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Blanket - an amplitude enveloper Version 1.0
Nodes - a creative signal routing device Version 1.0
Caress - an amplitude envelope donor Version 1.0
DeltaSleep - EEG-powered MIDI devices Version 1.0

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Fixed, thanks!

Hey, thank you for posting this. The looper function requires Live transport to be on (i.e. Ableton is in 'play' mode). Are you reporting this issue even after this comment?

soon :)

Cool question and insight, SmokeDoepferEveryday! Actually, nope, I didn't consider this aspect. However, I might experiment a bit with coding and try to implement it. I can't guarantee anything by now as I'm busy with other things, but in the not-so-distant future, I will give your idea a chance! Thanks!

I've felt literally in love with this device. Super useful, and esthetically delightful. Thank you for making this free to download!