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PM Synth 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
0 Comments synth
Phase Modulation (PM) is the technique that is actually used most commonly by "FM Synths". This synth is intended to augment (not replace) Operator. With 6 operators and a full mod matrix, it offers q... (more info)

Kick Machine 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
0 Comments synth, drum
This is a kick synthesizer Max-for-Live instrument. A 2-stage decay envelope modulates the pitch of kick in order to create a fast clicky attack, as well as a slower drop stage. A filtered noise envel... (more info)

Achilles Live 11 1.3 by TristanSutcliffe
155 downloads, 8 Comments synth, sampler, glitch
Achilles is a sampler, that can use its own custom tempo for sample playback. One feature allows you to modulate loop points using automation or LFO tool like CV LFO. It can sync timing with a tempo ... (more info)

DJBB Loopmaker - Quickly find and Export loops 1.0 by djbajablast
1 Comments sampler, utility, other
A Free Max for Live utility to help with de-clicking, looping, and one-click exporting to an output folder. Demo here: ____________________________________... (more info)

Frantic FM GigaSines 1.0 by franticnoise
1 Comments synth, sequencer, other, beta
Frantic Giga Sines v1.0 Features: • Dual sine FM Synth • Synced & Free FM Options • Dual OSC Envelope Modulation • 16 Step Sequencer with multiple outputs • Randomization Algorithm for ... (more info)

Muse Concrete Tool a Sampler Loop Sketchpad 1.1 by offthesky
253 downloads, 2 Comments sampler, other
v1.1 ~ added generic step sequencer, added mstr output fx (freeverb>limiter), added mstr audio out to lane recording, added ability to send lanes' audio to separate tracks in ableton (full stereo=1/2,... (more info)

Supersaw-mono 1.0 by ldf
0 Comments synth
Monophonic Supersaw Synthesizer 30 detuned sawtooth waves with basic synth functionalities. (more info)

Kickster 1.0 by TRNR
0 Comments synth, drum
Thumping techno kicks at your fingertips! Kickster is a 4 operator FM synth specializing in kick sounds. The "boom" and "click" parts of the sound can easily be manipulated with 6 simple controls and ... (more info)

WaveTide 1.0 by KaiyangZhao
374 downloads, 0 Comments synth
WaveTide is a polyphonic virtual granular synthesizer designed and developed entirely by me, using Max for Live. It divides a sample into small grains then rearranges and loops it to synthesize new so... (more info)

RythmoSeko By Yoandeol 1.0 by yoandeol
353 downloads, 1 Comments drum, sequencer
Have you already dreamed of one Drum sequencer where we can drop a sample directly inside and have it play by a camelon? Rythmoseko is making this ! To make it simple it's a sequencer with an interfa... (more info)

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