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Thanks for the device, works perfect!
Also in Session View btw.

Groovy device. Works perfect.
Thanks a lot!

Excellent idea - but I can't get it to work.
Shouldn't it be placed in an Audio Effect Rack, before the Effect?
I tried that, saved some Variation slots of your device, with different Effect parameter settings, but of no avail.

great! thanks for the fix.
Presets are very useful, as well as the Dump feature.
Maybe a hint in the description that only the outlined parameters are able to control Neutron would be helpful.
the only thing I'm missing are the LFO phase settings - but as it is now it's already really useful.

thanks for replying - yes, Neutron is called Neutron (1) here indeed.

For some reason I can't get it to work.
I've got Ableton 10.0.6 on a Windows7 machine.
After dragging your device onto Live's screen it creates a Midi track.
I can play Neutron, but the NeutronPreset device doesn't cause any reaction on Neutron's side - eg if I switch KeySync the according button doesn't react.
I also tried it with ExternalInstrument as illustrated in your png but to no avail.

As Live itself can't handle SysEx, your device would be super helpful to edit Neutron's v2 'hidden' features.
I spent some time to get Ctrlr to work with Neutron just to see eventually that it makes no sense because of Ableton's SysEx insufficiency.