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Maxime DANGLES is an experienced international artist who belongs to the new generation of electronic music producers.

His first release on KOMPAKT was a hit and he quickly joined the label's roster in 2006.
This collaboration with the famous German label led to other high quality releases.
It was not long before other prestigious labels invited him to work with them : Bedrock, Boyznoize, Skryptöm or Scandium. This put him in the limelight and allowed him to play in the most mythical clubs and festivals around the world (Rex Club, Berghain, Panoramabar, Goa, Astropolis, TomorrowLan, Nuits Sonores...)

His, success, patience and passion let him to producing remixes for some of the world's most famous artists : Moby, Röyksopp, Miss Kittin & the Hacker, Simian Mobile Disco, Oxia or, more recently, Green Velvet.

On stage and in the studio, Maxime is what you would call a geek. He loves old analog machines but is is also crazy about the latest technologies available to producers. He creates, invents, fiddles around.
His LIVE performances are a showcase for this passion: he travels with many of his machines (Lemur, Monome, WiiMote...)

He will soon be back with a set designed for our eyes as much as for our ears. It will no doubt be greatly appreciated by electro fans.
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Devices by maximedangles

MDD ARPOoO Version 2
MDD SnAkE Version 3
MAUG Version 1.2
MDD Granular Drone Machine Version 1.9
MDD DIAL TO MIDI Version 1.1
GDM 2 Version 1.2
RE LOOP Version 1.2

Total Downloads: 35,393

Comments by maximedangles


Hey c2001,
please try the new upadte (1.9). you should be able to doing it now !
It was tricky, but it's ok ;)

I'm sorry to know that. i don't have any idea of what thoses mesages are but i'll try to work on it... when i will have the time :)
thanks for let me know !

@BigWitch, Yes it as if you're in sync ;)

It should work now... please let me know !

I'm so sorry ! i forgot to freeze the device before i upload it :(

i didn't try on Live 9, sorry to hear that :( it may be possible because of the multi-out (it wasn't supported on live 9).

Hello !
Sorry for the delay. This device is only for data infos.
So, there's no sound, it's normal... you just have to map the diffent sequencers to your ableton devices or VSTs parameters....

Thank man ! you should download the lastest version, the pitch work perfectly now...i had some problem until i found the solution today !

hangarsliquides > i just added some of your request ;)
transparency of graphs is not something i'll add, because there's too much parameters, so it'll be a mess !

hangarsliquides > you have some great idea here ! keep in mind everything is possbile with MAX/MSP ;)

maxpigott > That's strange, you should write to the ableton team for this one.

"I couldn't afford an Eurorack system",
so, i think it's not nice to sold your project... ok it's 1e, but why you don't just give it ?

Many thanks for your great add !

really huge !!! thanks for sahring this !

great ! no clip, really nice effect :)