of the work of others -(check his website). The next Uli Behringer in the making - you heard it here first! LOL


Great synth, I dig it! Sometimes it's fun being late to the party, the discovery its endless! Fantastic work on this one!

So fresh. Works with Live 11 on Macbook running Big Sur. And boy is she lovely. Thank you friend!

uhhhh... dopeuzfck! You sir, are an outstanding citizen!