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Name/Version: ClipGain - under your mouse 1.4
Author: Crampe  
Description: Live 11 is coming soon! What about clip gain, transpose and un/warp directly from the clip in the timeline?

Nope, next time maybe... Or, you can use this device, ClipGain, oh yeah! MaxForLive is your friend, as always.

Just select the clip you want to adjust, press the key/midi you've mapped to the device, and a nice little window will pop-up right next to your mouse... that's the little pop-up window you're going to love.
Of course it also works in Session view.
The device works globally on the selected clip, so only one instance of the device is needed (save it with its mapping into your template set).

You're probably gonna like this one very much.

Video demo at the product's page, or here:

Video by Decap:

Live 9 / Max 8 minimum (it should work in L8 too, but I didn't test).

Release notes:
- reduced CPU usage by stoping mouse position tracking when floating window isn't displayed.
- warp mode selector was blocking Live's Undo history. It's also now shown as inactive (and can't be tweaked) when the selected clip is not warped.
- new "warp" button to un/warp from the Pitch window (for mouse only i.e not mappable)

- you can now change the Warp Mode (in the Pitch window). Audio clip only.
- new CROP button: can now crop midi clips (only)

- double-click (or delete key) the gain fader now resets it to 0dB, just like with any parameter in Live.
- you can't midi map the clip gain/transpose fader/knob anymore. This removes extra undo steps that were previously created by the device (and it's anyway better to midi map these directly from within Live).
- the un/warp button was blocking Live's undo history.
- some patch clean up (you might need to remap the buttons, sorry…)

- in L11beta, stretching an audio clip in Arrangement could be unresponsive "because" of ClipGain (because of M4L bug, actually).

KNOW ISSUE: un/warp blocks Live's undo history

- Gain and Pitch can now be opened together with a single shortcut
- new WARP button that un/warps the selected clip
- after a clip was unselected by clicking in an empty area, moving the fader/knob would still change the last clip's values. This is now fixed.
- colour tweaks

- added new Pitch window for audio clip transposition
- gain and transpose are always observed so you don't need to close and re-open the windows for the values to be updated. It also means that you can keep the windows open all the time if you want.

Device Details

Tags effect, utility
Live Version Used: 9
Max Version Used: 8
Date Added: Nov 21 2020 16:44:26
Date Last Updated: Mar 17 2021 02:47:04
Device Type: audio_device
Download URL (report link)
License (more info): Commercial


Awesome, man!
Is it possible to also add a Pitch knob alongside Gain Slider to control pitch?

P.S. Love your BiP device, bought it long time ago and use it ever since. Thanks for your work

...yes incredible device. I second the pitch option idea.

Hey there!
I'm gonna add a transpose knob/fader in the next update.
I'd prefer having it on a second shortcut rather than in the same floating window as the current volume fader... but what's your opinion?

Awesome. A second shortcut for a transpose knob would work fine. Just have the floating window a different color than the "clip gain".

Transpose is now available in v1.1

>I'd prefer having it on a second shortcut rather than in the same floating window as the current volume fader... but what's your opinion?
Personally I'd prefer having it on a same window.
Less things to map, less confusion, less shortcuts and more useful in cases when you need change Gain AND Pitch (happens some times).

Thanks a lot for the update!

hey 16x16,
I'll make it optional to have a single window for everything soon.

I really appreciate this handy device, but how come that the slider appears in the middle of my arrangement view and i can't move it anywhere and i'm not even able to recognize which audio track it belongs to? Maybe it's not a bug, probably the issue is just the lack of my knowledge how to use it.)

Hey Ancestralvision,
The fader appears at your current mouse position.

The idea is that: to change a clip's gain, no matter what, you always have to select if first in Arrangement/Session... So, the device looks at your mouse position, i.e over a clip, and opens up here so you don't have to go anywhere else to adjust your clip's gain/transpose.

The device works on the selected clip only, so it doesn't belong to any track. You can keep the device opened and select other clips to change their gain/transpose but the point of the device is to have a momentary quick access to what you need, not to have a global floating window open up at any time (it works, but it's not how I designed it, hence the non-ability to move it); select a clip > press you mapped key to open ClipGain > set your clip gain/transpose > press again your mapped key to close ClipGain's window.

Think of it like some kind of equivalent to Live's automation transform tool where you select an automation zone, right-click and then access to a list of pre-defined automation shapes. It works as contextual; ClipGain works this way.

I love this plugin, it makes my life sooo much easier when editing vocals in particulare!
I was wondering if it's possible to auto-open the pitch window to change the cents directly. I know it's a small change but it would make sooo much sense for me.
Thanks a lot again for the idea,

Hi! I love your devices and this one is especially useful.
Still I've got two points if you could think about it:
I'd very much prefer to see if the clip is warped or not the same as GUI shows gain and pitch.
Second - more important one, is that in 1.2 version if I use Warp/Unwarp option, my whole history of undo changes is looped between undo/redo warped state of the clip.

Ahh this looks sooo cool - awesome of you to respond to request for Transpose! Been using Live since v2 - can't wait to try this.

Hey Hipox!
undo...grrrhh how did I miss this one! Thanks for letting me now, I'm fixing this asap, and sorry for the hassle.
Adding the Warp button to the pop-up window is already planned ;-)
stay tune!

This is dope, but I'm having issues with it.
Every time I select a midi track, I get a maxforlive Error dialog with this: Warping is only available for Audio Clips
live.object: get path: error calculating the path
Also, when using this plugin; I'm unable to properly resize MIDI clips; whan I click and drag a clip's end, and let go of the mouse button, It's still adjusting the clip length, I click several times until it eventually "lets go" of the clip.

These issues did not occur in the previous version of ClipGain.

Hey chrisfreeq:

- regarding the error dialog.
I guess you're having a Max windows poping-up by its own; this isn't coming from ClipGain but from another M4L device. I mean the message itself is coming from ClipGain (but it's really not a problem) but the unwanted Max log isn't.
It's often used to debug when patching and sometimes devs forget to deactivate it when publishing their device. I know it's the case with an older Granulator II version, but it could be coming from another one. Please let me know which over devices you're having in your default set so we can find which one it is and deactivate the Max log window.

Regarding resizing, it's a M4L bug and I've workaround it in ClipGain v1.2.1 so make sure you're using this one (you should have receive a Gumraod email with the device).

You can also write me directly by answering to the receipt email you got when you purchased the device. (I'm not getting notifications from, I need to come and check so I somtimes miss comments)

Hey Crampe,

first of all, thank you for that great device. That's whats so amazing about m4l and people like you, it just makes ableton so much more professional and adds all these little features, that i missed for so long.

But i have some different issues here when trying to undo (cmd+z)
edits in the session. I'm only able to undo once, if i press again the clip gain of my last selected clip changes and won't change back if i hit cmd+shift+z. Don't know if anybody else experienced this bug or if it's just me but it would be awesome if could help me here, cause i really wanna use this device!
thanks in advance

Hey k4r33m
ClipGain does add a few extra undo steps when you tweak a clip's parameter from it, but then you just need to hit cmd+z once or twice more.
That's the kind of little annoyances that such M4L "workflow hacks" device can produce, but that's the price to pay I guess.

TL;DR hit cmd+(shift)z again if your last step isn't undone yet ;-)

New v1.2.2 update sent via Gumraod, check your spams !
No more extra undo steps!

Haha you?re perfect, thank you very much. That was fast!

Great Device Thanks !
A little suggestion: It would be great if we could scroll up and down with the mouse to increase/decrease the clip gain. ;)

Hey KillowGee,
unfortunately this is not doable, sorry :-(

First i want to say thank you for this great little device :)
About the last update: I can't seem to get that new CROP function to work.
Any explanation would be welcomed.
Thanks again!

Hey EyaaaiT
the Crop feature only works with MIDI clip.
Key/midi map the CROP button.
Now, if you modify the clip start/end and/or loop start/end points of a clip, press your new shortcut and it will crop the clip.
It works both in Arrangement and in the piano roll; in Arrangement you can also use the native cmd/ctrl+j to consolidate, that will give you the same result (but consolidate doesn't work in the piano roll, hence this CROP feature).

Can you maybe add the feature for Toggle or Momentary, so it only shows up when i hold the key (In momentary mode)? :)

Btw very nice products all of them

Hey Jarlen,

Unfortunately the (weird) way M4L interacts with keys and keymapping makes this impossible. Sorry.

some improvements:
-its not transparent enough to see the clip behind (especially short ones). maybe its better to make it more transparent or set it beside a clip (above, below.. etc)
-you have to press the same button again to hide it (and double click another clip to focus that). after you set your volume or pitch it would be cooler to just click in the playlist (or other clip) and the fader disappears/hides.
-the volume fader is too sensitive (i know hold shift makes it less sensitive but thats another extra step)
-the volume fader should only be set by dragging and not by clicking. makes it feel much more precise

this thing is freakin awesome! my only gripe is that with the new update on mac, there's a top bar to the gain and pitch popup like it's a new mac program. it's just a little off-putting. other than that, i use this thing and a bunch of your other devices all the time!

thanks for these :)

@ Sunbloom, can you send me a screenshot by email (simply answer to the gumroad receipt)
I don't have Big Sur so I'm not sure about what you're describing.

@ Teeha

- not transparent enough? I don't agree but that's totally subjective and depends on soo much user settings/preferences (your screen, the Live theme you're using, your sight [e.g I'm colourblind] etc...) , and I think you're the 1st one mentioning it but I could look at adding a user setting for this. Thanks for the idea!

- I can't do anything regarding the focus thing, sorry neither do I regarding how M4L deals with key mapping (which is already quite a nightmare when you're using it to add shortcuts to Live), sorry.

- using Shift is the only way to go...

- same here, that's how the GUI objects work, I can't do anything.



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