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sorry! it's working! my bad, i thought it was independent from playback..

looks interesting, thnx for sharing! no midi notes here though. I'm on Live12

Hi hmay! i can confirm that you cannot undo anything when using this device in a project. Still i'm using it all the time.. if you can fix this, it would be great! thnx

It's working now! (also in Live12 beta) thank you Garrett!!
and while we at it, if in the future something can be done for cpu usage that would be great! now is 17% just loading it with no sound playing, on a m2 pro – on Live12 is even more hungry. Big thnks again!!

mmh.. 1.3.3 not working even if frozen...
i can't help now, i'm sorry
btw @GarrettNorvell big thanks for your time and effort!

@shinytheshiny 1.3.1 was up yesterday and was working fine (except for the envelopes).
now 1.3.2 is not working for me too... but i can see on Max that the device hasn't been frozen.
freezing a device works kinda like "collect all and save" and has to be done by the creator before sharing it.

i think you forgot to freeze it again? :P

did you download the last version? no need to lock and freeze – he did it before sharing

It's working, thanks!! only thing now is: Sample 2 envelopes aren't working (are they?)

Hi! thank you for this! I love the new UI (with all due respect to Opticon93), it doesn't work for me though, maybe it's just unfrozen?

that's great!! it's more than I could have imagined and hoped for. Big thanks!

from the manual: "Automation and midi mapping for a parameter value can be achieved by clicking on the knob value display underneath the knob for that parameter (because the dual knobs are custom UI elements they control live objects under the hood for automation and recall)."

@waldgeist i think you can click on the value (number below the knob) to map your lfos..
@ricoL does this make the knob works as an offset? it seems not but i'm asking just to be sure. Thank you for sharing such beautiful devices for free!

Thank you for this device! Works like a charm on Diva. Randomization on Surge or Vital kills the signal though, tried hundred times no luck... any clue?

hi hmay001! i love this device and i use it a lot, was wondering if it's possible to add an offset parameter on counter so that it can play 2nd, 3rd, (or whatever note) every x note... is it doable? useful? i'm using an audio delay effect to do this but i think an offset would be practical

love it, thanks! any way to have parameters saved within the set? midi patching bay and envelopes reset to default

thank you for the update hmay001! love it!

I'm on Live 11.3.4 and transposition goes by 1cent if using the keyboard arrows and 38(ish) with mouse. Not a big deal for me. Happy to see the device staying on top! thnx

Just quickly tried it and came back here to say: it's working!! Thanks so much!

The path seems correct, don't know if someone has been luckier than me, but I couldn't make it work unfortunately.

just found out that same file was already inside Documents/Max 8/Max for Live Devices/Morphiner Projects/externals
Should I put it somewhere else?

this message maybe? "fftz.morphine~: fftz.morphine~: No such object"
sorry i'am a complete dumb on the matter. and btw thank you for sharing your devices!!

I can't wait to try it but I'm in the same situation as the others: no audio :( I hope it's an easy thing to fix. Live 11.3.4 Max 8.5.4

Yeah it's working for me now! Big Thanks!

This is great! thank you! is there a way to keep the sample saved with the project? i have to load one everytime i open the project.

Me too can't make it work.. signal just seems not to pass thru. I have your Midi2drum and is work fine! thnx for that!