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I wish it was possible to have the chord strummed like for a specific amount of time

Hmm, that is precisely what this device does …? Or perhaps I don’t quite understand what you are wishing for

Crashing for me also (Live 11.2b on mbp running 10.13.6). This seems like an amazing device -really hoping for an update if/when you get the time! (o:

The device only plays the first chord and goes silent over the next chords. Can you please fix this

I should have stated that in the description: Even the originals (Nylon & Mylon) required that each chord be 1) quantized so each midi note within the chord starts at the same time; and 2) separated from other chords by a few ms (don't know how many, but several...).

Thanks for trying it out; please do let me know if this still doesn't work and I'll take another peak at it (o:

Got it! Bi-directional:


So cool! Any chance the strum can be reversed (highest midi note first)? I crawled around under the hood for an hour or so, and accomplished little other than getting covered in digital grease, and think I might have lost some pliers somewhere in the manifold LOL)
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
cheers & blessings,

Great device, John! Does this respond to the peak or LUFS of the audio signal? Thanks!

Cool concept! I can't figure out how to focus compression on a given frequency band though (to help tame nasal harmonics, for instance). Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hi Anthony,
thanks for this device! It is sleek and SO helpful. Any chance that a future iteration may be able to interpret chord inversions?
cheers n' blessings,

Oooo, and a button to randomize which steps are activated? (o:

This is amazing! Thanks for making a wonderful device 'wonderfuller' (o;
I would love to be able to have 24 steps for jazz runs; Any chance you could either give me some help in Max to customize it myself, or include that in your next update? Thanks so much!!!
cheers n' blessings,
ps, I did try editing various parameters for the slider and bpatchers on my own, but am a novice and hopelessly lost.

this is AWESOME!! If I could boldly ask a favor: make the plot's scale resizable by users so that we can zoom into the area that matters most to us (for me that's between -9 and -12). Thanks so much for this great device, Funkatronics!!
cheers n' blessings,