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Name | Version: MDD ARPOoO 2
Author: maximedangles
Device Type: MIDI Effect
Description: ARPOoO (ARP ONE o ONE) is an inspired arpegiator between Roland Jupiter 6 and SH 101 sequencer.

This is the V2 of it, with a better GUI and some minor improvement. Help infos have been added too... so :

First thing, the notes : It makes notes with any midi input. Easy !

Triggers in ARPOoO : Think like if you have a rimshot (it's working like that with roland) or trig into the clock input of the sequencer. So, you can keep it as a normal arpegiator with all triggers "ON" or remove some to create new complex sequence/Groove of notes.

The 3 modes in ARPOoO,

- Stack notes (Jupiter 6) : Just play a chord, ARP section play this chord in different directions, in different range of octaves.

- Recorded Notes (Sh 101) : Use "Write Notes" to play a sequence of notes manualy and after that use "Read Seq" to play it ! "ARP" works in this mode too :)

- Transpose : Midi input transpose the all sequence of "Staked" or "Recorded" notes.

///// My advice : Record the midi output of ARPOoO to another midi track to save the sequence /////


Live Version Used: 10.0.1
Max Version Used: 8.0.0
Date Added: Feb 14 2018 16:14:43
Date Last Updated: Jun 02 2018 05:42:34
Downloads: 6402
License: None
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Device File: MDD___ARPOoO_V2.amxd


Thanks a lot! Love it!
I love this device so much. Is it possible to create a version which allows you to save the pattern within the device / live set? Thanks so much
Another exciting device. Thanks!

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