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Hi. Can I ask for your email too. I bought Clock but can't get it to work at all and have some questions.

Great man! I'll be looking forward to that! :)

Really good work dude! It's perfect for use on midi tracks. But if I want to map it to a parameter on an audio track it's not as fast and intuitive to work with cause you have to switch tracks constantly.

Have you thought about making it available as an .adv (audio effect) as well? Obviously the note in reset wouldn't work, but that could be scratched. I honestly don't program in Max myself, so I can't even tell if it is possible. But if it is - damn I would love to have this device as an adv too! :)

All the best from Denmark


Great work on this patch! I'm definitely going to use this in my live performance setup.

One thing I would love though is to be able to rename the parameters, so that the Push displays a name for each knob. Right now they say BtnVal01 etc. It would be amazing if one could rename it Cutoff or Reverb Time, etc. I have so many parameters going in my live set that it would make a huge difference.

An easy way to do it would be to add a knob per parameter, then group the patch in a Midi Effect Rack and use Macros to rename the different parameters. But there are no knobs in ParameterMasher that can be attached to Macros.

I am not a Max pro and can't make these changes. I would be super stoked if it was something you'd update in the future.

All the best,