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I really wish it had an option to list the plugins and the track name they exist on. This would make it much faster finding where in a project a plugin exists on.

Love the current device. The above is simply another device i would love to buy. THanks

Would it be possible to make this so it also works with midi - transposing all the midi in the selected clip. And gain adjusting the relative velocity of all the notes in the clip.

The reason for having it in the same device might be that there is a universal hotkey for essentially doing the same thing for all clips. If I hit the hotkey on a midi clip as it is now nothing happens for instance because it's not audio. Perhaps the Gain could switch to saying Vel or velocity for a visual difference or having a different color.

If you made this you could maybe call it "Clip gain pro" or "Clip gain + midi".

Thanks for listening and thanks for your excellent work regardless.