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Devices by Crampe

AuDi -audio to midi synth- Version 1.1
Rec Midi CC Version 1.0
ClipAutomation Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with encoders LED feedback Version 1.0
ClipAutomation with LED feedback update Version 1.0.1
ClipAutomation update Version 1.0.1
Futility II Version 2.0
SessionLooper Version 1.0
SL4P - Session Looper For Push Version 1.1
Push-Global Quant Version 1.2
Push-Master Volume Version 1.0
Push-ArrangeMode Version 2.0
LF8 Version 1.0
BlastHard - transparent mixing Hard-Clipper Version 1.0
Push Snap n Scale Version 1.0
Panarchy lite - Define your own pan laws Version 1.2
eCo Version 1.4
Panarchy - Define your own pan laws Version 1.4.1
articulaCtion Version 1.3
outist - insist Version 1.4
Push-Scaleton Version 1.2
BiP - bounce in place Version 1.5
BiP free - bounce in place Version 1.0
NeutronPreset Version 1.1
BadHaas Version 1.0
Futility Version 3.2
SAVE Version 1.0
ElectRhythm Version 1.0
Scop Version 1.0
SnapShooter for Live 11 Version 1.0
ClipGain - under your mouse Version 1.1

Total Downloads: 12,143

Comments by Crampe


Hey Ancestralvision,
The fader appears at your current mouse position.

The idea is that: to change a clip's gain, no matter what, you always have to select if first in Arrangement/Session... So, the device looks at your mouse position, i.e over a clip, and opens up here so you don't have to go anywhere else to adjust your clip's gain/transpose.

The device works on the selected clip only, so it doesn't belong to any track. You can keep the device opened and select other clips to change their gain/transpose but the point of the device is to have a momentary quick access to what you need, not to have a global floating window open up at any time (it works, but it's not how I designed it, hence the non-ability to move it); select a clip > press you mapped key to open ClipGain > set your clip gain/transpose > press again your mapped key to close ClipGain's window.

Think of it like some kind of equivalent to Live's automation transform tool where you select an automation zone, right-click and then access to a list of pre-defined automation shapes. It works as contextual; ClipGain works this way.

hey 16x16,
I'll make it optional to have a single window for everything soon.

Transpose is now available in v1.1

Hey Aussir,
that's an interesting point! I'll look into this ;-)

Hey there!
I'm gonna add a transpose knob/fader in the next update.
I'd prefer having it on a second shortcut rather than in the same floating window as the current volume fader... but what's your opinion?

Hey Audiojet,
Yep this bug sometimes happen and Ableton is aware of this.

Hey GWT,
Sorry for the delayed reply (I really hope gets the notifcations sorted out one day!)

"- top left hand side corner greenish pad = ??pseudo?? shift >
Comment; this is only lit when active (no ?standard? colour)"

Yeah it's just a momentary equivalent of Shift, its only purpose is to get better access to Shift+Solo/Mute/Stop Push buttons to unsolo/mute/arm everything with only one hand.

"- bottom middle yellow pads =
X and Z on the last row, W and H on top.
Comment; what are these shortcuts for?"

These are zooming shortcuts that appeared with L10 (I suggest you to check the Live's manual/tutorials as they're one of the most handy shortuts)

"- ??fixed Length?? button = un/fold selected track(s)
Comment; not working on selected track (tho Shift+ option works for all tracks)"

Mmh... strange! Is it always the case, or was it within a specific set?

Hey Moserobert,

Yeah I understand this concern, and that's why eCo is mainly for production rather than playing Live.
Maybe I could get around this by forcing the device to add latency, but I have to study the topic first.

I sent you an email Dillon.

Hey Dillon,

Awesome work, once again.
The device is flooding Live's undo history though.

hey illimay, sorry for the late reply
you need to use v3.2 to avoid the mutes killing when opening a saved set.

@illimay, argghhh, shit!!
This mute issue is driving me crazy. Thanks for the quick alert.

Hey Synnack ;-)
The notification system from has never worked for me, and it's still isn't.
I talked about this to someone (can't remember her name) from Cycling a year or so ago when they took over the site, and it was apparently a known issue.

illimay, can you reach me out by email by answering from the device's Gumroad receipt please? It's easier that communicationg here.

Sorry illimay, this website unfortunately doesn't send notifications so it's not easy to track messages.
What are you mapping the kill buttons to? computer keyboard? Midi controller?
Does it work if you click one of the kill button with the mouse?

Hey Oddeo,
The scrub just scrubs the whole arrangement, like a fast backward/feedforward.

did it worked in the end?

hey Illimay,
sorry I'm only noticing your message now. Are you still having this issue?

Masterpiece! It's a brilliant device.
A very smart design that simply makes the device's concept work, period. No fuzz, from an idea to its natural design.
This is terrific, thanks a lot for this one. One of the best M4L device around.

I hope it didn't took you too long to patch (it did for me!) because I've made one a while ago:

I was too lazy to do it in M4L so I did it as an Instrument Rack using Operator:

You're version looks more true to the original and I'm going to try this it out right now!

Hey Maxisans,
Any reason why you're still using an old Live version? Are you using the bundled Max or an external one?
Eco(-M) always stays on, that's the device placed after it that gets turned on/off.

Hey LudicrouSpeed,
Thanks for the report. Did you notice any pattern that would trigger this bug?

Thanks for the kind words Colourman!

Thanks for telling us how smart you are Blassthole.

Same issue here. Loading the device crashes Live. I'm on OSX, L10.1b13

Wow, just watching a the Loopop Subharmonicon video.
Can't wait to get to the end and load Subharmonicione !

That's actually weird because I just tested and I don't get any undo from the auto-arm feature...
There's probably a trick that I forgot :-)
Anyway, there's surely something else involved in your case.

Hey JordProd,
Yeah something's happening so it creates an undo step. I can't really do anything about this, it's on the M4L side unfortunately.

The bugs have noticed are the ones mentionned by Wetterberg.
About undo: what about modulating not the dials themselves (I imagine you're talking about the LPG one?), a solution is to modulate the value rather than the dial itself.
It's missing a nice live.banks for Push mapping, I might take a moment and do it if you don't have Push.

Mira support would be awesome.

That's a fun one! Thanks

Ok, I'll send you an email so you can send me a fixed version for which I'll manage the banks mapping.

I love phase distortion synths and this one is an awesome "simple" one.

Built-in modulations (i.e LFO) to any destination would be nice, but dragging LFO around is easy anyway.
It seems like this device doesn't like changing the number of voices: it's better to type in the number rather than using the knob; and it can Some parameters ranges could benefit a bit of exponential value scaling, to have better control ranges.
The parameters aren't Push ready but it just needs a quick edit. I could do it if you don't have Push Miunau.

Anyway, a nice one ;-)

Here's a nice trick that'd make a future version way more handy:

It's an midi in/out external (cross-platform) that bypasses the M4L midi limitations... Use it into your audio device to get midi input straight into it, this way you don't need the midi sender device anymore.

Hey Soundprayer, it works with L10.

Hey Orpheus,

Sorry to hear that. The poping Max console isn't due to Futility (the error message is, but it's not an issue in itself).
It pops-up because of another Max device in your set. Granulator use to do it. If you're using it please update to the latest version which fixes this.
If it's not Granuator then you need to find which device is involved.
Let me know...

Dynamic EQing is one of the very few things that Live doesn't do natively and for which I need to use a 3rd party device (from ToneBooster).
It appears that your device (from the screenshot, so I might be mistaking) is 1 band but kudos anyway and I'll give it a try with a generous amount of pleasure :-)
Dynamic EQ are just THE shit.

I'm not getting any panning applied to my signal, only the Doppler shift.
Am I missing something?

Yeah Brodiem, I could add a solo. That's not really how I envision the device or what I'd use, but I admit this is something that would probably be handy for many people.

Hey fellas,

Well, nice to hear about your simple tweak. I'm now wondering why did I really need to put this "0" message here. I have ideas about why, but it doesn't seem necessary at all except for visual reasons (which don't really matter)... So what REALLY was in my mind??
Anyway, thanks for you help, I'm going to push an update of the device.

Hey Solomonki, thanks for your feedback.
It seems like a very few people (not even 1%!) are experiencing this problem. That's really bugging me out.
I have to think of an other way of using buttons for key mapping.
Stay tuned, and sorry for the hassle.

Hey Mike,
sorry to hear that.
You should try using Futility within an empty set containing just one track, no other plugins, remote script etc... And see how it works. There's probably something conflicting with Futility in your setup.

Hi Mike,

there was an issue with the Mute feature that used to block the undo history.
Honestly, I never understood what's the reason for this bug, and why it only affects muting and not soloing/arming... the patching is similar for all of them.
So I came up with a workaround fix... apparently this created a new bug, at least for you.
I'll have a look asap.
sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Stepart,

Sorry I didn't notice your message earlier.
Are you still having this issue?
In case, contact me via gumroad.

Hey Stomkraft,

- Yeah BiP is not supposed to be used in Session view... this is however already on the top of my to-do list ;-)

- the reason why I didn't made it so the recording stops automatically, following the "source" clip's length is that, it's fairly common to bounce in place a source that has e.g reverb or delay on it.
But I could think about adding a setting that would let you set a default "time to wait after the clip's end".

Hey mike8040,
Yeah it's fixed in v3 :-)

This is brilliant!

Ok, the mute/undo issue is fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Hey Brodiem,
I never got any complains about these devices crashing.
In which situation does it happen?

Hey there,
Sorry about my lack of feedback about the mute/undo issue.
I tried to solve this, and it should have been easy... BUT, at the moment my conclusion is that we're facing a silly Live/M4L bug actually.
The issue doesn't make sense at all, and the reason why I think it's a bug is that, if muting is a problem then soloing and arming should too as all these 3 functions are patched the exact same way.
I need to get in touch with ableton about this.
sorry for the inconvenience.

"Maybe a hint in the description that only the outlined parameters are able to control Neutron would be helpful."
that's in the README included in the download...

the new update fixed this issue.

Updated to 1.3:
10 more articulation slots available (20 total).
Changed the choosers background color.

unfortunately M4L is still very limited in this regard, and I'm afraid this is not something possible atm.

I need to post an update with a selectable midi out source. I was expecting for everyone to get the Neutron midi port automatically selected in Live, but I noticed that it sometimes can be assigned a different name (e.g "Neutron(1))
But yes, the device gives sysex control over the Neutron

Hey Johnbootyful
I had a quick look yeah, but the problem is not lying where I thought... which is totally weird. Might be a Max bug that happened during patching.
Anyway, I just need to have a deeper look at my patch... but I didn't really had time to do it, sorry. Will do asap.
(btw, this bug also personally annoys me...)

There's still a numbox filling up the undo

Hey Andreas,

Sorry I havent noticed your message earlier.
I'll patch an update with more articulations asap (and no I didn't promised anything previously).

@rockguycris: and I'll fix this color thing at the same time


Thanks for the heads up Funkatronics.
It's easy to patch a floating window. I'll let you know if take a moment to do it before you do.


hey johnbootyful
I'll have a look at this issue and post an update. I think I know what's happening.

Awesome. I haven't compared with commercial 3rd party plugins yet, but empirically the measurements look correct.
What about making it as a floating window?

Hey bgerkes,
I noticed something unexpected a few days ago. My Neutron midi port was suddenly changed from "Neutron" to "Neutron(1)" in osx audio&midi setup and thus in Live too. The result is that this device didn't work anymore of course as it connects to the midi port called "Neutron" by default.
Can you check what your Neutron midi port names is?
I'm gonna update the device to let the user chose the midi port from the device. It'll be less convenient as you'd need to do it overtime you load the device (unless you get some max knowledge and know how to edit it), but at least it'll work no matter what the midi port name is.

Hey Rozze,

Yeah for sure. PM me from the ableton forum maybe? My username is Valiumdupeuple. or by email by adding after Valiumdupeuple and @, of course.

Wow, awesome job!
You should definitely send it to Christian Kleine (maxforcats).

I didn't look at your device, but isn't the [poly] (and not [poly~]) object supposed to manage voices?

v2 is here !!!!!!!

I just did a test and I don't get any latency here.
You probably have a plugin that introduce latency on your source track.
And I also did a phase cancelling test, just for the fun, and obviously it cancels out perfectly. So 100% exact same quality.

Hey JeremySiegel,

Honestly I can't tell you anything specifics about the latency, as it's something totally dependant on Live's API, and M4L isn't absolutely perfect with timing. That's just the way it is implemented and I can't do anything about this.

About quality, it's just the same as routing from a track to another one, it's just a bus. It uses the Live API and not some Max objects to send the signal.
So even though I haven't done a phase canceling test, I'm 100% sure there's absolutely no difference between your orignal source and the resulting routed signal.
So no quality loss whatsoever.

Hey BG23,
good catch! I'm fixing this, thanks for letting me know!

Hey Orangeslice

This device is not meant to record e.g Mute automations but to add missing shortcuts to get a better mousiness workflow.
So what's happening here is that you're recording automation for the e.g Mute button of Futility, which creates a conflict when playing back afterward.
The buttons on the device have to be automatable to be key/midi mapped, that's just how M4L works, but that's not the point of this device.
I'm gonna edit the device's description to make this clear and warn about automations.

It's also not meant to be used on a single track, but globally. It just works on the currently selected track.


Hey Kuzma
Sorry for the laaaate reply.
I know with this happens. It only affects eCo-m (midi version).
I'm going to fix this, but the downside is that when the target instrument is switched off and then eco-m turns it On, the first note might get lost. This isn't a big deal when creating, but you might need to take this into account when performing.
In theory I'd need to very slightly delay only the 1st note, but atm I haven't found any reliable solution. Maybe I'll find a trick.

Device update.
You know why it didn't worked as intented?
Because I'm stupid, so I didn't freeze the device correctly.

Hey Audioguy,
Sorry I didn't notice your message.
No worries, that's the beauty of M4L !

@Brianboston, why not simply rack 2 instances of Outist in 2 different chains, and crossfade between them?

While installed on your system, I'm pretty sure Live isn't pointed to your Max 8.0.2 application. Please check your Live preferences.
If you're on Windows, use the device on its single midi channel, with the channel output set to your neutron port.

Hey broah,
The Scale mode display on Push can't be accessed for tracks that uses Scaleton. That's the only solution Iv'e found to avoid a loop when automating a scale change within a clip (normally the Scale button should be unlit, and pressing it should select Scaleton if not's already selected).
Just go to Device mode on Push and choose your scale from the device. Doesn't work?
Which Live/Max versions are you using?
Are you using the correct Scaleton version (there's one for each Push model)?

thanks OCH, will check your update.
I'm probably update Futility with new feature at some point.

Hehe ;-)
What about this one CaligulaCuddies:


Yeah I like puns.

v1.4 fixes the "doesn't work inside rack" issue.

I'm aware of this issue, this is due to the fact that I'm populating the articulations in a hack-y way in order to have them displayed on Push while still being able to change them dynamically.
Simply selecting an other track and going back to your original one is another way to solve this "bug", no need to save.

Yeah, this is an issue with computer keyboard mapping and the way the live.button behaves. I have to patch something to hack this behaviour.

Sorry, I haven't notice your message earlier. Is it solved for you?
Do you have exclusive solo activated in your preferences?

Good idea about the punch in/out.
Yeah I probably could make the [rsmpl] optional.
Let's wait for the next update.

Hey Broah,
I suppose having you Cthulu track monitoring set to On isn't an option?
Unfortunately I can't guarantee that this kind of interaction with other M4L devices won't happen.
I'll have a look though, but not in the upcoming days as I'm on a tight deadline.
For the time being I suppose you'll have to live with this annoying Live start up issue.
Coming back to you asap.

Hey Broah,
I could look at the device initialisation and timing things, but I've never experienced this and you're the first and only reporting this.
Do you have any other M4L device that could interact with in your template?

@ mcnaggers
Do you mean a dry/wet ?

Hey bdumaguina
That's very straightforward:
- Put the device before your e.g Kontakt.
- Enter your articulations' names and their corresponding note number in the settings window. Click save and you're done.
- Now you simply change your articulations/keyswitches by drawing automations (the articulations names appear), from the device menu chooser, or from Push (were the articulations names are also displayed).

Track chooser issue is solved.

To those who don't have the right track names appearing in the drop-down menu: are you using L9 by any chance?
This device needs Live 10.

Hi dudes,
Sorry, it looks like there's an issue with the last update.
I'm just coming back home; fixing this asap.
Sorry for the hassle.

Glad to hear that Foule.

"don't work correctly on a bus track with reverb
Minor midi glitches on midi track when using kontakt (don t know it s maybe the time it listens before stop or some..)"

Hi Foule.
I can't reproduce here with return track. I'm surprised as that's how I mainly use it for a few years now, and I've never seen any issue in this area. Let me know if you can find a clue.

about Konktakt. What kind of glitch?
Due to its nature, the first note of a midi instrument has to be delayed by a very very very little amount of time by eCo, because eCo obviously has to turn the instrument On before sending the incoming notes. This delay should be unnoticeable though.
If you could be more detailed about your issue, that'd be of a great help.


"The only thing is that eco turns the plugins back on when you press play and then does not turn them back off if it receives no incoming signal?"

Hi Perken, good catch!
Reproduced here, only with the eCo-m.
Actually, with no incoming signal, eCo turns on, not when starting playback, but stopping it. Can you confirm?
Then it doesn't turned off.

Fixing this asap, thanks a lot for pointing it out!

Hey Broah.
I'm thinking about making some kind of a short teaser, but not sure I'll have time to make a deeper video demo. The wild amount of spatialisation you can get out of this shit is pretty impressive, and I'm not sure yet if I could manage to make a short enough (i.e not boring) video that can be representative of its capabilities.

That's partly why I've decided to patch a free lite version, which hopefully gives a good idea of what the full version can do.


I'm glad this sweet words are coming from you!
I've sent you a mail.

Such a great idea!!!!

Really really interesting device, can't wait to try it out!!

The device is working. There was an issue due to a stupid mistake of mine in the latest update of the device, but it's all fixed now.
People never come back to say "yeah it's fixed", because we usually talk through emails.

Can't wait to try this out !