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awesome device! very straightforward! Just an idea for an upgrade: make transpositions possible not only via the dial but also via incoming midi notes...?!

Haha you’re perfect, thank you very much. That was fast!

Hey Crampe,

first of all, thank you for that great device. That's whats so amazing about m4l and people like you, it just makes ableton so much more professional and adds all these little features, that i missed for so long.

But i have some different issues here when trying to undo (cmd+z)
edits in the session. I'm only able to undo once, if i press again the clip gain of my last selected clip changes and won't change back if i hit cmd+shift+z. Don't know if anybody else experienced this bug or if it's just me but it would be awesome if could help me here, cause i really wanna use this device!
thanks in advance