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Name | Version: Morphiner G 1.3.4
Author: GarrettNorvell
Device Type: Instrument
Description: This is a mod on Opticon93's clever "Morphiner 1.3" ( ) The external will now work with MacOS and the UI now fits within Live's chain without needing a popup.

Thanks to Opticon93!

**Update 2/15/24: Envelopes & Filters fixed
**Update 2/16/24: Froze device like a proper dev
**Update 2/17/24: 1.3.4 - fixed things; added a button to clear each sample...think I remembered to lock & freeze the amxd before uploading, heheheh


Live Version Used: 11.3
Max Version Used: 8.5.6
Date Added: Feb 14 2024 03:45:32
Date Last Updated: Feb 17 2024 05:14:33
Downloads: 291
License: AttributionNonCommercialShareAlike
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Device File: Morphiner 1.3.4 (g).amxd


Hi! thank you for this! I love the new UI (with all due respect to Opticon93), it doesn't work for me though, maybe it's just unfrozen?
same here. (mac intel)
great new interface but no sound at all :(
it doesn't work :(
Samples load but midi won't trigger any sound. Looks great though!
huh, weird! I'll mess with it and see if freezing helps (o:
I locked and froze the .amxd, and 1.3.1 works great on my Mac; how about yours?
It's working, thanks!! only thing now is: Sample 2 envelopes aren't working (are they?)
i tried locking and freezing, still no luck for me. M1 mac, ventura 13.3
did you download the last version? no need to lock and freeze – he did it before sharing
@Enchse: fixed! (o:
Please let me know if anything else is broke'd
i think you forgot to freeze it again? :P
still not working for me with the update.... i tried freezing and locking again. Im running latest version of ableton. Ventura 13.3

any ideas? would love to get this thing working. this sort of sound mangling is my absolute favorite.
@shinytheshiny 1.3.1 was up yesterday and was working fine (except for the envelopes).
now 1.3.2 is not working for me too... but i can see on Max that the device hasn't been frozen.
freezing a device works kinda like "collect all and save" and has to be done by the creator before sharing it.
LOL, sorry! I'll refreeze on my end and re-upload right now
I'm back to sample loading. No sound triggered from midi.
mmh.. 1.3.3 not working even if frozen...
i can't help now, i'm sorry
btw @GarrettNorvell big thanks for your time and effort!
I'll take another peak
woh. All sorts of stuff got disconnected within the 1.3.3 patch! It may take me some time to go back and forth with the previous version LOL but we'll get it sorted! Thanks for the thanks @enchse
thank you Garrett for working on this for us peasants lol! excited to run it when you sort out the wrinkles. truly appreciate all your efforts to get this thing fixed.
This looks really painstakingly hard. Maybe why I've not delved into it all though it fascinates me. Perhaps, I'm better off playing with them and giving feedback.
aww, thanks folks! I'm just learning this stuff by breaking it, really. Let me know if 1.3.4 works for everyone. (o:
It's working now! (also in Live12 beta) thank you Garrett!!
and while we at it, if in the future something can be done for cpu usage that would be great! now is 17% just loading it with no sound playing, on a m2 pro – on Live12 is even more hungry. Big thnks again!!
Triggering sound now. I noticed the morph knob seems off. It was working as a mixer before but now it's monitoring both at 12 oclock. Any increment either way, it's one sound or the other. Independent volume/level control would be a good thing as well to balance sample volume.
ooooo, yeah, I don't know Max nearly well enough to reduce cpu usage, but perhaps someone else here would have a go at it?

I will, however, take a peak at the morph knob.
@Irishmos I'm pretty sure that happens when the two samples don't have a lot of spectrum in common. For example if you lowpass the first sample and high pass the second. On the other hand, the Morphine manual is only a paragraph long and very vague.

You all might want to look at my Polystretcher device. The Morphiner is basically two Polystretchers slapped together with the Morphine object in between. The new version has slimmed it down under the hood, so it would be much easier to just cut and paste those than trying to make sure all the connections are correct.

Also, the polystretchers are basically "Pitch and Time Machines" created by Ableton, with a few bells and whistles from the "Building Max Devices" pack. So, I'm pretty sure its about as CPU friendly as it can get. I pretty much stick to basic/efficient modes and good quality at most. The only way to get less cpu would be to lower the polyphony. Currently, its at 5 notes for each polystretcher, for a total of ten notes, which is a lot (to me), especially with minutes of decay/release on each note.
You guys on macs are lucky. Instead of using my polystretchers, you can replace them with grainstretch~ which pretty much does the same thing (and a lot, lot more) with a much, much smaller cpu hit. The helpfile has pretty much every thing you need.
where is grainstretch?
I googled already.
Hah, yeah, sorry. it turns out grainstretch~ (the ~ is important) is no longer available. Back in the 32bit days I had it for windows and it was amazing. Then they released only a 64bit mac version and so I haven't used it since 2016.

But it got me thinking about a few other grainers available in the Max Packages...

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