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voila! great news thanks for the update!
just realised two things
when +-1dB gain is mapped to a key +1 works as it should be but -1 lowers vol -1.18dB down.
and also when pitch is mapped to a key and try to undo - it duplicates the amount. but when you keep pressing it will undo (:

little info- doesnt work in silicon mode

hi! it doesnt work on m1 in silicon mode. guess it depends on java? any workarounds for that?

hi! just wanted to let you know - it crashes Live11.1b9

hi! looks like PDI doesnt work in silicon mode. is there a workaround maybe? thanks

I love all GMAudio devices + buy them without thinking. they're all amazing + essential for a Live user. but this one feels like Robert's masterpiece!

this is great! thanks for the update + all patches you've shared on github.

hi @Talka
click+hold Snake Shapes and scroll down+up

hi John! do we get v2.0 as an update? its not included in the attachments @ gumroad just wanted to make sure before purchasing again, thanks

hallelujah! just tested in live11.1b7 m1. works both in rosetta + nat.silicon
no undo|redo issues. cpu load 1% (:

works great thanks for the update! | mba+mbp m1+live11.1b7
waiting for the loader update (:

exactly what I was waiting for! any idea if it works in Live11+M1?

+1 Crampe (: def nice move
and thanks!

thank you! hope its easy to fix -I really like it+use a lot!- looking forward for the update

just wanted to inform you - on live 11.1b.6 M1 + one track with Industrializer + no returns + no effect racks etc = cpu load goes up to %33

if its ok for you Ill send the link and ask some friends to make a video + review Track Flow. most of them have around 500k viewers in youtube, so this could be helpful.
and imho its not so clear how Track Flow could be used. it'd be great to add that you can assign any midi controller [knob pad key] or ANY KEY on your keyboard - just to create a track with the devices loaded by pressing that key. maybe you could add that to the description here.its possible some people dont use hardware setup + think they couldnt make use out of this amazing device.
I was using clyphx + my own scripts [also a dev] for my setup. until you shared Track Flow (: this thing is just so powerful.
let me know if I can help anyway

great update! thanks

hi Juan!
my forum suggestion would be a reddit thread. seems like there'r lots of live users active on reddit. -ableton -abletonracks -maxforlive etc
Im glad to hear you found out whats causing compatibility issues. by the way, beta 11.1.6 is fire! its fast + stable. but there'r some issues with m4l devices as expected. I think we should all be patient and wait for some bug fixes which is totally ok
ex. you cant run convolution reverb pro under native silicon. closing live + opening under rosetta fixes it for now.

hi Juan! this is the most amazing utility device Ive ever used for Live. thanks for making a dream come true!
glad to see you're so active and keep us updated!
just a little feedback - it doesnt work on 11.1b6 if you run in native silicone mode but works under rosetta.
I would def join a forum etc but would appreciate a privacy friendly way (: I dont do facebookgroup + discord (: but thats just me

hi @kissysellout ! as a huge fan of TrackFlow just wanted to add a little info. I set up my default template w TrackFlow and when I delete the old versions + reopen live + replace missing amxd with the new versions -> no need to remap anything.

hi Jeff! just wanted to make sure it works with the latest v of Live11 before I purchase (: could you maybe confirm?

hi! does 16 MIDI REMOTE BUTTONS work in Live11?

hi! do you know if it works on m1 mbp?

hi! does it work with live11?

hi! does it work with live11?