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Name/Version: Push-Scaleton 1.2
Author: Crampe  
Description: The Push-Scaleton maxforlive midi device is used to dynamically and automatically change the Scale layout on your Push.

It means that you can use as many different scales in your set or even in a single clip; this device will automatically managed the scale layout changing/updating on your Push.


-added the new Live 10.1 scales

v1.1 - the device wasn't frozen correctly... so it was probably not working correctly for most of you. Sorry!

Device Details

Tags utility, hardware, push
Live Version Used: 10.1
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Dec 27 2018 02:49:13
Date Last Updated: May 24 2019 07:22:30
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionShareAlike


I think I understand this device. So each MIDI track that has one of these on it you can select the scale and then when you select that track Push will automatically have that scale selected?

Btw, I know it's unrelated to this device, but do you by chance have an updated version of Futility II that doesn't have the (what I think is related to the ) loadbang issue?


As I've posted on the other device's page:
Check this out:
Happy Late Xmas xD

@Crampe - I wasn?t able to get this to work with Push 2 on Live 10. Is the scale selection supposed to update on the Push 2 screen itself?

I tested by playing the blue root note after selecting the scale on the device itself (tried clicking on it directly and setting it by selecting the device from the Push?s menu and choosing the scale) but it never took. :/

Do you have a video demo?

Hey broah,
The Scale mode display on Push can't be accessed for tracks that uses Scaleton. That's the only solution Iv'e found to avoid a loop when automating a scale change within a clip (normally the Scale button should be unlit, and pressing it should select Scaleton if not's already selected).
Just go to Device mode on Push and choose your scale from the device. Doesn't work?
Which Live/Max versions are you using?
Are you using the correct Scaleton version (there's one for each Push model)?

Device update.
You know why it didn't worked as intented?
Because I'm stupid, so I didn't freeze the device correctly.

Hello! How to add custom scales? That would be GREAT!

It's not possible 8E, sorry.

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