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Every Day Synth Organic Edition 1.0 by Monotale
0 Comments synth
Organic Every Day Synth counts with three synth engines, 1 the Sample Based Engine, it is escencially a collection of Organic Samples with a variety of samples that represent the organic surround of m... (more info)

Nurse With Drone 1.0 by opticon93
272 downloads, 2 Comments synth, other
Hi, The guts of this drone synth can be seen in the following video by Edo Paulus: (Skip to about 4:00 to hear some of what the finished version sounds l... (more info)

SynthieCat by Max for Cats 1.0 by maxforcats
1 Comments synth, sequencer, effect
SynthieCat is a matrix synth inspired by the EMS Synthi A model, perfect for sound design and experimentation that lets you freely patch signals and modulators. (more info)

FM PM Demonstration 3OP 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
103 downloads, 0 Comments synth, beta
This is a learning tool. It updates my previously posted 2-Operator FM PM demo synth. I'd recommend viewing that one first before moving onto this, as the patching is a little more clear when viewing.... (more info)

Clapper 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
1 Comments synth, drum
This is my take on an analog drum machine clap. While it doesn't perfectly replicate an 808/909, it covers a lot of the same ground, and should provide plenty of creative potential, especially for hou... (more info)

EvDay Bass synth V.2 2.0 by Monotale
0 Comments synth
See: V.2 : FM modulation, Random Factor for ADSR parameters, XY factor modulation and wavetable Rows is added. (more info)

Little Glitcher 1.0 by opticon93
400 downloads, 3 Comments synth, glitch, other
Hi Folks, This is a Liveified and weaponized implementation of the Little Glitch Machine by Maurizio Giri seen here: (Skip to 5:53 to hear the fi... (more info)

FM PM Demonstration 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
121 downloads, 1 Comments synth, beta
This is a demonstration patch I made in response to a discussion on a forum regarding the differences between FM and PM synthesis. This can easily switch between both. It is a very simple mono synth w... (more info)

Trilby 1.0 by OspreyInstruments
0 Comments synth, drum
This is an 808-style hihat synth. That is to say, it is a number of detuned pulse waves and a sine wave, both of which are ring-modulated with white noise. This is fed through a comb filter and overdr... (more info)

EveryDay Bass Synth by Monotale 1.0 by Monotale
1 Comments synth
Every Day Bass Synth is a 4 voice patch synth for basses created by Monotale Instruments using the wavetable technic, taking waves from a big palette of legendary bass synthesizers, like Moog, Nord, V... (more info)

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