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Name/Version: NeutronPreset 1.1
Author: Crampe  
Description: This M4L midi device is a plugin version of the official Neutron app.

It's allows you to save your Behringer Neutron patches as visual presets in Ableton Live, but also recall any parameters that can send sysex to your Neutron.

Knobs are just visual elements, they act like a patch memo/sheet.

Buttons and menus control your hardware via midi (but it's one way only i.e your hardware doesn't control the M4L device) and are automatable and saved too.

Ableton Live 10 minimum. Make sure you're using Max 8.0.2 minimum (otherwise you might not see the oscillators' big knobs correctly)

Neutron firmware v2.0 minimum.

Release notes:


- Fix sysex output issue for some users.

- GUI tweaks

I consider 3€ to be a fair price but you can GRAB IT FOR FREE BY USING THE "free" DISCOUNT CODE WHEN ORDERING, or pay more than 3€ if you want.


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Device Details

Tags hardware
Live Version Used: 10.0.5
Max Version Used: 8.0.2
Date Added: Dec 20 2018 06:44:32
Date Last Updated: May 16 2019 22:09:23
Device Type: midi_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): AttributionNonCommercial


I tried the device, but I can not get it to work: Live 10.0.5 on OSX, Max 8.0.2. installed. Still do not see the big frequency knobs and clicking the Dump button won't do anything to my Neutron.

While installed on your system, I'm pretty sure Live isn't pointed to your Max 8.0.2 application. Please check your Live preferences.
If you're on Windows, use the device on its single midi channel, with the channel output set to your neutron port.

Hey bgerkes,
I noticed something unexpected a few days ago. My Neutron midi port was suddenly changed from "Neutron" to "Neutron(1)" in osx audio&midi setup and thus in Live too. The result is that this device didn't work anymore of course as it connects to the midi port called "Neutron" by default.
Can you check what your Neutron midi port names is?
I'm gonna update the device to let the user chose the midi port from the device. It'll be less convenient as you'd need to do it overtime you load the device (unless you get some max knowledge and know how to edit it), but at least it'll work no matter what the midi port name is.

For some reason I can't get it to work.
I've got Ableton 10.0.6 on a Windows7 machine.
After dragging your device onto Live's screen it creates a Midi track.
I can play Neutron, but the NeutronPreset device doesn't cause any reaction on Neutron's side - eg if I switch KeySync the according button doesn't react.
I also tried it with ExternalInstrument as illustrated in your png but to no avail.

As Live itself can't handle SysEx, your device would be super helpful to edit Neutron's v2 'hidden' features.
I spent some time to get Ctrlr to work with Neutron just to see eventually that it makes no sense because of Ableton's SysEx insufficiency.

I need to post an update with a selectable midi out source. I was expecting for everyone to get the Neutron midi port automatically selected in Live, but I noticed that it sometimes can be assigned a different name (e.g "Neutron(1))
But yes, the device gives sysex control over the Neutron

thanks for replying - yes, Neutron is called Neutron (1) here indeed.

the new update fixed this issue.

great! thanks for the fix.
Presets are very useful, as well as the Dump feature.
Maybe a hint in the description that only the outlined parameters are able to control Neutron would be helpful.
the only thing I'm missing are the LFO phase settings - but as it is now it's already really useful.

"Maybe a hint in the description that only the outlined parameters are able to control Neutron would be helpful."
that's in the README included in the download...

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