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Sorry I thought you were french...Do you plan to design a better Gui like the other mentioned above or it is a no-no ? Cheers, nice work

Hey, j'ai déjà joué avec drms de Mister Lane et effectivement c'est la Rolls Royce pour le ms et +. Tu penses retravailler tes GUI à l'occase ? Je t'avoue que badhaas, panarchy et celui-ci me font de l'oeil mais tes interamfaces ont un design...particulier. Quelque chose de propre dans le style d'ableton, inspired by nature ou encoderaudio ça serait le nec plus ultra...Bonne chance pour tes prochains devs.

agree with what tahee said, a simple settings menu with the ability to resize, pick colors, and transparency levels.

LIke other similar devices and note to frequency tool it would be great with a floating window...

Sorry for the second post, eventually is there a way to use your device in a floating window ? That would partially fix my problems (tiny screen)

Hi, I already own calculus by Hypnus recs and also your device (which has his pros). Can you make it a bit more compact ? Not sure how maybe with horizontal and vertical separators...Bests