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In what cases have you used it?

@Calagan you can put a utility device before and after clippyboi and turn the first utility gain to +6db and the second to -6db. than it will turn red when the volume passes -6db (kinda.. I just tested it and you need to turn both gain knobs around 6.2db and 6.8db so it depends)

It would be really cool if there would be button in the device that lets you jump to the point where the audio clipped. really cool plugin

me too. It doesnt do anything

can you make it as audio fx, please?

i dont know if this can be fixed but copy and paste it resets the output which is unfortunate. great work btw :)

some improvements:
-its not transparent enough to see the clip behind (especially short ones). maybe its better to make it more transparent or set it beside a clip (above, below.. etc)
-you have to press the same button again to hide it (and double click another clip to focus that). after you set your volume or pitch it would be cooler to just click in the playlist (or other clip) and the fader disappears/hides.
-the volume fader is too sensitive (i know hold shift makes it less sensitive but thats another extra step)
-the volume fader should only be set by dragging and not by clicking. makes it feel much more precise

where does it save it on mac?