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Would love to see a video demo of this.

Love this! Thanks for sharing. Makes it super easy to get interesting stacked layers.

I have no idea how you were able to achieve this, but it it brilliant.

This is really cool. I wonder if there is a way to extend the functionality to support adding / deleting tracks by sending keystrokes through the device as well?


+1 for a demo!

Fuego!!! Thanks for this!

What exactly is this? Your website doesn't have any info...

This is great! Thanks for sharing.

Wow! Thanks pATCHES!

Can't wait to give this a whirl.

Love this. Glad you got over holding off on publishing it!

Very cool! Love the added Dynamics sequencer.

Been using Samba for a similar effect for a while, minus the velocity part:

This is great. Thanks for making this!

Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

Your other device Zhorus, on the other hand, would be happy to support you!

It's cool, and nice job shipping something - don't get me wrong - but you can do the same thing without a max device using Utility.

Not sure about this link, but check out Volume Buddy 2 from Noir Labs. They're both great.


Simple device. Very handy.

This is fantastic. Thank you!

Looks cool! Will check this out today.

So I was thinking of how in Logic you can slice parts of each take and then bounce that all those parts to one stereo file. Using some sort of identifier you could sort of achieve the same thing, less the bouncing part.

Taking that idea one step further, this second image would also disable the clips on the muted tracks making it easier to see the overview of what parts you're taking from each clip:

@vocalaccident - I was thinking the same thing. I've always mixed my kick to -10dB, but don't know off the top of my head how the converts to LUFS. If this was on a master track I get -14 LUFS, but putting this on mix busses is really great, but I don't know the exact conversion for the levels I was each buss to be at.

Interesting device!

What a great v1. Excited to see the update. :)

Great device. Thank you!

Open this project up and have been trying to make sense of it for a good 20-30 minutes now but cannot figure this out. Video demo?

Hey, every external link to your website is broken for me btw. I can only access your site directly from Google...


This is fantastic. I've purchased a few of your devices, but forgot to ever say thank you. So, thank you!

Would have to disagree tho that no one wants a kick drum on a 16th note, lol. Otherwise, love it!

Thanks for the linked editing between groups update!

One question / suggestion tho - what do you think about making it so if two tracks share the same name in different groups say with the same identifier - i.e. vox [take_01] - those will me muted / unmuted together, rather than having it just be first track linked with first track, second with second, etc.?

This is great! Been trying to modify the device using this patch: add text file output, but am not having much luck. Keeps crashing Max. Any chance you can add this feature?


Yeeeeeeah, brother. Thank you for this update!

Ah, i see. Any chance you can update it to add 8 / 16 color options? Maybe a toggle to switch between 4/8/16?

Would be great to assign the 16 pads of the LaunchKey Mini to 16 colors.

Great little device tho. Thanks! :)

+1 for Mira support.

Very cool!

Very cool. Thanks!

Can't seem to get this working with the Live v10.1.7 (2020-01-06_f7eb4c8e0a) on Mac OS X 10.14.6 (18G3020) & ClyphX Pro

ClyphX Pro installed correctly. Getting these errors in Max:

@sblakely - what is your particular use case that made you develop this device? Description is good, but my mind is wandering with all the different potential uses.

I'm wondering if the track mute status can be linked somehow to the track's clip playing status to effectively make a sort of track choke effect. I know @Miakdo made a this 8 Track Choke Clip device, but it's limited to the first 8 tracks of a set, which isn't always desirable, so this could potentially be one use to remedy that.

Thank you!


Love the dialogue in the descriptions. 😁

Demo video?

Nice! Reminds me of Tom Cosm's Fliipy device.


Is this working for you? I've selected custom colors, but they all seem to still just be the Ableton colors.

Very cool device. Love that you can turn it on / off quickly. WOuld really like to be able to have the mappings be dynamic tho. Maybe that's not the right word, but what I mean is say you want a knob to control the filter cutoff of EQ 8. It would be cool to be able to have that knob be able to control the EQ 8 same filter cutoff of the currently selected track.

Fantastic. thank you!

Wow, calculoop is dooooope!

This is great! Thank you. Going to give this a go today.

Any chance the device could be updated so that it works with the track the device is on and the 7 Audio/MIDI tracks to the right of it? That was we could have multiple instances of this in a set and place them within groups anywhere in the set.

Workaround is to create 8 MIDI tracks with MIDI To set to a 9th track that has some VST on it i.e. Sylenth

Love this. Would love even more to be able to key / midi map the Create Button. maybe even have soe Push 2 integration?? :D

Thanks for a great device. Indispensable.

Thanks! Going to give this a go in the morning.

WOW! Thank you, Dennis! What an incredible device!

This is great! Thank you for the device!

Great device! Thanks. :)

Yoooooo, this is rad! Thank you!

It works on Push 2 with Live v10.1.1 (2019-09-13_9f777dfa87) on Mac OS X 10.14.6 (18G1012) for both audio and MIDI tracks.

Only issue:
- When using with MIDI tracks, if you want all the MIDI clips to be sent to Track 1, then you have to set Track 1 to In, which will bypass the 8 clips on Track 1.

This is great. Thank you!

Great device! I personally use the solo + external out method, but this is nice too. Only request would be to have the device deactivate the first device on the current channel its on, rather than defaulting to the Master out.

I send all my tracks to a pre-master track, which essentially IS my master track so that I can group all my tracks and transfer everything ('master' (pre-master) fx and all).

Maybe a little video demo?

I don't really understand what this does...?

How would the notes get stuck?

Great device thanks! I've been using Ghoste Note with a custom script for Ableton.

Looks cool, but the link seems to be linked to the wrong gumroad page..

These are all incredible.

Incredible! Thank you!

no longer working in Live v10.1.1 (2019-09-13_9f777dfa87) on Mac OS X 10.14.6 (18G103) with max 8.1

Lol, oh Keith...

This is great! THanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing!

Commented just to say lol about this last comment. I just asked the same thing on his other device. Faaack.

Hey! Great device! Any way to make it not fill up the Undo History?

Wow, such a simple device that yields great results! Thanks!

Looks interesting. WIll give it a try!

@zaSLON found this device that seems like it may be useful in figuring out the quantization issue that cuts off the last fraction of the beat we were talking about. Check it out:

Hey @Pansola - after some researching it seems Tom Cosm already made a device that does essentially the same thing, but does rather relies on MIDI note trigger vs clip name. Check it out:

Would love to see a video demo!


Excited to try this out today! Thanks!

It just creates an additional audio output lane, that's all. I have many dedicated MIDI only tracks with other types of effects, that interrupts the 'MIDI to' functionality when and audio effect is added to the chain. :)

Any chance it could be a MIDI device as well? :D

Noticed a bug - when changing the stop beat to 0 it tries to trigger the next clip, but then immediately stops it before it plays.

Also, no matter what, the device changes the global quantization to 1/4

Everything else seems to be working tho. :D

Thanks for the update!

What a great device! Thanks @greaterthanzero 🙏

Very cool device. Thanks!

Another great device. Thank you!

Great device. Thank you!

This is the jam right here! Great device!

For real tho, that Octave selector just made this device 1000% more useful!!

Thanks for the update!

Oh, Didn’t read your whole post about it not working arrangement view. Whoops!

This just made my life soooooo much easier!!! Will it work in arrangement view as well? 🙏 That would really be a game changer. No more automating mutes on groups and sends. Would be great to be able to mute all other tracks, selected groups/tracks, etc. This is great. Thank you!

Is this abandoned?

Thanks for this handy little device!

Thank you!

Would love to see a video demo ofthis. :)

Love this device. Wondering if you could make a version that is just for one track maybe to the immediate left or right of the track the device is on?

Thank you! Wonder if you could make a toggle to choose random or just next clip?