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sakonda.grain2.5 Version 1.0
lk.scalasynth Version 4.0
lk.grainnodes Version 1.1
lk.nodecontrol Version 1.1

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Thanks for that wakax, corrected! I actually took the spelling from the credits inside the original patch. But yea, searching elsewhere and looking at the original zip file your spelling is correct. I wonder why it's wrong inside the OG patch? Apologies to Nobuyasu Sakonda!!

Gald to hear!! You're welcome NeuroNoNeuro! It's not pretty UI wise, but it does what the original did. :)

Hi Manu Gira,

Great to hear that you like the device and are getting some use out of it! I've just uploaded a new version which should fix the problem you are experiencing. The sizes and positions of the nodes will now be saved with the Ableton .als file which contains the node space - and multiple instances in the same .als file will retain their individual positions/sizes. I don't think it's possible for that to be saved with the .json file though. The state of the node space would become part of the preset and I think could cause weird feedback problems where it would try to update its self while it tried to recall its state if different node positions were saved in different preset slots. I'll try to find a fix for that (would probably need a separate .json file to be loaded)....but for now, hopefully this is a bit better!


Hi Photik, thanks for writing back. I did confirm that the granulation external I used does not have a Windows version. That's the jg.granulate object which you got the error about. Sorry about that! I'll try to do another version (or change this one) to be compatible with Windows.

Hi Photik, thanks for checking it out! I tried it on a different computer than the one I developed it on to make sure all was well and it worked fine so I'm not sure what could be wrong. When you click and drag on the nodes to you see the granulation parameters change? Do you see a sound file loaded into the waveform display window? Have you tried dropping your own samples onto the waveform display? Is the sustain knob turned up? If you right+click in the title bar of the device you can choose "Open Max Window". Does that show any errors? Let me know and if you're still having troubles I'll see what I can figure out. What version of Live and Max are you using and what specs are your computer? I'm not sure but I think that the granulation external I used is for OSX only and won't work on Windows. If that's it - sorry about that! I'll double check and if that's the case update the device description.