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Bouncing Ball Version 1.0
APC40 Mouse Version 1.1

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Nice mate! Thanks for the work on this.

I ditched the aka.mouse and aka.keyboard objects in this latest update. When I edited the text above, I couldn't upload the device because I wanted to package it as a zip file. I uploaded the latest device which (hopefully) will contain the java file required. Presuming it does, you will need to compile the java file. To do this, edit the patch, click the "viewsource" message connected to the mxj MaxRobot object. Under the Java menu, Click the Open Compile Window and compile.

Previously, this device would only run on Mac because of the aka objects. Because this uses Java, it should run on Windows too but it has not been tested. I would appreciate feedback on results using Windows.


I'm just getting a black screen on the video display. Is there some other settings I need to have enabled for the video to work? I haven't gone into the jitter stuff much yet.