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Sukuratchi 1.0 by darkInteger
0 Comments synth, sampler
Sukuratchi is a Max for Live instrument Features: -stereo sample mangling -set playhead position -set playhead speed -set playhead moving frequency -frequency modulate the playhead speed -12 slots fo... (more info)

Voice of the Uchuu 0.1 by westfelis
159 downloads, 0 Comments synth, utility, other
This device is make simple SFX sound with XY pad. X axis Pitch Y axis Modulation OFF - sound off 1 - sine 2 - tri-saw 3 - Pulse 4 - Resonance filter (more info)

Ksenia 1.0 by sonusdept
0 Comments synth
Ksenia is a polyphonic synthesizer based on Karplus-Strong synthesis, ideal to create physical models of guitar and piano strings. It also has some effects to shape the sound without the need of addit... (more info)

Padradise 1.0 by sonusdept
0 Comments synth
Padradise is a a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer specialized in the creation of lush and evolving pads and textures. (more info)

Slice Sequencer 1.1 by ReachingEquilibrium
4 Comments drum, sampler, sequencer, effect, utility, glitch
‘Slice Sequencer is a Max Instrument for re-sequencing audio samples, designed to inspire creativity quickly and easily through intuitive controls. Samples are split into 8 slices, with multiple ran... (more info)

Device Matrix 1.0 by konstantinklem
0 Comments utility
Device Matrix is a Max for Live plug-in, which lets you display and control up to 400 Ableton Live instruments and effects on a single screen. It is your perfect assistant when mixing, doing sound des... (more info)

SamSamSampler 0.2 by bass079
6 Comments sampler
FIXED: input list not populating properly. This is SamSamSampler, a Max for Live instrument designed primarily for live performance. It lets the user quickly record and play samples as one-shots or t... (more info)

noizu 0.201 by westfelis
266 downloads, 2 Comments synth, utility, other
This device can be chosen White/Pink noise and changed sample rate, filter and amp with ADSR. ver0.2 add key tracking and crack(Tremolo) 0.201 fixed color (more info)

Waveshaper 1.0.0 by flaviogaete
253 downloads, 1 Comments utility
A bare bones wave shaper oscillator with up to 6 voices, you can draw your own waveforms and they're saved with your Live session – thanks to Christian Kleine for the very useful tip to use a multis... (more info)

Noise Wave Generator 1.0.1 by flaviogaete
231 downloads, 1 Comments utility, other
A bare bones noise wave generator with white and pink noise options as well as a Sallen & Key filter by Surreal Machines. Meant to be used in conjunction with a suite of other devices, please visit th... (more info)

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