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Hi @alkman

I'm having a similar problem as @Diegaso

When I press play at bar 1.1.1 it re-syncs perfectly, but if I press play at any other bar it doesn't re-sync. (even at the next bar when the 'next bar' sync setting is set)

Thanks! P.

Loving this device.

Adding a shortcut for Legato in the MIDI editor would be an amazing addition if it's possible?

I love this device but....

Is there a way to apply the same random colour to the selected track and it's clips simultaneously using a shortcut?

....that would be amazing!

Hey @TobeTob

In the meantime try this plugin.....


Anyone else getting the problem where you have to hit undo twice for any actions to be undone if selection filter is loaded? (Ive done this on an empty set btw so its not conflicting with any other devices or plugins)

Cheers! P.

.....I've just enabled keyboard triggering of the 'GO' button but unfortunately it toggles when assigned to a key, is there a workaround for this?

I've noticed the same behaviour when enabling keyboard shortcuts on other devices buttons also. is there a way to make them momentary?

Thanks! P.

Thanks for the replay Dennis.

I pulled apart the old L10 version to create separate buttons for certain functions a while back but don't have the time to relearn what I did (I have no idea what I'm doing and it got a bit messy tbh) at the moment.

Could buttons not be created to trigger the current state of a function? Eg. 'Select Inactive Notes' if that was the last Active/Inactive setting?

Or maybe just the 'Go' button could be mapped?

Hi, thanks for your work.

This is a great idea & a feature that should be native really.

Is there a way you can assign it to a an audio unit / vst's parameter by clicking on a knob in its interface rather than just live / max knobs?

I understand you can you can assign plugin parameters to a plugins live panel and do it from there but that seems to be against the point.

If it's not in Live's API maybe there a way to have a plugin automatically assign a parameter to it's Live panel so your device can read it from there?

Cheers! P

Hi Dennis.

Is there a way you can assign functions to keyboard shortcuts, for example 'select inactive notes'?

Thanks, P.

......also Apple M1

I am also very interested but need to know if it's compatible with Live 11 please?

Regarding latency..... If I send to a physical external output will it have less latency than Live's External Effect device? The Live device reports latency, Outist reports 0ms but the Outist signal seems to have more audible latency than External Audio Effect on playback.


BTW, if you're having the problem above (like I was), it is solved by making sure 'Exclusive Solo' is enabled in preferences.



Did you ever fix the bugs above? It would be amazing if you have / could?

CheerS! P

It would be amazing if you could look into the note off problem reported by myself and others above, this device could be incredibly useful but currently it's unusable.

Cheers! P.


Great little tool, been struggling with this for years.


Not if you have Push or another control surface, 'implicit arm' if forced. :-)


Would be great you had an option to only disable devices of the current selected track.



I've also noticed that when editing clips in the arrange (Move, copy, delete, split etc) while MIDI Morph is loaded you have to undo twice, no other processes in Live are effected.

I've emailed you with this problem too....


Hi Dennis.

Any update on a Live 11 version? I'm getting some strange behaviour. When 'Auto Update' is on you can't remove newly recorded clips & 'Show Clip After Running' seems to shift focus away from other clips back to the processed clip permanently after running a process.

Thanks, Pat.


Thanks, P.

....ah there's no DM here, do you have an email I can send them to?

Hey Crampe.

I'm on Mac (10.15.7), Live 11.0.6, Bundled Max 8.1.11.

I'll DM you a few video's showing what's happening, one showing the behaviour ofter 5 undo's (not 4 as I'd previously reported) & another when BIP is part of a larger undo history.

Thanks, P.

^^^^ PS: I'm using the latest version 1.7 that was supposed to fix this.



Love this device but I have a problem....

After Bouncing, if you undo 4 times it re-triggers the bounce. The easy solution is to delete rather than undo the BIP but it can get messy if you're undoing processes that came after BIP & then it hits BIPs undo's. Is there a way of having BIP not leave anything in the undo history?

Best, P.

Hey Flowstate!

I love this tool, it's finally brought back features I've been missing from Logic for 10 years.

One issue I've noticed is that if you assign a shortcut to any of the parameters (eg. 'morph') you have to hit the key twice for it to work.

I've also noticed this issue when playing with M4L myself.

Thanks, Pat.

This is a great device & I'm not sure why it's not a native feature. (Other than it may impact Push sales)

Is there a way to have it map automatically when selecting a knob in a 3rd party plugin interface?

At the moment you have to go into configure mode and add the parameters first which seems to be against the point.

Thanks! P

Hi Vayner.

Does this device work with plugins also or is it just Live's parameters? It works well for me with Live's parameters but it doesn't seem to acknowledge any plugin ones.

Thanks, P.