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Name | Version: MDD GDM 2 2.3
Author: maximedangles
Device Type: Instrument
Description: The Granular Drone Machine is back In V2.
And it's now polyphonic (6voices) ! yes !

Based on the two great external nw.grainpulse~ and nw.gverb~ of Nathan Wolek (thanks to him :, the GDM was my really first M4L instrument.

The only thing you have to do is to load a folder full of samples.

Samples can be played as a One Shoot (O) or Loop (L). And all can be tempo Free or Sync.

The six voices can be routed to six audio tracks in ableton to be recorded without the reverb.

Have Fun ;)

2.3 now works with apple silicone


Live Version Used: 11.3.13
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: May 18 2020 09:39:50
Date Last Updated: Dec 15 2023 15:24:33
Downloads: 3155
License: None
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Device File: MDD_GDM_2.3.amxd


Masterpiece! It's a brilliant device.
A very smart design that simply makes the device's concept work, period. No fuzz, from an idea to its natural design.
This is terrific, thanks a lot for this one. One of the best M4L device around.
Wow, amazing, just dropped a bunch of kicks in it and got a awesome sound from them. Thank you!
fabulous device! one can get new surprising and alive sounds out of everything. try it with small chunks of field recording! thanks Maxime! I hope you will develop it further as you did with your amazing RE LOOP.
Hey Maximes,
Are you aware that MDD_GDM is crashing Live11.1b on m1 Mac (running Big Sur here)?
It doesn't crash Max Standalone though.
To be more precise it's crashing L11.1b when running both in Silicon and in Rosetta mode.
No problem with L11.0.12 on the same machine.
Crashing for me also (Live 11.2b on mbp running 10.13.6). This seems like an amazing device -really hoping for an update if/when you get the time! (o:
hello Maxime!
any chance to compile it for M1 macs ?!
I hope mr Wolek has ported/compiled his libs for that.
This would be amazing !
*it doesnt work on M1 mac as it is!

Thank you!!!!
hello, it should be works now ;)
Great news Maxime! Seems like your english has fall appart, though :-p
(is "has fall appart" even correct btw?)
fab update!:)
merci Maxime!!!!!

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