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This device is great but it blocks MPE messages in Live 11

Wow! That's fast thanks a lot

Hey Udo
Thanks for fantastic device but it constantly overwrites Undo changes thus it's not possible to Ctrl-Z anymore :(

>I'd prefer having it on a second shortcut rather than in the same floating window as the current volume fader... but what's your opinion?
Personally I'd prefer having it on a same window.
Less things to map, less confusion, less shortcuts and more useful in cases when you need change Gain AND Pitch (happens some times).

Thanks a lot for the update!

Awesome, man!
Is it possible to also add a Pitch knob alongside Gain Slider to control pitch?

P.S. Love your BiP device, bought it long time ago and use it ever since. Thanks for your work

What the difference compared to Live's Velocity device?

It would be very useful to see actual names of the notes in sequence instead of 'Step 1: 38', 'Step 2: 19', 'Step 2: 63' and so on.

Thanks for your work, non the less :)

Also 'MIDI CC Map In' fill-out Undo history

Hi John!
Thank you a lot for great device. I've looked for some simple way to be able to globally change keys in Live (for pretty long time actually). This device does it very well.

Talking about bugs.
I have noticed that UST introduces a little bit of latency to notes in clip. It shifts notes just a tiny bit. Usually it's not a problem but if using Arpeggiator this desync is enough to make it miss a first note each time chord changes.
As side-effect of this since first note is missed the whole sequence of notes is shifted

I uploaded screenshots to help you understand what's going on

Really hope this bug can be fixed because other than that, device works like a charm, thanks for your work.

Good job and good luck!

Hi! Great device, thanks for making it.
Is it possible to make it send MIDI and work as a sequencer for other synths?