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About sunbloom: harlow // 18 // she/they // making music for fun and trying to enjoy life :)
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this thing is freakin awesome! my only gripe is that with the new update on mac, there's a top bar to the gain and pitch popup like it's a new mac program. it's just a little off-putting. other than that, i use this thing and a bunch of your other devices all the time!

thanks for these :)

This is awesome! Only problem I'm having with it is the QNT Reset function - it doesn't always work right away, sometimes delaying on the first beat. Loving this, though! Wish there was a copy/paste function and a "fill every 4,2,1 beat button as well. Love this!

This is wonderful! Might want to add a retrigger function though, maybe similar to the stock arpeggiator. Exactly what I was looking for, though.