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same here. (mac intel)
great new interface but no sound at all :(

fab update!:)
merci Maxime!!!!!

whoa!:) bigups Dillon!
way more fun than SkatArt!:)
( and way cheaper )

thanks Lewis! amazing device:)
one fix needed (out of respect...:)
his name is Nobuyasu Sakonda, not Sakodna...

same here...
maybe you need to freeze the device?!

great update!
great device!:)
thank you

just a thought:
smth like this with Braids would be cool aswell...:)

doesnt work. no sound. (intel mac here):(
I guess you should freeze de device... (to include the libs inside...)

amazing update!:) thank you.
this begs maybe for a series - 3 devices - 3 colors.
1 with vanilla fx, and the other two with more and more experimantal fx...:)

this is very very good:)
thank you. looking for its next builds


works great:)
big thanks for this!

amazing droner:)
it can makes vocal mumbles sometimes.
thank you !!!

fab tool!
thanks Tyler!!!!!!

hello Maxime!
any chance to compile it for M1 macs ?!
I hope mr Wolek has ported/compiled his libs for that.
This would be amazing !
*it doesnt work on M1 mac as it is!

Thank you!!!!

it doesnt work here on osx.
seeing how small is the amxd
I guess the problem is that you didnt freeze the amxd
therefore the externals are not included...

can you do that ?!

amazing groovebox:)
so inspiring and wellthought.
thanks Ess and Fors Team!
lotsa fun.

fantastic device!:)
my fav glitcher/looper in a long while.
bigups ! and big thanks.
looking fwd for its evolution!

looks like a great device... I bought it but dunno how to use the Note Swap... It doesnt work ok here... Can you post a small tutorial about that ?! thnx.

can you upload the v2 pls?
this download is still v1.

very interesting spectral filter of sorts!
thanks mr Arnau! hope you'll make it save presets.
will come handy ...

super sweet and well designed!
thank you !!!!

thank!!! good instrument!!!

very cool granular looper/noiser sound designer!
great too see more of grainflow bits gettin out.
thank you!!!

Fantastico update!:) thank you big time!
now its time for copy machine update !?:)

also a bug found:
when loading multiple instances of it, the wave is shared in all.
( one cant use multiple instances with diffrent wavs )
is there any chance for a fix ?! that means
every instance with its on buffer ?!

thank you !

fun device! thank you:)
what would be great in v2:
- normalization of the buffer
- timestretch
- automatization of moving head !?

thnx Dillon!:)
its a great addition.
and even if the updated pack installs only on 11.1,
this device (and all inside the pack)
works for me also on 11.0.12!:)

quite interesting!!!
thank you Gabor.

thanks!!! mad good.

while it is amazing, something is wrong with it.
I get signal out only on the left speaker - right is silent...
any chance for a fix !? thank you.

( dry is both speakers, wet is only left ...)

makes no sound here:(
in Live 11.0.12

hello Anri!
can I have the update !? thnx

yay! thanks!!!!:)

good device - but its not free...

thank you!!!

thank you.
ace device.

thanks big time! fantastic device and I love all your work.

what I was saying ?!:)
fresh and CRAZY!!!!:)

big lover of your instr & fx here.

ace update! so so dirty!:) I love it!
thanks !!!!!!

thanks Graham! your devices are always fresh and crazy!:)

very cool experimental sampler!
reminds me of Steve Reich but with a modern twist.
thanks for generosity.

ace update (now everything cleaner and easier to access) for a great sounding plug! thanks !!!

chasing cyberpunk robots :) like a good 90s scifi novel. thanks Dillon!

amazing drummer for weird and fun experiments!
only one request: any chance for a zoom function of "external window" ?!
my screen is too small and it bleeds out and I cant see it all...

thanks big time !!!!!

yay! granular and spectral in one!:)
multihead ANS and beyong!
thanks Dillon. another MUST device from you sir!:)

hipno is back!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks Nathan!:)
pls bring back more of hipno!!!!

fabulous device! one can get new surprising and alive sounds out of everything. try it with small chunks of field recording! thanks Maxime! I hope you will develop it further as you did with your amazing RE LOOP.

one of the must have devices for humanizing!:) I'll use it in live acts. outstanding:) thank you !!!!

is there a possibility to make midi mappable (external controller) the + buffer feeder and X and - buffer feeder - ?! that would be amazing for live performances. thanks!!!!

very cool:) dirt and loop.
thanks Ollie.
would be great if you would explain a little how the left side of the plug works...;) ( works by trial and error but still - some info is welcome)

in Live 10 this was ok - in latest 11.0.2 it goes nuts with cpu overload:(
any idea how to fix ?! fantastic device. thank you.

best latcher around!:)
thank you !!!!!

thanks!:) it's very very good. I hope you'll finish it:)

lovely verb! and big fan of your devices, Chris:) thank you.
hope we'll see more grainflow based devices!

ace devices encoderaudio!!!!!
bigups and thanks!!!

thanks Ian!!!

fou it is.
thank you ! great for experiments and accumulations!

very cool and handy.
thank you monsieur!
I wanted smth like this :)

amazing device and deep.
but I wish there was a youtube demo
and a pdf file to explain some tricks...

lovely device!

amazing device. thank you !!!!

it wont be me. it will be Bezos, as usual!:)
great satyrical moment, Dillon. spot on :)))

kicks serious derriere! fresh and playful. lotsa fun!
thanks Dillon. your devices are smth to follow and cherish :)

fantastic device!!!
lots of spectral operations in one:)
bigups Anri !

Same bug in latest Live 10.x:(
the source selector is missing.

very very good and having lotsof fun with it!
thank you. looking fwd for your next creations !!!!

thanks Dillon! you are ze King:) fantastic tools!

thanks! I really apreciate your latest uploads. great stuff!!!!

amazing seq!:)
thank you

superbe FSU device!:)
thank you big time.
looking fwd for your next creations!!!

great one :) any chance for a Launchpad version !? thanks !!!