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good device - but its not free...

thank you!!!

thank you.
ace device.

thanks big time! fantastic device and I love all your work.

what I was saying ?!:)
fresh and CRAZY!!!!:)

big lover of your instr & fx here.

ace update! so so dirty!:) I love it!
thanks !!!!!!

thanks Graham! your devices are always fresh and crazy!:)

very cool experimental sampler!
reminds me of Steve Reich but with a modern twist.
thanks for generosity.

ace update (now everything cleaner and easier to access) for a great sounding plug! thanks !!!

chasing cyberpunk robots :) like a good 90s scifi novel. thanks Dillon!

amazing drummer for weird and fun experiments!
only one request: any chance for a zoom function of "external window" ?!
my screen is too small and it bleeds out and I cant see it all...

thanks big time !!!!!

yay! granular and spectral in one!:)
multihead ANS and beyong!
thanks Dillon. another MUST device from you sir!:)

hipno is back!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks Nathan!:)
pls bring back more of hipno!!!!

fabulous device! one can get new surprising and alive sounds out of everything. try it with small chunks of field recording! thanks Maxime! I hope you will develop it further as you did with your amazing RE LOOP.

one of the must have devices for humanizing!:) I'll use it in live acts. outstanding:) thank you !!!!

is there a possibility to make midi mappable (external controller) the + buffer feeder and X and - buffer feeder - ?! that would be amazing for live performances. thanks!!!!

very cool:) dirt and loop.
thanks Ollie.
would be great if you would explain a little how the left side of the plug works...;) ( works by trial and error but still - some info is welcome)

in Live 10 this was ok - in latest 11.0.2 it goes nuts with cpu overload:(
any idea how to fix ?! fantastic device. thank you.

best latcher around!:)
thank you !!!!!

thanks!:) it's very very good. I hope you'll finish it:)

lovely verb! and big fan of your devices, Chris:) thank you.
hope we'll see more grainflow based devices!

ace devices encoderaudio!!!!!
bigups and thanks!!!

thanks Ian!!!

fou it is.
thank you ! great for experiments and accumulations!

very cool and handy.
thank you monsieur!
I wanted smth like this :)

amazing device and deep.
but I wish there was a youtube demo
and a pdf file to explain some tricks...

lovely device!

amazing device. thank you !!!!

it wont be me. it will be Bezos, as usual!:)
great satyrical moment, Dillon. spot on :)))

kicks serious derriere! fresh and playful. lotsa fun!
thanks Dillon. your devices are smth to follow and cherish :)

fantastic device!!!
lots of spectral operations in one:)
bigups Anri !

Same bug in latest Live 10.x:(
the source selector is missing.

very very good and having lotsof fun with it!
thank you. looking fwd for your next creations !!!!

thanks Dillon! you are ze King:) fantastic tools!

thanks! I really apreciate your latest uploads. great stuff!!!!

amazing seq!:)
thank you

superbe FSU device!:)
thank you big time.
looking fwd for your next creations!!!

great one :) any chance for a Launchpad version !? thanks !!!