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thank you for the update hmay001! love it!

I'm on Live 11.3.4 and transposition goes by 1cent if using the keyboard arrows and 38(ish) with mouse. Not a big deal for me. Happy to see the device staying on top! thnx

Just quickly tried it and came back here to say: it's working!! Thanks so much!

The path seems correct, don't know if someone has been luckier than me, but I couldn't make it work unfortunately.

just found out that same file was already inside Documents/Max 8/Max for Live Devices/Morphiner Projects/externals
Should I put it somewhere else?

this message maybe? "fftz.morphine~: fftz.morphine~: No such object"
sorry i'am a complete dumb on the matter. and btw thank you for sharing your devices!!

I can't wait to try it but I'm in the same situation as the others: no audio :( I hope it's an easy thing to fix. Live 11.3.4 Max 8.5.4

Yeah it's working for me now! Big Thanks!

This is great! thank you! is there a way to keep the sample saved with the project? i have to load one everytime i open the project.

Me too can't make it work.. signal just seems not to pass thru. I have your Midi2drum and is work fine! thnx for that!