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Thanks so much for this device. I'm loving it!!!

Thanks for the info

I love this device so much. Is it possible to create a version which allows you to save the pattern within the device / live set? Thanks so much

Hi there, is it possible to save the patterns inside the device / live set? Thank you

Thanks so much! Been hoping someone would make something like this for a while now.

Hi there,

This device is awesome! However, I'm noticing some strange issues with the presets. They don't seem to be recalling the correct patches when I reopen a set. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't it seems. I'm on Mac 10.9.5 with Live 9.7.1 32 bit and Max 7.2.5. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Fun device. Thanks!

Great device. This is such a huge help. Thank you so much!!!

This sounds really amazing! The live set retains the parameter settings but when I open it up it alwasy seems to revert to the initial sound?! Any ideas what might be going on?

mac os10.8.5. live 9.7 maxforlive 6.1

Thank you!

Love this sequencer! Lots of great features to add nice variations to your sequences. Nice work

Great device. Love the one shot mode!

Superb device! Although I didn't know it, I really needed it. Thanks so much!

One other thing I just noticed. Although the instrument settings (stretch, filter, etc) are saved, the audio clips that I've dragged in are not saved with the project, even after 'collect all and save'. The set always seems to revert to the initial sounds.

As mentioned above, worked fine thanks To Bart's instructions. If it helps, I'm running Mac 32 bit ableton here.

Aiff, wave and mp3 files are all working for me.


Thanks BartSchuller. Method worked perfect for me on mac!

Thanks so much for this device! Looks amazing! I've been wanting something like this for a really long time and I can't wait until we work out all the kinks. Thanks to everyone for the help so far.

Thanks so much for this!

Can you make a device for the arp? Thank you!!!

Many thanks for this! It's a great solution after a long search for a better way to integrate my Virus C with Live!!! I appreciate your hard work and look forward to further updates as well.

I'm a bit new to this and have a couple questions. I see that there are 4 banks to choose from. Are you planning on adding the additional ones in the update? My Virus C goes from A-H.

I'm curious about the workflow most people use with this instrument. Do you midi map all the parameters on the virus so you can automate the tweaks you're doing? or do you just map out a few parameters using the macros of an instrument rack?

Lastly, is there a way to see the correct positions of the parameters for the presets on the maxforlive template? i.e. showing the correct positions of the pots to help visualize all the aspects that make up a sound.

thanks again!

Hi there, I'm looking for a way to better integrate my Virus C with Ableton. I have Ableton Suite 9 and maxforlive. Will that work, or do I need the MAX application to use it?

Anywhere I might find some basic instructions for use? I'm a total newbie.

Thanks so much!

Great device, and the most straightforward configuration I've seen--very helpful as I'm learning how they work! Much appreciated!