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Name | Version: Bouncing Ball 1.0
Author: aminoplacid
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: Modeled the effect of a bouncing ball. Parameters for Initial Velocity, Gravity and Coefficient of Restitution. Uses the given MIDI note and velocity.

The original patch came from a Max patch developed by Bryan Dodson. It was found on the Cycling74 forums. Inspiration also came from this video:

Following versions to (hopefully) be polyphonic and to interact more with the Live transport (to stop the bounce sequence when the transport stops).

Please also give Bryan Dodson credit too if you use this device for you own purposes.


Live Version Used: 8.1
Max Version Used:
Date Added: Nov 15 2009 16:21:16
Date Last Updated: Nov 29 2009 16:49:46
Downloads: 11116
License: AttributionShareAlike
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Device File: Bouncing Ball.amxd


This device make my CPU usage go nuts! 102% on a quad-core nehalem 2.93...
But it would be nice to push it further, using some physical behaviors to control parameters, as on the Lemur.
Good idea and thanks for sharing.
looks great ,but doesnt seem to want to send midi data out in live 8.1, even though i can see midi data meter on right of plugin flashing.any help would be appreciated if i've just missed something simple.
thanks for the build.
Works Great know,i put file in wrong folder.Nice tool ,simple to use and interesting results.
thanks aminoplacid
It works great for a while, but then my cpu went crazy as well. Besides that, great device:)
very nice ! this in polyphonic would be great, any plans for updates?
woops, nevermind...didn't read....
nice one man, but had to add "@duration 100" to the makenote object to get it work... not sure if that's the good solution but worked for me, otherwise the synth behind didnt give out a sound...
nevermind, my mistake :) work perfect...
how do you made it work FineCutBodies? i can't manage to have any sound out of the synth behind.
open the device and check the length of the generated note... maybe try there a longer note...
Really interesting and fun too. Thanks for creating. Is there any way to expand the window or way to make the bouncing ball full-screen if one wanted to project the image, etc?

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